How to Create a Custom Event Design with Modern Event Furniture Rental

There are so many details to consider when planning the perfect custom event design. Whether it is a Trade Show, corporate event, convention, or anything else, you want everything to look perfect to impress your guests. Each of the many details must fit your vision. First, you must decide on a theme or design aesthetic, then you can build your event from there. That’s why our team of even experts has put together this guide on how to create a custom event design with Modern Event Furniture Rental.

Creating the perfect atmosphere takes so much more than just choosing the right decorations. You want the whole room to come together into a single aesthetic. This means you will need furniture to match your vision. This is where the variety of furniture rental options from Modern Event Rental comes into play. We specialize in custom event furniture rentals and can provide you with everything you need to create exactly the look you are striving for. By choosing to create a custom event design with Modern Event Furniture Rental you can guarantee an unforgettable event.

Start Planning Your Custom Event Design

To start planning the perfect event with your custom theme you’ll need to start by finding an actual theme. Fortunately, there are a lot of ideas out there to get you started. Social media is awash with unique event themes for any category. To begin planning your next event you’ll want to take some time to research the options. Pinterest might be the best option to find event theme inspiration.

Once you have chosen the event theme that you want, you’ll need to start figuring out how you can pull the event together. You need to find a venue, but that might be the easiest part. The most important part comes next, decorating the event and making sure it has everything you need for your guests to enjoy it. But don’t panic, finding custom event furniture rentals won’t be an issue for your event.

What Is A Custom Event Furniture Rental?

Custom event design created with event furniture rentals from Modern Event Rental
custom event design

Like any event rental, custom event furniture is furniture and décor items that you can rent for any event to make it fit your vision. At Modern Event Rental, we offer tables, chairs, podiums, display shelves, bars, ottomans, sofas, executive furniture, and much more. Each of these items is available in multiple styles, colors, and motifs so you can find the right look for your event.

What are the Event Furniture Rental Options from Modern Event Rental?

If you want to design a glamorous event, you might be interested in Modern Event Rental’s luxury collection. We offer a variety of posh velour event furniture options with matching accessories like coffee and end table rentals to truly add sparkle and interest to your event. These furniture rentals will give your event an elevated feel and help set the tone.

If you want to host a modern event with a cutting-edge feel, you will want to check out our LED furniture collection. Here you will find swings, bars, tables, chairs, and loveseats all brightly, and safely, lit in a multitude of colors. These are a great option for the technology and science industries. This could also be a great theme concept for any event related to music or television.

Because no one attends an event without their phone, you may want to consider renting a charging tower or charging station furniture, available in multiple styles. These have charging ports built right into them and can even be customized to match your event or logo. That way your guests’ phones will stay fully charged so they can take lots of pictures of your successful event to share on social media.

Don’t Forget the Audio, Visual, Lighting and Staging Equipment Rentals

When planning an event, you always need to consider the ambiance. This is usually created by the choice of sound, lighting, and other visual factors. Our sister company AVLS Rentals specializes in audio, visual, and lighting event rental equipment. They can create exactly the ambiance you are looking for through the use of custom lighting and sound. They even have designers on staff that can provide your guests with backdrops and videos custom built to match your event vision.

Choose the Leaders in Event Furniture Rental Equipment

Planning a custom event theme can be a hassle. Especially if you can’t achieve the look and feel you want after all the time and energy you spend planning. But what if you could achieve the goal of your perfect event and get help making that happen? Good news – you can. Take the pressure off and throw the gala you’ve been dreaming of. Contact Modern Event Rentals and AVLS Rentals for all your event rental equipment needs.

Founded in 2009 Modern Event Rental has grown from its humble beginnings to deliver rentals nationwide. Over the years, we have acquired the skills and knowledge to help create a partner’s vision into reality. Our event rentals are completely customizable, great for trade shows, corporate events, conferences, and meetings. We work with some of the largest marketing agencies, and corporations in the country. Our rentals make nationwide campaigns and events possible.

We view our clients as partners, and their events are our priority. Our focus is customer service and quality products. Modern staff is available 24 hours/7 days/365 days a year to answer any questions or concerns. Over 85% of our rentals are delivered nationwide in our own logistical fleet and drivers. Whatever is needed to get your event done correctly, our team can do it. Contact our event furniture rental experts today to plan your perfect event.

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