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  • Size 120" W x 12" L x 42" H
  • Weight 250
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Large Curved Truss Bar

Introducing the Large Curved Truss Bar, the perfect addition to any modern event setting. At Modern Event Rental, we understand the importance of creating a visually striking ambiance for your special celebrations. Our Large Curved Truss Bar combines both form and function to deliver a unique, stylish, and practical solution for your event’s beverage needs. 

Designed with versatility in mind, the Large Curved Truss Bar is suitable for various occasions, from corporate events and trade shows to weddings and private parties. Featuring a sleek curved design, this truss bar acts as an eye-catching centerpiece that draws guests in while serving its primary purpose as a bar. Equipped with fully customizable LED lighting, you can set the desired color and mood, creating an unforgettable atmosphere tailored to your event’s theme. The Large Curved Truss Bar delivers an elevated experience, ensuring your guests are not only served their favorite beverages, but they also enjoy a visually stunning immersive environment.