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  • Size 72" W x 24" L x 42" H
  • Weight 80
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Make your event center stage with our Light Up Bar. This magnificent piece is not just a service station for drinks but also a captivating piece of décor that intensifies the atmosphere of any occasion. The bar measures six feet in length and impresses visitors with its visually striking LED lights. These lights add a dynamic edge, proving multifaceted by offering functionality and enhancing the overall ambiance with a spectrum of color options. Just imagine; vibrant light emissions playing their part in the background, setting just the right tone for your unforgettable event.

The 6FT Illuminated Bar is crafted under professional supervision, ensuring its enduring build that stands up to multiple uses. Its contemporary design complements all themes and decorations, making it a versatile choice for a range of events, whether a festive cocktail party, corporate function, wedding, or a grand launch event. Offering the convenience of easy assembly and disassembly, this bar assists event planners in achieving a smooth, hassle-free set up. Its laudable aesthetics coupled with its practical attributes, make the Light Up Bar a crucial, yet subtle understated, highlight of your next event. Ditch the traditional and embrace the extraordinary with our 6FT Light Up Bar.

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