Elevate Your Event With Stunning Rentals in Las Vegas

Elevate Your Event With Stunning Rentals in Las Vegas

2024 seems to pack a punch when it comes to events rentals in Las Vegas. The biggest and the best trade shows and corporate events in multiple industries are set to happen in some of the most iconic venues in the city, not to mention the big game in January.

It is a big year for Las Vegas, and in the spirit of all things big, it is time to elevate your business events too.

At Modern, we are all set to service all types of business and corporate events, with the latest high-quality furniture rentals. From minimal sofas and chairs to bars and trusses, we have everything you will need to provide an unforgettable event experience for your guests. We are also one of the few Las Vegas event rental suppliers that manufactures furniture in-house. We leverage our team’s design and fabrication expertise to ensure the utmost quality and durability at all times.

To throw an exceptional event, you inevitably need 10/10 furniture and décor, along with a thoughtful master plan to create the optimal layout. With the help of our layout and event design experts at Modern, you can put together a winning event with much less hassle.

From our experts, here’s a guide on how you can elevate your corporate event with stunning event rentals in Las Vegas.

Start by designing a holistically conducive layout

The layout is one of the prime factors affecting the engagement levels and the overall success of the event. Hence, the first step is to design a layout conducive to natural interactions, free movement, and aesthetic appeal. The idea is to create a space where guests not only feel induced to hang out with the aesthetic quality but also feel relaxed and comfortable with the arrangement. Place high-quality furniture pieces in ways that encourage natural conversations while leaving ample room for movement. Use conventional line and space theories to arrange furniture and make efficient use of corners or free spaces by placing thoughtful art or decorative elements.

Create focused zones for different types of interactions

A great way to create an elegant and warm aesthetic while also maintaining an ambiance conducive to engagement is to create focused zones throughout the event. These zones can be for different types of interactive sessions, such as a presentation area, a lounge area, a bar, an outdoor discussion area, a game area, etc. Depending on the nature of your event, include sensible areas to encourage natural interactions. For example, an end-of-quarter corporate event can include a presentation area and stage with comfortable ergonomic chairs, a lounge area with lounge furniture, an outdoor discussion space, and a bar.

Partnering with a holistic Las Vegas event rental company will allow you to avail of multiple types of furniture pieces at great deals, under one roof.

Incorporate comfortable and high-quality furniture

The second most important factor to ensure an exceptional event experience is comfortable and high-quality furniture. Elegant designs, ergonomic structures, and comfortable fabrics create the perfect recipe for relaxation and natural engagement. Use simple and understated designs in chairs in the presentation area to avoid a cluttered look, along with fabric-infused lounge furniture to create comfortable lounge spaces.

Ergonomically created high-quality furniture pieces allow guests to spend long hours sitting, enjoying presentations, and having engaging conversations. This prolongs their presence leading to more wholesome event experiences.

This is why at Modern we pay great attention to detail when crafting each of our furniture pieces. Designed ergonomically, we source the highest quality velour and leather fabrics, along with durable wood and metal hardware to fabricate our collections, ensuring the utmost quality and comfort.

Include a bar with tastefully curated display shelving

A bar is one of the best ways to spark effortless engagement while lending a sophisticated appeal to your event. Corporate guests love having meaningful conversations over elegantly curated drinks. Incorporate a bar along with aesthetic display shelving with a tastefully curated set of bottles to attract attendees. For your bar, use elegant and theme-appropriate bar counters, bar stools, bar tables, high chairs, and standing tables as well, to encourage all types of guests to interact. A holistic Las Vegas event rental provider will be able to service all your needs.

At Modern, we have a well-designed range of illuminated bar counters in a variety of shapes and sizes, art-deco-inspired bar tables and chairs, and durable minimal communal tables to decorate all sizes of bars. We also carry elegant display shelving to create an elite social experience for your guests.

Use a scenic stage set for an impressive welcome

An elevated event experience starts with a great first impression. To achieve that, use thoughtfully designed scenic stage set rentals. Some of the biggest corporate events and trade shows utilize stage sets to craft unforgettable experiences.

Modern’s range of scenic stage sets come in multiple categories and types, including cubes, panels, abstract patterns, columns, whiteboards, and multi-dimensional displays. Our scenic stage sets can be customized to imprint your brand name while giving your guests an immersive and impressive welcome. They can also be tailored to fit multiple size requirements, according to your event needs.

Incorporate photobooths or social media corners with backdrops for wholesome participation

To encourage natural participation and interaction, incorporate thoughtfully designed corners with photobooths or backdrops for social media. In this digital age, posting on social media is something that comes naturally to all guests. Leverage this behavioral attribute to generate effortless engagement at your event.

To create such interactive spaces, use artistic backdrops, drapes, props, and other scenic elements. At Modern, we have a range of multi-dimensional backdrops and illuminated scenic elements, perfect for creating an aesthetic social media corner or photo booth. They will not only elevate the overall aesthetic appeal of your event, but also encourage guests to participate in the event, both physically present guests, as well as virtual guests.

Use multi-utility furniture to maximize your event space

Incorporating multi-utility furniture is a great way to provide functionality along with aesthetic quality. It serves to maximize your event space by creating more than one purpose for one area in your event space. For example, at Modern, we have a stunning collection of charging furniture with built-in power modules. The range covers everything from sofas and chairs to dedicated charging stations, all of which also offer the utmost ergonomic comfort and luxurious feel. They are perfect to be used in lounge spaces, or other interactive spaces within your venue. Our charging stations can also be used to fill empty areas while making efficient utilization of the space.

Wrapping up

An exceptional event experience is a sure-fire product of empathy-driven thought and high-quality furniture event rentals. An optimal combination of the perfect layout put together using aesthetically elegant and ultra-comfortably furniture is the ultimate recipe for success.

Partnering with a holistic Las Vegas event rental company will allow you to access a wide variety of high-quality furniture types at great deals under one roof. This will not only reduce stress but also make the entire process easier.

Contact our team today to host elevated corporate event experiences in 2024. Explore our wide range of furniture rentals and place your bookings to avail great deals.

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