The Top 6 Event Furniture Rental Trends in 2023 To Watch

Top 6 2023 Event Furniture Rental Trends

2023 came in hot for event planners, organizations, and venues. In-person events are predicted to dominate the event market this year. With the rise of tradeshows, corporate events, and large business meetings it’s more important than ever to find an event furniture rental company your organization can trust! Keep reading to discover the top 6 event furniture rental trends in 2023 to watch

X Live Global, who reports live event industry news, and analysis stated CEIR Economist Dr. Allen Shaw, predicts that “the B2B exhibition cancellation rate should remain extremely low, and the performance of completed events will continue to improve. A full recovery for the industry is expected in 2024.”

2023 will be the year for tradeshows, corporate events, and exhibitions, which means event planners will need event furniture rentals. Modern Event Rentals has a wide selection of event furniture rentals to help create the event or the booth of your dreams. Start your event planning journey with these top 6 2023 event furniture rental trends.

The Year Of Show-Stopping Event Set-Ups

We know one thing is certain this year and that is organizations want unique event furniture rentals. Organizations want to stop tradeshows, conventions and meeting attendees in their tracks. How will organizations make this happen? The answer is leading event furniture rentals.

Think big! With the decrease in in-person events in the last three years, attendees are ready for show-stopping event setups! Modern Event rentals can supply your team with the most unique event furniture rentals. Keep reading to get the scoop on the top 2023 event furniture rental trends.

1. Light Up Event Spaces With LED Swing Rentals!

2023 Event Furniture Trends LED Swings

Talk about a unique piece of rental furniture that will stop people in their tracks! LED Swings are an absolute must this year. LED swings are great because you can choose from a variety of colors to match your event or brand theme.

Modern Event Rentals offers some of the most unique LED swings in the industry, our swings are fully battery-operated, meaning they won’t consume precious space and resources. They weigh approximately 45 to 55 pounds each and are 60” in diameter and 20” in depth.

Our LED swing rentals are perfect for any type of event! Picture LED swings at your next conference or trade show attendees would love it! If you’re looking to liven up your special event, or “wow” attendees consider Modern Event Rental’s LED Swing rentals!

2. Create a Conversational Space With Chic Bar Rentals

Give your guests the ultimate bar experience by allowing them to grab drinks in a modern and fun atmosphere. Our wide selection of bar rentals ranges from LED illuminated bars and wood bars to our in-house custom-designed and fabricated bars. Need branding on a bar rental? No problem!

Our most popular bar rental is our large selection of LED bars. After grabbing LED swings it only makes sense to include a LED bar rental in your event space too. Are you unsure what bar rental is best for your event? Our knowledgeable event professionals can help you choose the right bar rental products to furnish your event space or trade show.

2023 Event Furniture Rental Trends Lounge Furniture

3. Bring Comfort to Any Event With Event Lounge Furniture Rentals

Modern Event Rental can supply lounge chairs and lounge sofa event rentals for every type of event. From modern to old fashion luxury, we have just the right lounge furniture event rentals for your next conference, trade show, or exhibition.

Events bring long days and nights which is why a popular event trend is to provide guests with comfort by renting lounge furniture. Give your event a flair of comfort that your guests will appreciate by renting our top-rated city loft sofa and chair set.

4. Create a “WOW” Factor With Event LED Furniture

Whatever the event may be LED Furniture can bring your event to the next level! Conferences, tradeshows, and conventions have been put on hold for the past couple of years. If you or your organization have a booth at a large event this year, go out with a bang and rent LED Furniture from Modern!

There is no better place than Modern Event Rentals to get event rental LED Furniture. We design and manufacture our line of illuminated LED furniture in-house with the best quality materials on the market. From acrylic illuminated furniture to light-up bars, your next event will undoubtedly cause a memorable glow-up!

It’s not just LED swings that will be trending this year its all LED furniture. This is because it lights up space, attracts attention, and creates a fun atmosphere. View Modern Event Rental’s complete collection of LED furniture rentals and find something perfect for your next event.

5. Charging Furniture Rentals From Modern Event Rentals

Imagine your attending a tradeshow and after hours of walking and talking your phone dies. With no place in sight to charge your device, you feel defeated. That’s when you see a booth with charging furniture. You head over there and begin to charge your device and mingle with the people around you, it’s perfect!

This is exactly why your organization should get ahead of the trend and rent charging furniture from Modern Event Rentals. Keep event attendees engaged with Modern Event Rentals’ selection of charging furniture event rentals.

Equip your trade show, conference, or meeting with a custom-branded cell phone charging station or powered sofas to allow guests to comfortably and conveniently charge up their electronic devices to take memorable photos and have meaningful conversations.

2023 Event Furniture Rental Trends Scenic Element

6. Stand Out With Scenic Element Event Rentals

The last event rental trend that we hope sparks your interest is our high-end rental of scenic elements. You may be thinking, “What is scenic elements” Well scenic elements are detailed items that help add a touch of personality to your event.

Modern offers a variety of scenic elements to choose everything from LED light-up pillars and illuminated wall panels to acrylic LED cubes that are perfect for trade shows, conventions, conferences, and galas.

Scenic elements help create an event space that feels complete and well thought out. Plus Modern’s scenic elements can come in a variety of colors, which makes for the perfect way to incorporate your brand theme.

Get Inspired With The Help Of Modern Event Rentals

If there is one thing we at Modern event Rentals understand it’s that there is so much that goes into planning a successful event. Whether it’s finding the right venue to picking the best furniture and decor Modern Event Rentals is here to make the journey a bit more manageable and enjoyable.

Get inspired with top industry tips and advice in our blog and browse our project gallery for inspiration on the best event and furniture rental practices!

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Furnish Your Event With These Event Furniture Rental Trends

Feeling inspired? Modern is just one call away from supplying these event furniture rental trends at your event.

Modern Event Rental proudly serves the Chicago event rental industry, working with event venues and organizers of all sizes. However, not only do we serve Chicago, but we provide rentals to the major Midwest and other cities across the United States. Nationwide event rentals are at your disposal with Modern!

When your work with Modern Event Rentals you hire a company that ensures you get quality service. Modern offers a wide range of products to match any theme has a customer-first mindset and offers delivery.

What are you waiting for? Modern has all of your event’s needs covered, contact Modern Event Rental today to reserve your event furniture rentals.

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