Dallas Light Up Bar Rentals to Illuminate Events And Hearts

Light Up Bar Rentals: Bars are the best additions to an event if you need your guests to talk, engage in conversations, and feel free to be there.

Now what if your bars light up the whole place, both literally and figuratively?

Well, you’ve got yourself the perfect recipe for an amazing and fun event.

At Modern, we don’t just offer standard run-of-the-mill event furniture for your events.

We genuinely wish for your event to be the grand success you envisioned it to be, which is why we put great thought into our event furniture rentals and create unique and purpose-driven pieces.

Our light up bar rentals are the perfect examples of the kind of fun yet functional pieces of furniture that our team thoughtfully develops.

Light Up Bar Rentals – Our In-House Creation

Modern is one of the very few Dallas Event Rental Companies that offer in-house fabricated furniture. We have an amazing design and manufacturing team that analyses the industry, identifies market gaps, and comes up with unique, exciting, and thoughtful furniture designs that our clients need.

Our newest collection of light up bar rentalsthe light-up range, is the result of our team’s attempt to create something fun, yet elegant and functional, for event hosts searching for elements meant to bring a unique edge to their show. These pieces were created with one thing in mind; a casual, comfy, inviting, and photogenic place for guests to indulge in inhibition-free conversations.

We have a wide selection of designs within our collection of light-up bar rentals; one to suit every type of venue and event set-up. Whether you have an indoor event or a poolside party or a formal outdoor arrangement, we have the perfect illuminated bar for you.

light up bar rentals

Our Dallas light up bar rentals are manufactured using high-quality LED panels and sturdy metal frames to offer the utmost durability and performance. The LED light panels are powered by built-in batteries with a standby capacity of 8 to 10 hours. This means you’ll have seamless fun and seamless conversations at even long-winding events.

We have light up bar rentals in a variety of silhouettes to suit different types of Dallas events.

Curved light up bars

We have curved six-foot LED bars in a variety of fun colors including green, red, and blue. They are each 72’w * 24’d * 42’h in dimensions and would be perfect for small events. You can also use a few of these to set up mini bars at different places in your event.


Straight LED bars

In our single-paneled LED range, we also have the straight version of our six-foot bar rentals. They are each 72’w * 24’d * 42’h in dimension and are built for efficient use of space. If you’d like to transition from a mini-bar to a more accommodative arrangement, you can opt for the eight-foot version of our straight LED bars. They are each 96 inches in width – fit for bigger events and longer nights.


Round light-up bars

To amp up social interactions it is always great to have a centrally set up bar, especially for an indoor event. It will act as a point of focus at your event and appears more inviting for guests as well. For that, we have eight-foot and 12-foot round light-up bars in multiple colors. You can choose the diameter size according to the space available.


Matrix bars

For sophisticated social experiences, we also have eight-foot matrix LED bars in a variety of striking colors including red, green, orange, and white. They are each 96w * 24d * 42h in dimension, oval in shape, and would add to the class of your event.


Curved truss bars

In addition to paneled light-up bars, we also have LED truss bars that will take your social event to the next level. They provide an ambient and diffused lit-up environment as opposed to the flat lighting of paneled bars, which makes them perfect for all types of night-time events. The truss design is also appealing and blends well into any theme.

Our LED truss bar rentals come in large as well as small curved designs.

Big Curved Truss Bar scaled x

Dallas Light-Up Bar Rentals For The Best Social Events

Our light up bar rentals are designed to offer unique social experiences to guests at events. They serve to be eye-catching décor as well as functional assets for event hosts, helping them throw successful, engaging, and visually appealing parties, where guests feel welcome and free to have drinks and chat.

After all, at the heart of any event are meaningful exchanges of ideas and thoughts, and what better way to encourage that, than with fun light-up bars?

With Modern, you can also have them delivered to your venue for some extra charges, and eliminate additional hassles of having them shipped separately. We have a number of shipping options for our rental pieces and you can opt for delivery when booking.

Take your picks from our light-up bar rentals collection and contact our team today to spice up your next social event. You can also use the “Request Quote” button at the top of this page to get a free estimate of the charges. Also you can check our Facebook page for more updates

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