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If you’re hosting an event that’s going to include a bar, you’re likely going to need additional bar rental furniture and accessories. There are many options at Modern Event Rental for bar rental products that will make your bar area a great place for lounging and socializing.

Modern offers high-quality bar rentals in a range of styles to match your event’s theme and decor. Coupled with delivery and premier customer service, we’ll help you create an event to remember.

Check out this blog to see the top bar rental products and accessories that Modern has to offer. From seating to LED bar furniture, achieving the best bar rental has never been easier!

Why Is Having A Bar Rental Important?

Bar Rental Accessories

Crafting a bar area requires more than just the bar itself. Guests need tables to set their drinks and places to sit, and you can really make an impact with eye-catching bar shelving. Adding features like LED bar furniture can make your event even more unforgettable.

Wondering if your corporate event should include a bar rental? At Modern, we think you should, and have the facts to back it up. Having a bar rental at events is important for 5 main reasons.

1. A Bar Rental Provides Convenience

What’s the easiest way to make your event a smashing success? Keep your guests happy!

Renting a bar can make serving drinks more convenient for both the guests and the hosts. It can provide a centralized location for guests to get their drinks without having to walk around to different locations to find a beverage or person to chat with.

2. Bar Rental Accessories Add A Professional Touch

Whether for a corporate gathering, tradeshow, conference, business meeting, or an annual company event, your guests typically have high expectations. Rise to the occasion and exceed those expectations by choosing Modern’s high-quality bar rental furniture.

Having a bar rental can add a touch of professionalism to an event. A well-designed and stocked bar can make guests feel like they are at a high-end event, and can give hosts the opportunity to showcase their attention to detail and hospitality.

3. Keep Your Event Safe With A Bar Rental

Renting a bar can also ensure that alcohol is served in a safe and responsible manner. Professional bartenders are trained to monitor guests’ consumption of alcohol and can prevent over-serving, which can reduce the risk of accidents, liability for hosts, and the chance for an event to go wrong.

4. Custom Drinks for Corporate Guests

Depending on the type of event, a bar rental can offer a wider variety of drinks than if hosts were to provide their own. A professional bar can offer a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks that can be customized to suit the preferences of the guests.

While bar rentals are popular, not everyone at your event may want an alcoholic beverage. Your bar rental adds a nice way to add a personal touch. Making sure every guest feels thought of and included is bound to create a positive lasting impression.

5. Budget Better With A Bar Rental

When booze is involved, things can become very expensive, very fast. Bar rentals offer a cost-effective benefit.

In some cases, renting a bar can be a cost-effective solution for event hosts. Rather than purchasing and stocking their own bar, hosts can rent a bar and pay for only the drinks that are consumed by guests.
As you can easily see, making sure to include a bar rental at your event is extremely important. Not only will this keep your guests talkative and entertained, but it will also be a major factor in the success of your social gathering.

Modern’s Top Products to Pair With Your Bar Rental

Bar Stool Rentals

When you create a trendy and comfortable bar rental area, you encourage your guests to relax and socialize. Depending on your event, this can promote networking and forge lasting relationships. It also cultivates an atmosphere that they will want to come back to year after year.

Modern is the premier event rental service across the country. While we have all the bar rental products you need to make your bar truly spectacular, below are our top choices!

Bar Stool Rentals

Sit back and relax in one of Modern’s comfy bar stool rentals! Whether you place them at the bar or at a high-top table, bar stools provide your guests a place to unwind and recoup during any downtime at an event.

Modern has bar stool rentals to fit whatever theme you choose. Try the Director Bar Stool in black or white for a touch of old Hollywood or pair the Casper Clear Bar Stool with an LED bar to accent the light show.

High-Top Table Rentals

High-top table rentals offer a place for your guests to set their drinks and also create a natural gathering place to socialize.

Modern has a wide variety of high-top table rentals. With plenty of several shapes, colors, and sizes, it is easy to find a bar table rental that fits your event theme perfectly. For a look that exudes elegance, try the Cosmopolitan Bar Table, or the Wood Bali Communal Bar Table for a more industrial look.

Bar Shelving and Back Displays

Bar Shelving Rentals

A bar shelf or bar back display is the perfect place for your bartender to store extra alcohol and glassware, or display logos and merchandise.

Modern offers bar shelving solutions that will elevate any event! Display your items with glamor on the Tiffany Gold Bar Shelf or go for a modern vibe with the Zig Zag Shelf.

LED Bar Furniture

Want to take your event to a new level? Your guests will love Modern’s eye-catching, light-up LED bar furniture options, which can be customized to whatever color you choose.

Modern offers several types of LED bar furniture, like an Illuminated Curved Bar and Illuminated Serpentine Communal Table. Want to incorporate trending LED furniture throughout your venue? Check out all of Modern’s LED furniture styles!

Other Bar Accessories

Scenic Rentals For Event Bar

Serve your guests more than just drinks! Bar rental accessories help to enhance their event experience further – without a nasty headache the next morning.

Modern has a huge selection of bar accessory rentals. Bars are often popular spots in any event. Our custom scenic elements help by adding visual interest to this event space.

Plus, scenic elements can help take advantage of the increased foot traffic in bar rental areas by displaying your company’s branding or logo. Think scenic elements could help your event? Learn more in our recent blog that covers our top scenic element rentals.

Even in your bar rental area, people are bound to be on their phones. Modern’s charging stations offer a great solution so your guests never run low on battery.

By having a variety of event rental furniture, your guests will appreciate the detail you incorporated into your event. See the rest of our event rentals and keep your guests amazed!

Modern’s Bar Rental Delivery Service

Modern Furniture Rental Delivery Service

While event planners always think of others, they never think of themselves. This time, decrease your stress and enjoy your own event by choosing an event furniture rental company that offers delivery.

Personal delivery is just one upside to working with Modern. Our delivery staff will help you set up your furniture exactly where you need it, not just dump it and run.

Plus, as part of our setup, our experienced employees make sure everything is working as it should. No more glitches or technical errors to worry about!

At Modern, we truly want to help in any way we can, which is why we offer our in-house delivery nationwide. See the full benefits of our delivery program and enjoy your events again!

Let Modern Bar and Bar Accessories Rental Boost Your Event

While event planners are professionals, don’t make a rooky mistake. Make sure your bar rental has all of the accessories, shelving, and furniture it needs from Modern’s bar rental selection.

Modern has been providing event and furniture rentals to the Midwest and beyond since 2009. Our furniture options are customizable, and we also offer custom-designed and fabricated furniture. With a customer service team available 24/7, Modern is ready to help.

From LED bar furniture, to bar tables and more, Modern is ready to assist with whatever your bar rental accessory needs may be. Contact Modern today to get your event’s bar ready!

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