Spark Power Up Sofa

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  • Size 72" W x 31.5" L x 29.5" H
  • Color White
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Spark Power Up Sofa

The Spark Power Up Sofa-White is an epitome of style and comfort, specially designed to add an elegant touch to any event setting. Constructed with sleek white leather and a modern box-like design, it serves as an exquisite addition to any type of event, from corporate gatherings to high-profile social functions. Its sharp lines and neat detailing are sure to impress your guests, bringing in a level of sophistication while effortlessly complementing your event’s décor setup.

But the Spark Power Up Sofa is not just about aesthetics. Its functionality enhances its allure with a built-in power-up facility that allows guests to charge their devices. This seamless integration of technology is a convenient feature that ensures that your guests not just relax in comfort, but also stay connected at all times. The sturdy structure and plush foam cushioning offer dashing comfort and support that your guests would tremendously appreciate. Whether it is a daylong event or a high-energy party that goes into the late-night hours, the Spark Power Up Sofa-White stands as a perfect combination of style, comfort, and convenience.