5 Key Elements to Optimize to Take Your Event to The Next Level

Key Elements to Optimize to Take Your Event to The Next Level

Hosting an event comes with its fair share of excitement and challenges. Whether it is a corporate event, a personal event, a small event, or a grand event, there are multiple elements and factors to consider and optimize to ensure a smooth and seamless experience for guests. However, regardless of the scale or type of the event, the end goal remains the same – to keep the guests happy, engaged, and immersed in the activities, and to offer them a memorable overall experience.

To make that kind of an impact amongst a plethora of brands like yours that are actively trying to connect with the same target audience, it is inevitable that you stand out. And for that, you need to elevate your event experience; and offer an event that transcends conventional event experiences.

Partnering with a holistic and experienced provider of event rentals in Las Vegas, like Modern, can help you achieve that.

We have exceptional collections of a wide range of furniture and décor, produced in-house with precision and great attention to detail. We source the best quality raw materials and employ our best in-house fabrication resources to create durable and top-notch furniture and décor pieces that not only offer a premium look and feel but also help elevate event experiences in many ways.

Here are 5 key elements to optimize to take your event to the next level. Set aside your overwhelming list of event to-dos and use this guide to plan your upcoming event. Whether you are an amateur or a seasoned event planner, this guide will help you organize your thoughts and resources.


The very first element to optimize is the seating. There are many factors to consider in seating, starting from the layout to the utilities to the ergonomics, and the aesthetics. As a general rule of thumb, think from an inclusive and flexible perspective, focusing on using seating to provide a better-than-normal experience. This means, steering clear of over-the-top trending designs and sticking to classic silhouettes and colors, using ergonomically manufactured pieces, and using a combination of seating types to facilitate multiple kinds of activities and engagements.

The layout is an important aspect to put due thought into. When designing the event space, ensure to leave ample room for free movement. Use various seating types strategically to create focus zones that will not only render more structure to your event space but also keep the overall design minimal and unrestrictive.

Lastly, the aesthetic quality of the seating is just as important as the comfort and convenience. Invest in renting good quality designs that are durable and comfortable, to facilitate long hours of seamless engagement.


Elegant and impactful tablescapes have more influence over the event experience than you think. Combined with lighting, they help set the tone and vibe of the event, offering a powerful first impression for guests. A well-put-together tablescape not only makes guests feel welcome but also valued and appreciated.

When designing the layout, create strategic focal points with unique and out-of-the-box centerpieces. Place statement tables with elegant artwork, such as a chandelier, a sculpture, or a gorgeous floral arrangement, and use the focal point as guidance to design the rest of the layout. Use suitable seating styles according to the shape and placement of your tablescapes to follow through with the mood and ambiance.


Decorations are meant to be complementary to an event setup. This means they are not to be placed as the primary focus of the event. Many organizers make the mistake of going overboard with décor, especially when trying to keep up with a theme. However, as a veteran provider of event rentals in Las Vegas, we can vouch for the fact that less is more, when it comes to décor.

Opt for understated and minimal décor elements, more so if you are handling a smaller or more intimate event. Choose classic décor elements such as vertical artwork, plants, wall hangings, paintings, display shelves, and the like, keeping in mind a common thread to maintain the theme. For example, stick to a color palette when choosing flowers, table linen, paintings, or other types of artwork for your event. This makes your event space look more put together and elegant, unlike when you use too many unrelated décor elements, which will make your event look cluttered and uninviting.


The lighting is perhaps one of the most crucial elements, that has the potential to make or break the event. It can drastically impact the ambiance, and thereby directly affect the overall experience.

There are several options of lighting setups you can use according to the theme and ambiance you would like to offer. For example, for an intimate and warm crowd, it is best to use warm and diffused lights, while for a larger setting, you can use a combination of lighting styles. This can include uplighting for statement décor elements or centerpieces, spotlights for focal zones like lounge spaces, warm lights for the bar area, and so on. The right kind of lighting can not only set the tone for guest engagement but also transform your event space into a whole other world. It can create the illumination of sophistication, larger spaces, smaller spaces, multiple dimensions, and a lot more.

Engagement avenues

Last but not least, consider varied and unconventional forms of entertainment to keep the guests engaged. Think beyond stage performances or feature programs, and include interactive or participatory activities. Once again, factor in inclusivity and flexibility when deciding on the event activities; consider virtual attendees, differently abled guests, and the like as well. Being the age of social media, ensure to incorporate elements conducive to social sharing, such as backdrops, banners, lights, props, and more. Think out of the box and include different avenues of engagement, depending on the likes, behavioral attributes, and preferences of your target guests. This naturally necessitates due research ahead of the event.

Work with a holistic provider of event rentals in Las Vegas to get access to a wide range of décor elements like backdrops, under one roof.

Wrapping up

As overwhelming as it can seem, narrowing down the general aspects of your event objectively can help you better handle the planning process. Focusing on these five elements – the seating, the tablescapes, the décor, the lighting, and the engagement avenues, can help you optimize the overall event with much less stress and effort. Pay attention to the little details, and ensure that the choices you make complement each other, such that there is an overall symmetry and refinement to the event design.

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