Redefine Classic Elegance with a Modern
Twist For Your Next Outdoor Event

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Ever dreamed of hosting an elegant “Pinterest-ey” high-tea event outdoors?
Or do you have a vintage backyard wedding party in mind?

Hosting an outdoor event is a tricky affair in itself, considering the many unique
challenges that are likely to arise at the venue. Imagine adding elegance to the

Well, the outdoor furniture you choose can help.

Oftentimes, available event rentals in Chicago are either too grotesquely colorful or
too loud and old-fashioned in silhouette. They don’t always support a theme of elegance
as they are not designed with universally flattering attributes. For the same reason,
most of them won’t give you the Pinterest-ey vibes you dreamed of.

Timeless Classics Are What You Need

For Outdoor Events

Chicago outdoor event furniture rental-Modern Event Rental

Elegance is characterized by timelessness, universally flattering evergreen colors and
vintage minimal silhouettes. High teas, beautiful outdoor wedding parties and other
similar events call for the most timeless classics in this respect.

However, they also need a certain utility factor as they are meant to endure external
challenges as well, being outdoor furniture.

Sure, conventional patio furniture does its job of being durable and environmentally
friendly. But they lack aesthetics, and we all know how important it is that our furniture
be aesthetically pleasing.

Now where do you find a combination of both?

Here, at Modern Event Rentals.

Combining A Trio Of Quality, Beauty,

And Durability

Chicago Tent Weddings-Modern Event Rental

At Modern Event Rentals Chicago, we have a unique range of outdoor furniture that
beautifully complements any outdoor event, whether that is a high tea party, a wedding
party, or a casual get-together with friends.

Our pieces are designed with both aesthetics and utility in mind, which means they
stand the test of time, both literally and figuratively. Combining elements from vintage
designs with contemporary accents and twists we have a collection that is favored by all
generations of people.

Here are some more amazing attributes of our new collection of outdoor event rentals
in Chicago.

Classic art deco shapes

At Modern, we always like to stick to cult favorites and classics when it comes to the
silhouettes. Our clients have always loved our art deco pieces, whether it is in lounge
furniture or décor. Being a people’s favorite brand in event rentals in Chicago
ourselves, we designed some classic art deco shapes in outdoor furniture too.
From minimal and understated rectangular sofa pieces to clean and sleek tables and
chairs, we have a wholesome collection that combines the most widely accepted
shapes, right from the 60s.

Our Aspen White Sofas are a great example of how a killer combination of a classic
shape with a modern contemporary twist turns out. The silhouette is unmistakably a
rectangle but the design is refreshingly unique. Filled out with ultra-comfy outdoor-rated
fabric cushions; also in classic rectangular shapes, the sofa sure brings a welcoming
and timeless elegance to your outdoor event.

outdoor furniture event rental

A neutral favorite color palette

In keeping with our universally appealing attributes for our outdoor collection, we have an
all-white ensemble. Yes, the timelessness and neutral yet statement-making quality of the color
white, simply adds to the elegance of our furniture.


It goes with pretty much every sophisticated theme for any urbane outdoor event and it

provides a clean canvas against which you can add contrasting colors or prints for complementary

décor as well.
Our all-white outdoor set is the perfect example of what dreams are made of. You can
easily add them to your event venue without racking your brains too much about how
they work with your theme.

Clean edges for ultimate sophistication

We believe that two of the most important aspects of a clean design are straightforward
shapes and clean edges. In fact, clear-cut edges provide a weird sense of satisfaction
for art deco lovers.


Our new outdoor furniture collection consists of classic-shaped sofas, chairs, and coffee
tables; all with clean and sleek edges. This makes them appealing to a vast majority of
people as they are minimal with no complicated design elements.
Our chic Aspen white table is the epitome of such sophistication, as it works well with
our seating pieces without eating away too much attention.

Built with durability

Coming to the utility aspect, as opposed to the common notion that pretty things are
never tough, our new outdoor furniture line offers an outstanding combination of beauty
and durability.

They are made with solid aluminum frames powder coated in clean white, making them
reliable and sturdy even in undesirable ground. The cushions are made with
outdoor-rated fabric as well.

They are also completely weatherproof, which makes them perfect for any kind of
outdoor event irrespective of the location or climatic conditions. This means you can go
ahead and plan your outdoor party even if you’re anticipating a light drizzle.

Evidently, our unique outdoor furniture event rentals in Chicago are a winning
combination of beauty, quality, and durability.

You can now manifest your Pinterest-inspired event aesthetic with Modern.

Feel free to check out our sleek and modern outdoor furniture collection and new

collection on our Facebook Page.

Contact our team to book our rentals for your next event.

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