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  • Size 60" W x 20" L x 60" H
  • Color Light Blue
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Illuminate your outdoor gatherings with an ultra-modern twist by incorporating our Light Blue LED Swing. This stunning piece, available for rent at Modern Event Rental, takes the nostalgic appeal of a classic swing seat and enhances it with the futuristic touch of LED technology. Whether you’re hosting an evening soiree or an overnight party, the subtle glow of the light blue LED radiates an elegant charm, creating a spectacular visual appeal that keeps your guests captivated all through the event.

Featuring durable construction with high-quality materials, the Light Blue LED Swing ensures sturdiness and reliability, granting you peace of mind as you entertain your guests. The intensity of light emitted from the LED is adjustable, allowing you to create the perfect ambiance to match the energy of your event. The exterior of the swing is weather resistant, ensuring that your event continues to shimmer brilliantly even when the weather takes a sudden turn. Browse through our collection at Modern Event Rental today and discover a new way to add a dash of sparkling liveliness to your festivities with our Light Blue LED Swing.