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  • Size 22" W x 15.75" L x 18.5" H
  • Color Mocha
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The Mocha Club End Table is a versatile addition to your furniture collection that effortlessly balances style and function. Ideal for any event setting, from casual and cozy to formal and upscale, this end table touts a chic, timeless design that will elevate your ensemble. Clad in a rich mocha hue, it exudes an understated elegance and warmth that blends seamlessly with an array of décor styles.

Crafted with dedication to quality and durability, the Mocha Club End Table offers superior endurance for extended use. Its compact footprint and perfect height give it an upper hand in enhancing the functionality of your space, where it can hold drinks, books, decor or a lamp easily. Whether coupled with a sofa, nestled next to an armchair, or standing solo, this end table serves as a perfect spot to set drinks or display decor in your locale. Choose the Mocha Club End Table for combining the convenience of extra tabletop space and enduring style in your event space. Add it to your rental inventory for assured satisfaction, as it provides comfort, practical use and a tasteful design in your event’s functionality and aesthetic appeal. The Mocha Club End Table is a clear choice for event planners looking to infuse a subtle sophistication into their settings.