Ashton Black Bar Stool

Product Details

  • Size 17" W x 17.5" L x 34" H
  • Weight 12
  • Color Black
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The Ashton Black Bar Stool is a refined piece of furniture that perfectly imbues both style and comfort. Undeniably robust, this stool is crafted with meticulous attention, exclusively designed to enhance setting aesthetics while providing a comfortable seating option for guests at any event. Its sleek, contemporary design is accentuated by the deep black color which presents a tasteful touch of sophistication to any venue.

Built with a high, supportive backrest and a plush, cushioned seat, the Ashton Black Bar Stool ensures a comfortable experience for its users. Each stool is crafted from sturdy materials, ensuring longevity and the ability to bear considerable weight. Its eye-catching design complements its functionality, making it not just a stool, but a piece of decor that adds a dramatic edge to your events. Whether used in a bar area or standing tall among cocktail tables, this piece is a versatile addition to any event. Its timeless appeal and sturdy construction ensure it can withstand the test of time, and usage, while its elegant design ensures it’s always in style.