Spark Power Up Chair

Product Details

  • Size 32" W x 31" L x 29.5" H
  • Color White
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Spark Power Up Chair

Simplicity and functionality meet in the design of the Spark Power Up Chair in White. This chair offers both comfort and convenience, making it an ideal choice for both casual and formal events. This modern and stylish chair is crafted from sturdy materials to ensure its durability. The neutral white color at the base gives it a sleek and clean ambience, enhancing the look of any event, be it a corporate meeting, wedding ceremony, or a private party.

What separates the Spark Power Up Chair from ordinary chairs, is its ability to keep your electronic devices powered up. The chair is designed with an integrated charging port, making it highly practical for today’s tech-savvy world. Now, guests can stay connected without the worry of their devices draining out of power. This integration of technology combined with stylish design makes the Spark Power Up Chair a definitive asset to any event. Comfort, convenience and a contemporary edge; all that you need wrapped up in one efficient piece.