How to Plan an Epic Halloween Party This Fall

How to Plan an Epic Halloween Party This Fall

Spooky season is upon us!

It is that time of the year again, filled with festivities, parties, pranks, fun, and frivolity!

Dallas as a community, has a history of hosting some of the most extravagant and entertaining Halloween parties in the country.

If you are planning to host one this year, you need every resource and strategy in the book to make it the perfect one.

Here is how you can systematically throw an epic Halloween party this Fall.

Put some thought into picking out a great venue

Your venue sets the foundation for a great party. Hence it is a good idea to start from there. When choosing your venue, think outside the box and find theme-appropriate venues, rather than rearranging furniture and having a house party or an office party. If you need an epic party, you inevitably need a venue that tells a story.

Try to find some unique venues or locations within the limits of the city as you do need your Dallas event rentals within reach. It can be indoors or outdoors. Outdoor events however may need extra accessories for protection in the chilly Fall evenings.

Here are some venue ideas you can start with.

·       In the woods – a local forest area or a less frequented green space in your neighborhood

·       A vintage building nearby

·       A mansion or a bungalow owned by one of your friends

·       A wrecked house

·       Remote barns or farmhouses

Each of these locations can be decorated and adorned with gorgeous Halloween décor. Do keep in mind that the space needs to accommodate all the guests you plan on inviting, and needs to be accessible.

Establish an event budget

Once you’ve decided on your venue, it is time to set a budget for the event, so that you don’t go overboard with the rest of the expenses. Make a list of all the items and services you need to rent or hire, research the fair costs of each, and create a realistic budget. Don’t forget to factor in a margin for contingencies too.

Here are some rental items you will need.

·       Tables and chairs for dining

·       Décor

·       Lounge furniture for recreation and relaxation

·       Communal tables for games

·       Stage sets for theme and ambiance

·       Backdrops for social media corners

·       Trusses and tents for outdoor venues

·       Food

Rely on a comprehensive provider of Dallas event rentals

Now that you have a list of rental items you need, pick out a reliable local comprehensive supplier of event rentals in Dallas. Finding a company with whom you will likely get to book a majority of your rental items, will help you save a ton of time, and money, not to mention reduce the stress. Being available locally, they will also ship the items to your venue.

Modern is one such comprehensive Dallas-based event rental company that offers a wide range of furniture and décor pieces to suit any theme and type of event. We have high-quality tables, chairs, communal tables, lounge furniture, stage sets, truss rentals, and everything else you need to throw an epic holiday party. Plus, we also offer delivery, pick-up, setting up, and breaking-down services to give you the most value for your money.

Decide and fine-tune your theme – don’t keep it generic

We know that it is a Halloween party, and it is a given that the theme is a spook fest. However, to stand out, pick a theme that is fine-tuned and specific to give your guests something to look forward to and be excited about. You can even give it a name if you plan on marketing the event.

For example, you can call it a “mad scientist” party and invite your guests to come dressed as science figures. Or you can make it Hollywood-themed and have your guests come dressed as celebrities. The possibilities are endless.

Decide the demographics of your guest list to plan the itinerary

To plan the rest of the itinerary, you need to have a clear idea of the guests coming. Hence, finalize your guest list at this point and decide if you wish to have families and children as well, or keep it “adults only”. If you are including children, you will need to plan games and activities suited for them too. Send out RSVPs and prepare to welcome them on the day of the event.

Use creative ideas to serve food

When deciding on the food menu, think out of the box once again and try to save ordinary and mediocre food items for another party. Get creative and serve more Halloween-inspired food. For example, you can decorate your cupcakes with webs, ghosts, severed eyes, edible fake blood, etc. Instead of pigs in a blanket, you can wrap dead pigs like mummies, and so on. Instagram food channels are brimming with creative Halloween food serving ideas. Seek inspiration and keep it interesting and fun.

Set creative lighting, and ambiance to bring the spirit of Halloween

One of the most crucial elements to pay attention to, if you wish to bring forth the true spirit of Halloween, is the lighting. Switch ordinary and conventional lighting to ambient and theme-appropriate lighting to set spooky vibes. Use interesting colors, patterns, and suspended lights to make it spooky. Complete the ambiance with appropriate music and you have the perfect setting.

Use Modern’s durable and versatile truss rentals to set up ambient lighting and sound. We have truss structures in a variety of sizes to suit different venues. We are one of the few Dallas event rental companies that fabricates rental items in-house. For the same reason, our truss structures are reliable and high in quality.

Set creative backdrops for social media

It is undeniably the age of social media. Guests will love a cute social media corner where they can click pictures to upload. Put in the effort to make the cute corner extra special. Use scenic elements, backdrops, props, and other décor items to create an excellent “Instagrammable” spot.

At Modern, we have a range of multidimensional backdrops and scenic elements to suit any theme. Choose from cubes, panels, hexagons, or abstract patterns and create a mesmerizing space that is hard for guests to stay away from.

Final thoughts

Planning an extravagant and fun Halloween party sure comes with its challenges and stress. Choosing the right Dallas event rental provider can minimize your risks and reduce the chaos by a great deal. Stick to local vendors as much as possible, and take the price advantages of renting from a comprehensive event rental supplier to save time and costs. Invite your guests and have an epic stress-free Halloween party this Fall in Dallas.

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