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  • Size 40" W x 21" L x 18.5" H
  • color White
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The Scoop Bar Stool available from Modern Event Rental is a perfect example of minimalist design blended with superior comfort. This lightweight, easy to handle bar stool is a stylish and functional addition to any high-counter seating area. With its high-gloss white finish and impeccably sleek design, it adds a sleek touch to any event or venue, easily blending with any decor style. Both visually arresting and practical, the Scoop Bar Stool is made of high-quality material, ensuring a durable and sturdy seating option for your guests.

Underlining its architectural beauty is its user-centered design. The seat is ergonomically designed, being wide and comfortable enough to provide ample support, making it perfect for long-duration seating. The leg design is simple yet robust, providing a superior balance that can withstand heavy usage during bustling events. Its undeniable versatility and style make the Scoop Bar Stool a preferred choice for event organizers. It effortlessly enhances the aesthetics of events, including parties, corporate meetings, and even trade shows, providing a chic, modern seating solution.