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Every detail must be carefully considered when planning an event, whether it’s a corporate event, trade show, conference, or other large events. When making plans about the venue and meals, it’s also essential to ensure you find the perfect furniture and décor to make your event a success.

Finding the best event rental company can be somewhat overwhelming since so many companies offer the services you’re looking for. You need to hire the best company to ensure you get quality services and avoid the frustrations of planning an event.

Modern Event Rental offers rental services for all types of events nationwide. All your event furniture rental and décor needs will be met to your satisfaction because the rentals are all customizable to match your theme. Why should you consider hiring Modern Event Rental? Find out below.

8 Reasons to Work With Modern Event Rental 

We Offer a Wide Range of Products to Match Any Theme

With Modern Event Rental, you get access to the best quality products and services. Whether you’re planning a trade show, conference or gala, there’s a large inventory of the best quality furniture to make your event a success. Whatever theme you have chosen for your next big event, you can be sure to find furniture and other equipment to match at Modern Event Rental.

Additionally, since the furniture and décor rentals will be customized to your needs, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Modern Event Rental assures you high-quality and well-maintained furniture and equipment that’s readily available for your event.

Our Responsiveness and Customer First Mindset

There needs to be effective communication between you and your rental company to ensure you get what you need. Effective communication will highly depend on a company’s responsiveness.

Modern Event Rental has staff who are always available to walk you through and answer any queries you might have regarding your event. The success of the partnership only works when there’s open communication, and Modern Event is committed to ensuring you are heard and all your needs are met. We put our client needs first and strive to help however we can. You’ll notice the difference in culture when you choose to order furniture from Modern Event Rentals for your next event!

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Stylish Lounge Furniture by Modern Event Rental

Creative Event Rentals & Decor

Event Furniture Rental-Modern Event Rental

Do you want your event to stand out? If you have a big vision for your event, you’ll need to work with creative people who can bring your ideas to life and make your event the talk of the town. 

Modern Event has a wide selection of out-of-the-box equipment, furniture, and décor to make all your event dreams come true. For example, you can choose to go with LED furniture to add more sparkle to your event

Even if you only give Modern Event Rental an idea of how you want your event to be, our staff will use their creativity to make everything stand out. Our team can help deliver a theme that will make your event a raging success. With our extensive product inventory, you can always find products to match whatever theme you choose!

Our Partnership with AVLS Rentals

If you’ll need sound and video equipment for your event, Modern Event has got you covered. Rather than hiring a different company for your equipment needs, you can work with Modern Event in partnership with AVLS Rentals. 

Everything you’ll need from stage scenic rentals, speakers, and LED lighting will be readily available to you. You’ll also have access to technology experts who will help incorporate your themes and customize everything to your needs.

Modern Event Rentals Furniture Rentals at Corporate Event
Stunning Event Bar Setup with furniture by Modern Event Rental

Create a Great Interactive Space for Trade Shows & Events

Modern Event has years of experience providing excellent custom event rentals for a variety of events. As such, they have established relationships with event planners and other event professionals and can quickly partner with them to get you the space you need.

Our Modern Event Rental team is based in Chicago, and we’re familiar with the most popular event venues in the Chicago area. Therefore, if you’re looking to host a trade show, convention, meeting, or conference, we’ve got everything you need. Even if you don’t find what you’re looking for in the inventory, you can efficiently work with us to create whatever custom piece you need for your event.

Transportation Convenience

Even a single mishap or miscalculation can ruin almost everything when planning an event. Such instances typically occur as a result of miscommunication. This is especially the case when you have several different companies handling different aspects of the planning. For example, some rental companies don’t offer delivery and pickup services.

If you choose to work with Modern Event Rental, you won’t have to worry about the transportation of furniture and equipment. Modern Event handles all the logistics and ensures everything is where it needs to be on time so you won’t have the additional cost and stress of booking a truck for transportation. Working directly with one company is more cost-effective for you!

Constant Communication Throughout The Process

As mentioned, clear communication will determine the success of your event. This means you need to hire a company you can trust to source the best event rental furniture to make your event mindblowing.

Some companies are out to make a quick buck at the client’s expense, and many people have fallen victim to rental company scams. With Modern Event, you get value for your money. Everything is made clear to you from the beginning, and your satisfaction is the end goal. 

Modern Event Rental will promptly answer all questions you might have regarding custom event furniture, décor, and even pricing. Plus, you will get an overall quotation before any work begins so that you can budget effectively without the fear of additional charges down the road.

Dedicated Customer Service Representatives

Many companies boast of quality services, but few deliver. When you connect with Modern Event, a staff member will be happy to help with all your needs and queries. Customer satisfaction remains a priority to Modern Event Rental, so you can rest assured you’ll get the best service. 

We view our clients as partners, and their events are our priority. Our focus is customer service and quality products, with staff available 24 hours/7 days/365 days a year to answer any questions or concerns. Over 85% of our rentals are delivered nationwide in our own logistical fleet and drivers.

Trust Modern Event Rental Today for the Best Custom Event Rentals

Modern Event Rental is a one-stop-shop for all your event furniture rental, LED and sound equipment, and décor needs. You can expect nothing but the best quality products and services. With its extensive inventory and customizable services, Modern Event Rental is committed to ensuring that your needs are met for your event.

Do you have an event soon or plan to have one in the future? Work with Modern Event Rental to make your event a success.

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