10 Tips to Throw a Successful Outdoor Company Event

Corporate event trends for the year predict more outdoor events in the next couple of months. Perhaps it is a result of nearly 3 years of lockdowns and virtual events. People, including corporate professionals, are definitely tired of attending events virtually.

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Embracing the refreshing new opportunities to get back to in-person events, corporate companies are indeed taking to the outdoor culture. Business meetings and conferences are shifted from conventional ballrooms and seminar halls to grand outdoor pavilions and protected venues. And needless to say, attendees are enjoying the same.

We will definitely be seeing more outdoor-focused corporate events that also steal some elements from the non-corporate world, such as entertainment.

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If you wish to throw an outdoor company event, but can’t help but feel overwhelmed, here are 10 tips for you.

Pick a venue thoughtfully

The venue is definitely one of the most crucial elements that contribute actively to the success of your event. As a veteran supplier of event rentals in Chicago, we can tell you that you need to do your due diligence in this regard. Consider factors like accessibility, weather conditions, location, etc. when choosing your venue. You ideally need a place that a majority of your potential guests can easily access. The weather should also be favorable as your event is going to be outdoors.
For catering, you are best off choosing a local supplier. The same goes for other vendors too. Hence, make sure that the venue is within the delivery limits for your vendors as well.

Research and get your permits

Depending on where you choose to host your event, an outdoor event will most likely need some permits from the city authorities. These can include anything from gathering permits for a certain number of people, food and catering permits, zoning permits, etc. Research thoroughly, find out the permits you mandatorily need, and get down to applying for them as early as possible, so that you get them approved soon.

Comprehensive suppliers of event rentals in Chicago can guide you with your permits if you wish to host an event here.

Define clear goals

Determine clear-cut goals for your event, before you start planning the theme or creating guest lists. What do you seek through hosting the event? More followers on social media? More leads? Appreciation of your existing customer base? Answer some of these questions to define your goals.

Spend some time on invitations and send them out early

Do not let invitations be an afterthought. They are an excellent source of marketing for your brand. Spend some time designing your invitations, including your branding, add some powerful copy, and send them out early. This allows your guests ample time to send back their responses, which helps you get a headcount, in case you are planning to give out certificates, gifts, etc.

Prepare for the weather, along with a backup plan

Research the weather conditions at your venue well enough to prepare your event rentals for the same. Study forecasts and trends and pick out your furniture and décor rentals accordingly. Additionally, have a weather backup plan as well, in case things go a different way. For example, carry extra chairs, place cards, and the like, in case your main sets get spoiled from the weather.

Include a bar

Bars are the best sources of engagement. They act as ice-breakers and get your guests to feel comfortable and relaxed. Include exceptional quality bar furniture and have a mix of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages like mocktails to entertain all types of guests.

As a premium supplier of event rentals in Chicago, we have a stunning collection of bar rentals including illuminated bar counters, bar stool rentals, bar table rentals, high chairs, and more. You can customize the color include your branding in our bar furniture, and serve some delicious drinks to your guests.

Provide the most comfort

Outdoor events no longer compromise on comfort. Large corporate companies are opting for ultra-comfy and luxurious furniture pieces to offer a “living-room” “-like experience to their guests. The goal is to detach from conventional and dull outdoor event practices and make it exciting for your attendees.

This is why as an experienced provider of event rentals in Chicago, we have always given priority to comfort and quality. We have our lounge furniture crafted in luxurious velour and leather fabrics to offer the utmost comfort. Give your attendees a reason to stay and indulge in the event with our high-quality sofas and chairs.

Throw in some interactive elements

Corporate events are now embracing the entertainment quality of casual events and for good reason. Entertainment leads to more engagement, which ultimately improves the bottom line. Hence, throw in some interactive elements like a performance, a guest speaker, a magician, a live food stall, etc. Once again, give your guests a reason to indulge in the event and a memorable experience to take away.

Don’t hesitate to add your signature to the event

Corporate events are undoubtedly a venue to market your brand. Do not hesitate to add your signature to your furniture rentals. Book your rentals with comprehensive suppliers of event rentals in Chicago, like Modern, to enjoy the flexibility of customization. We offer color, texture, and branding customizations to our corporate clients. You can easily add your branding info to our table tops, and other furniture pieces and display them proudly at your event.

Have utility elements that will act as a nice surprise

Lastly, add some thoughtful elements that deviate from conventional outdoor event strategies and delight your guests. Put some thought into the venue design and be creative with your additions.

For example, at Modern we have a uniquely designed collection of charging furniture, that is both functional and aesthetic in value. Our charging sofas, chairs, and dedicated charger stations ensure a source of power to charge digital devices for your guests. Being outdoors, this is an element that most guests would need, but would not typically receive. Hence, for long corporate events, our charging furniture proves to be of immense use.


Outdoor company events are wonderful ways to spark engagement, grow your network, and build your company’s empire. Especially now that it is a trending concept in the business world, it is a surefire way to stand out in the crowd and reach out to more people. Make sure to use this as a mini-guide to navigate your outdoor corporate event journey.

For assistance, and for top-notch outdoor event rentals in Chicago, contact Modern. For more updates visit our Facebook page.

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