How to Find the Best LED Furniture Rentals Near Me

Take your event to the next level with LED furniture. You may be asking yourself, what is LED furniture?  LED furniture is traditional furniture made of acrylic material that has lighting-emitting diodes implanted inside. This is what makes LED event rentals bright, colorful, and unique. Keep reading to find out how you can rent the best LED furniture rentals near me. 

LED furniture is gaining popularity for many reasons. Nothing says unique or futuristic like LED illuminated furniture rentals. LED furniture rentals make your event more memorable by instilling a “WOW” factor. 

It’s no secret that LED furniture rentals enhance the atmosphere of any event. In fact, LED furniture rentals will keep your clients and their friends talking about your event weeks after its takes place. This includes sharing the details all over social media, company blogs, and websites. Add that unique flair to your event by choosing LED furniture rentals near you.

Finding the best LED furniture rental company near you can be somewhat overwhelming since so many companies offer the services you’re looking for. You need to hire the best company to ensure you get quality services and avoid the frustrations of planning an event. Here are 3 tips on how to find the best LED furniture rentals near you.

How to Find The Best LED Furniture Rentals Near Me

If you have never rented LED furniture for a trade show, exhibition, or other social events, then you might not know where to start! To have a great event with quality LED furniture rentals, then you should follow our guide to finding the best LED furniture rentals.

Hire a company you can trust to source the best LED rental furniture to make your event mind-blowing. A company like Modern Event Rentals. As a leader in the event rental industry, we provide LED event rentals in Chicago, LED rentals in Milwaukee, and even LED furniture rentals in Des Moines. Check out all of Modern’s event rental locations to find the city closest to you 

Modern Event Rental will promptly answer all questions you might have regarding LED furniture rentals for events and even pricing. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to host a trade show, convention, business meeting, or conference, we’ve got everything you need when it comes to LED event rentals!

Our Modern Event Rental team is based in Chicago, and we’re familiar with the most popular event venues in the Chicago area. Our other service areas include many other cities in the midwest like Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Madison, Detroit, St. Louis, and Minneapolis. So if you are planning an event in one of these cities look to your trusted LED furniture rental company, Modern Event Rental.

Hire A Furniture Rental Company With Delivery Service 

Some rental companies don’t offer delivery and pickup services. We recommend you hire a company that delivers your LED furniture rentals. Even a single mishap or miscalculation can ruin almost everything when planning an event. 

Miscommunication can create chaos and this usually happens when several different companies handle different aspects of the event planning. Avoid this by working with a company that offers event furniture rental delivery and pickup services. 

Modern Event Rentals is your local LED furniture rental company that will keep everything in line. Modern Event Rental won’t have you worrying about the transportation of furniture and equipment. 

Our team of LED furniture rental experts will handle all the logistics and ensures everything is where it needs to be on time so you won’t have any additional stress leading up to your event. Working directly with one company is more cost-effective for you, and will get your LED rental furniture to you on time. 

How to Find Unique LED Furniture Rentals

If you are looking for LED furniture rentals for your event we can assume you want your event to stand out. Make it stand out even more by hiring a company that has custom fabricated and unique LED options, so you’ll have unique furniture your guests will love!

LED high-top tables, LED event bar setups, and LED sofas are all just some of the things you can rent to brighten up your event space. You can also liven up your event space with custom LED props. You can browse all our unique custom fabricated LED furniture rentals on our website.

Modern Event Rental offers a variety of custom event props that offer a unique twist to the typical event furniture and décor. Check out our custom battery-operated LED swings. LED event rental props are perfect for any type of special event, ranging from conferences and trade shows to galas, mitzvahs, and weddings.

Modern Event Rental custom manufactures our own unique line of illuminated LED event rentals using the highest-grade materials. Bring your event the unique pieces you have been searching for.

Modern Event Rental Offers the Best LED Furniture Rentals in Chicago and the Nation

Your search for the best LED furniture rental company is over! Modern Event Rentals has everything you are looking for. We carry a full line of LED  acrylic illuminated furniture, including light-up tables, light-up bars, illuminated pedestals, and much more. 

We view our clients as partners, and their events are our priority. Our focus is customer service and quality products. We want to make the planning process easier for you which is why the Modern staff is available 24 hours/7 days/365 days a year to answer any questions or concerns

Not sure if we service your area? Modern Event Rentals can be your local LED event furniture rental supplier. Over 85% of our rentals are delivered nationwide in our own logistical fleet and drivers. 

If you’ll need sound and video equipment for your event, Modern Event has got you covered. Rather than hiring a different company for your equipment needs, you can work with Modern Event Rental and its partnership with AVLS Rentals. Everything you’ll need from stage scenic rentals, Speaker rentals, and LED lighting will be readily available to you. 

Contact Modern Event Rental Today for the Most Popular LED Furniture Rentals

Skip out on traditional furniture rentals at your next event, and rent the most popular LED furniture rentals from Modern Event rentals. Bring the event you have been working so hard to plan to the next level with Led furniture rentals. 

Work with Modern because we are the leading option to find the best-LED furniture rentals near me. Modern Event Rental is a one-stop shop for all your LED furniture rentals, sound equipment, and décor needs. 

You can expect nothing but the best quality products and services. With its extensive inventory and customizable services, Modern Event Rental is committed to ensuring that your needs are met for your event.
Do you have an event soon or plan to have one in the future? Don’t leave your guests in the dark – set the right mood for your event by renting LED furniture from Modern Event Rental.

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