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  • Size 144" W x 24" L x 42" H
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Introducing the Illuminated Serpentine Communal Table, the perfect addition to your next event. Our table is designed to transform any occasion into a memorable experience. This eye-catching piece of furniture not only creates a stunning visual impact but also offers comfortable seating solutions for guests. The flowing, curved design of the table allows easy arrangement in various configurations, making it ideal for receptions, corporate events, or any social gathering where you want to leave a lasting impression on your attendees.

The Illuminated Serpentine Communal Table‘s most distinguishing feature is its vibrant L.E.D lighting system. You can choose from a wide array of colors to create an atmosphere that matches the theme or mood of your event with ease. The table is made from high-quality materials, ensuring sturdiness and durability for the longevity of your event. In addition, its smooth surface allows for easy cleanup, making it low maintenance and hassle-free for event planners. When combined with our other illuminated pieces, you can create a visually stunning and immersive environment, sure to impress everyone in attendance. So, elevate your event with our Illuminated Serpentine Communal Table and make a bold statement that your guests will never forget.