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  • Size 48" W x 24" L x 16" H
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Discover visual allure and functional design in one piece with our Light Up Coffee table. This illuminating piece of furniture is not just a focal point, but also a conversation starter. Manufactured for perfection, this dynamic table is designed to enhance your space, be it a party, corporate gathering, wedding reception, or other special events. The sleek and clean design of the table makes it a contemporary choice suitable for all décor styles. The white translucent finish allows the visible LED light to make its impactful statement in any setting.

Adding to its charm, the Light Up Coffee table is equipped with innovative LED technology. The in-built LED lights allow for a spectrum of eye-catching colors, helping to establish the desired ambiance and setting instantly. This coffee table is not just visually pleasing but also energy-efficient, ensuring long hours of uninterrupted luminosity. Moreover, it offers a sturdy surface for placing your things, from business brochures to neatly lined-up beverages, thanks to its dependable and robust design. Uplift your event’s allure and give your guests an unforgettable experience with our Light Up Coffee table.