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Trade Show Furniture - Modern Event Rental Las Vegas

Planning a trade show in Las Vegas? Finding the right furniture can be tough. Good news – Modern Event Rental makes renting easy and stress-free. Keep reading to learn how.

Key Takeaways

  • In Las Vegas, renting furniture for trade shows can really make your booth pop. You get free delivery to any exhibit hall or hotel in the city.
  • You can choose from many different pieces of furniture, like comfy lounge chairs and tall bar tables, to match your event’s theme. No sales tax or setup fees means you save money.
  • Ordering is simple with options online or by contacting
  • Prices cover up to seven days of use and include everything from delivery to setup and take – down.
  • Quality furniture helps leave a good impression on visitors, making it crucial for trade show success in Las Vegas.

Benefits of Renting Furniture for Trade Shows

Las Vegas Trade Show Furniture Rentals

Renting furniture for trade shows can make your booth stand out. You get to pick what matches your event best, like cozy seats or high tables where people can chat.

Making a Great First Impression

Making a great first impression at trade shows starts with the right furniture. It sets the mood and tells your visitors you mean business. With Modern Event Rental, you get free delivery to any Las Vegas exhibit hall or hotel, making it hassle-free.

Their contemporary furnishings give your booth an edge in the entertainment capital of the world.

Choosing eye-catching office furniture and lounge seating isn’t just about comfort; it’s about style too. You have customizable options for every type of event, ensuring your space stands out.

Plus, ordering is easy with their online store—you can pick what you need anytime, anywhere up to 48 hours before setup day. This way, you make sure your corporate event shines from the start.

Las Vegas Trade Show Furniture Rentals

Customizable Options for Different Events

Every event has its own vibe and demands a different set of décor. With Las Vegas trade show furniture rentals, you get to pick from a vast array of chairs, tables, and even charging stations perfect for any theme.

Whether it’s a high-energy tech conference needing sleek bar tables and comfy lounge chairs or a formal business expo where elegant sofas make the right statement, customization is key.

Free delivery to any Las Vegas exhibit hall or hotel makes it super easy.

The right furniture can transform an ordinary space into an extraordinary experience.

Event planners rejoice with no sales tax or assembly charges—more savings for decorating! Diverse options mean every corner of your space works hard to welcome guests. Imagine soft lighting over cozy seating areas where deals are made, or charging furniture placed strategically so attendees stay connected without missing out.

The company caters to all types of events, ensuring your message shines through the entire setup.

Popular Furniture Rentals in Las Vegas

In Las Vegas, event planners love renting comfortable seats and tall tables for people to gather around. These items help make any trade show booth stand out and welcome visitors.

Lounge Chair Rentals

Modern Event Rental are a big hit for trade shows in Las Vegas. They offer a sleek touch to your booth, making it stand out. Everyone loves the comfort and style they bring, making your space more inviting.

The company provides these chairs with free delivery to any exhibit hall or hotel in the city. This means you can get your lounge chairs without extra costs for transport.

Renting a lounge chair also saves you money because there’s no sales tax on orders. Everything is straightforward – the price includes labor, tax, and delivery right to the loading area of all Las Vegas events.

Plus, choosing from a wide variety makes it easy to find chairs that fit your event’s theme perfectly. You don’t have to worry about setup or take down; it’s all handled for you, letting you focus on making great connections at the show.

Bar Table Rentals

Modern Event Rental in Las Vegas are a smart choice for anyone planning an event. With free delivery to any hotel or exhibit place, ordering these tables simplifies the setup process.

You won’t have to worry about extra costs for getting your rental furniture where it needs to be.

Planning ahead can save you money.

Choosing bar height tables and stools from Modern Event Rental means you have lots of options to make your space look great. This variety lets you create the perfect atmosphere for your guests, making sure everyone has a good time at your trade show booth or gathering spot.

The prices cover up to seven days, which is usually enough for most events in Las Vegas. This deal includes audio-visual equipment as part of the overall event furniture rental package, ensuring every aspect of your display works together seamlessly.

The Process of Renting Furniture for Trade Shows

Renting furniture for trade shows in Las Vegas doesn’t need to be hard. With the right steps, you can make your booth stand out. Here’s how:

  1. Decide what you need. Think about your space and what will make it inviting. Do you need sofas for a lounge area? Maybe some high tables for conversations?
  2. Visit or get in touch by calling 800-275-6015 or texting between 8am and 9pm PST.
  3. Browse through the options. There are many styles of chairs, tables, and even display counters to pick from.
  4. Enjoy free delivery to any place where trade shows happen in Las Vegas or any hotel there.
  5. Remember, the price you see is what you pay for up to seven days of use—no extra sales tax or fees for putting together the furniture.
  6. Once you’ve chosen your items, go through checkout on the website or confirm your choice with through call, text, or email.
  7. Your items will arrive on time at your specified location—no need to worry about transportation.
  8. After your event is over, the rental company takes care of picking everything up.

This process makes getting the perfect look for your trade show booth easy and stress-free!

Conclusion: The Impact of Quality Furniture on Trade Show Success

Quality furniture at trade shows makes a big difference. It helps your booth stand out and leaves a lasting impression on visitors. Modern Event Rental offers stylish and modern options that fit any event’s theme.

With easy online ordering and free delivery, setting up your space becomes stress-free. Remember, making the right choice in furniture rentals can be the key to your trade show success.


1. What is Las Vegas trade show furniture rental?

Modern Event Rental trade show furniture rental services offer a range of stylish and functional furniture pieces for exhibit houses, ensuring your booth stands out. They provide everything from chairs to audio-visual equipment, making your display both inviting and interactive.

2. Can I find audio-visual gear along with the furniture?

Absolutely, yes! Alongside comfortable and eye-catching furniture, these rentals include top-notch audio-visual aids to make sure your presentation grabs attention. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone – your space looks great and communicates clearly.

3. Is it easy to rent furniture for a trade show in Las Vegas?

Yes, it’s quite straightforward! The process is user-friendly – often just requiring a simple form submission (no recaptcha puzzles to solve here!) or a quick call. Plus, many companies have warehouses full of options in Las Vegas itself, making delivery and setup a breeze.

4. What if I need help deciding what furniture to rent?

Don’t worry; you’re covered! Most rental companies are more than happy to guide you through their inventory based on your needs and the look you’re aiming for. They’ll consider everything – from the theme of your exhibit house to the expected foot traffic – ensuring you get just what’s needed for an impactful display.

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