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  • Size 72" W x 30" L x 42" H
  • Weight 100
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6ft Illuminated Communal Table

 This brilliant Illuminated LED Communal Table is a statement piece has a glowing personality all of its own. Its smooth glass surface conceals colorful LEDs to spotlight whatever you place on top – from floral centerpieces to displayed keepsakes.

But the real feature is its communal design – extra width and accent lighting bring people together. Sturdy steel legs provide a rock-solid base so guests can lean, mingle, and connect carefree over shared bites.

Use this social butterfly to encourage mingling and conversation at your next event with its welcoming wide top and ambient underscoring.  Rent it to promote meaningful moments at weddings, fundraisers, reunions, and more. Watch as its radiant surface draws guests in, unites strangers, and sets the scene for forging new bonds under its romantic glow.