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  • Size 60" W x 20" L x 60" H
  • Color Pink
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The Pink LED Swing is an attractive and contemporary event furnishing that creates an environment of fun and interaction. It’s a one-of-a-kind piece of event equipment that serves a double function as both a comfort item and a visually striking decoration. With its unique design, it can serve as the center of attraction, keeping your guests amused and giving them something to talk about.

The swing gets its charm from the captivating Pink LED Swing lights that adorn it. The lights not only brighten the swing but also add a splash of color to any event setting, setting the mood for a delightful and playful atmosphere. Built with quality and durability in mind, this swing guarantees amazing performance and functionality. Its sturdy construction assures safety while the plush seat ensures comfort, so your guests can swing to their heart’s content. No matter the occasion, the Pink LED Swing is the perfect addition to make your event unforgettable.