Emerging Event Trends to Look Forward to in 2024

Emerging Event Trends to Look Forward to in

We’re down to the last few weeks of 2023; time to lay down new strategies and plans for a brand-new year. Companies the world over are already on top of the dynamic trends in their respective industries, and for good reason. One of the best ways to stay relevant is indeed following crowd-favorite practices.

The world of events too has a handful of interesting new trends for brands and marketers to keep up with. While some of them are quite what we anticipated, some of them are a refreshing new take on a former routine. With the event industry having returned to “normal” since 2023, there are indeed a few major elements to prepare for.

With the right supplier of event rentals in Chicago, you can easily garner a substantially engaging turnout, as long as you keep your events in line with these trends.

Without further ado, here are 6 of the biggest emerging trends to look out for in 2024.

Hybrid events are in for the long haul

Sure enough, since the dawn of 2023, preferences for virtual-only events have been declining. As more possibilities for in-person events opened up, people have been more than happy to embrace them wholeheartedly. However, as an aftermath of the pandemic, the impact that a virtual medium to attend an event created, still stays. For the same reason, companies are increasingly utilizing a hybrid trend, where an in-person event has some form of presence in the digital sphere as well.

According to research conducted by EventMB, 71% of event organizers are planning to continue to have a digital strategy in place even for live events in the future. Moreover, experts in the event industry predict more than 90% of companies going for hybrid event models.

This indicates a rise in the use of digital technologies and communities at in-person event spaces to facilitate a virtual version that will enhance reach and engagement. As a hands-on supplier of event rentals in Chicago, we at Modern are ready with the best equipment you need to hybridize your event.

Data-driven events for the win

Events have always been one of the most important and primary sources of first-hand feedback and experience-sharing. Now, as more events are being part of holistic PR plans for companies, more thought is being put into making these events worthwhile for guests. This is why, data-driven events are on the rise.

Brands have high-quality data analytics systems in place to gather invaluable information about their core audience; this includes data related to interests, preferences, past purchases, previous events, and more. The efforts extend to include industry experts, leading names, creators, elite profiles, and more.

Events are then conducted with activities and engagements tailored to meet the demands of the proposed attendees. This ensures maximum reach and engagement. An unforgettable and impactful event experience invariably leads to a lasting impression.

Events are increasingly becoming a part of omnichannel experiences for brands

Statistics state that omnichannel marketing strategies that make use of more than one channel in a single campaign earn up to 287% higher purchase rate. This has inspired brands to incorporate events into the concoction as well. The likelihood of a guest purchasing a product or service after seeing it in action at a much-hyped event is very high. This is why brands have started including fun and engaging events as a part of omnichannel marketing experiences. A combination of the right kind of content to build hype, a stellar event showcasing the product, and personalized messages to potential and existing customers is a sure-shot way to bag some amazing sales. This also helps sustain a greater connection with customers, which is the key to lasting success.

Comprehensive event communities to maximize engagement

What comes as perhaps an extension of the virtual trend, is a focus on virtually originating communities as well to trigger maximum engagement. The modern event-loving crowd loves to engage online through platforms like social media and event-exclusive communities. Previously, organizers used to build communities only through event platforms, which sparked high engagement only during an event, and a few days following the event. Once the event is over, the community goes dead with little to no engagement. This is being replaced by all-year-round engagement groups, which encourage conversations and interactions of different kinds throughout the life of an event. Starting from social media posts to pre-event polls on the event platforms before the event, to breakout rooms, QnAs, and gamification strategies during, and post-event surveys after the event, today’s multi-channel event community is a massive engagement generator.

Artificial Intelligence has a bigger role to play

Artificial intelligence, needless to say, is getting smarter with each passing year. For the same reason, more organizers will be integrating AI into their events in some way. For example, many brands are already using chatbots to handle inquiries before the event, and registrations or sign-ups as well. As bots are getting more intelligent, there is a good chance they will be used for more complex interactions with attendees as well, in the near future. Another way in which AI is being incorporated is for personalization. AI-enabled data points collect ample relevant data about various aspects of proposed attendees or customers to offer personalized offers, recommendations, and more.

Focus on event experiences that are larger than life

Last but not least, marketers are focusing on providing extraordinary and larger-than-life event experiences, as opposed to regular events. This means brands are going the extra mile to fund the most extravagant décor, furniture, engagement elements, sound and music, performances, food, and much more for their events, to create a highly active and unforgettable experience for the guests. They are going all out with HD displays, mesmerizing stage sets, ambient sound and lighting, engaging social media corners, ultra-comfortable lounges, and much more for the ultimate immersive experience.

This is why at Modern we carry a wide selection of furniture and décor rentals, to help you throw the event of your dreams.

We are one of the few providers of event rentals in Chicago, who fabricate our furniture pieces in-house. We do this to ensure the utmost quality and durability. We also have a range of multi-dimensional stage sets, backdrops, drapes, panels, and more for the most immersive experiences. As the perfect conversation starter, we also have elegant collections of bar rentals including counters, tables, stools, high chairs, and more. And for the perfect relaxing lounge experience, we provide comfortable sofas and chairs made of luxury-quality velour and leather fabrics. Together, our large collection of furniture and décor rentals will help you provide an out-of-the-world experience for your guests.

Count on Modern Event Rentals, Chicago to host an exceptional event

With the way the event industry is advancing, 2024 sure seems to have a lot in store. A promising amalgamation of the latest tech and an active event community, put together with new ways of engagement blending both offline and online spaces, is certainly going to spark new and exciting event experiences in the near future.

For all your event needs, both trending as well as non-trending, contact our resourceful team at Modern Event Rentals, Chicago. For more updates check our Facebook page.

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