Product Details

  • Size 60" W x 30" L x 60" H
  • Weight 35
  • Color Blue
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Discover a unique and exciting seating option with our Blue LED Swing. A blend of style, elegance, and technology, this swing is designed to captivate your guests’ attention while setting a remarkable ambiance for any event. Its sleek, modern design is highlighted by the captivating blue LED lights that illuminate the swing, rendering a mesmerizing glow that can transform any setting into an enchanting spectacle.


Crafted with efficiency and durability in mind, this swing not only excels in aesthetics but also provides a comfortable seating experience. Whether it’s a corporate event, party or wedding, our Blue LED Swing can effortlessly serve as a regular seat or a whimsical, interactive prop that can significantly enhance the overall vibe of your event. It operates efficiently with a long-lasting battery life, ensuring your event is lit throughout its duration. With the Blue LED Swing, you can create an unforgettable event that blends comfort, style, and technology seamlessly.