How You Can Use Social Media To Promote An Event

There are a few ways event professionals can use Instagram to highlight their event. Before, during and after your event, planners and producers should be documenting the entire process. Just a photo or two before and after the event is great, but if the event production team can designate a person to capture content during the event, that’s even better.

Use Instagram Stories to Your Advantage

The Instagram Stories feature was introduced earlier this year, and now it reaches 500 million people daily, creating a unique experience for event producers. These stories last 24 hours, and there’s a variety of ways you can reach your audience. You can also add it as a highlight to your Instagram profile where it will live forever, so anyone can view it.

Stories are a great way for event attendees and users who aren’t at the event to engage with casual content and view the process of what event producers and planners do. It’s a way to highlight your team doing a great job, and putting the finishing touches on the event setup.

Stories also tend to get a higher viewership, with geotagging, hashtags, asking questions, including other users in the stories and more, it’s a great way to keep followers engaged and give attention to other accounts.

Choose Your Posts Carefully & Have Client Approval

The content you’re not publishing on your story should be a polished portfolio of event shots. Your images and captions should be approved by your clients to make sure they follow the brand of the client. Plus it’s important to know if you can post about the event and what’s allowed and what’s not, there are some companies that don’t want a post published until after the event is over. It’s also important to use the right event hashtag(s) and tag the client in the post.

Recognize Your Team 

Not only do you want to tag the client in your post, use the event hashtag and include the location, but you also want to recognize the main vendors involved in an event, and tag their accounts. By doing this, you’re giving them the chance to repost your comment on your published post, which can also help your visibility and have your account seen by different people.

Be Mindful of What You Post 

Using hashtags, event and general ones can help you attract new followers. Don’t just use the official event hashtag, but also use popular industry hashtags including #eventprofs, #eventdesign, #eventplanners and more. By using these hashtags, it will allow your post to come up in search when users are looking for event design ideas, event planners, producers, and more.

On Instagram, you should always be publishing original content unless you have approval from the client to publish photos, in which those are considered curated content. Your team can publish product posts, flashback photos, and more if you feel you need to post other content. If you are publishing curated content, make sure you tag the vendors who did do the work, and always credit the original photographer and account you took the image from.

As far as any posts about your personal life, it’s best to keep work and personal life even on social media. Your professional account or company’s account is there to showcase your work and highlight the cool events you’ve done.

Invest In A Social Media Team

Before, during and after an event can be a busy time. If your team is staying at the event, to make sure everything goes as planned, it’s important to have someone on your team dedicated to creating social media content. However, hiring a social media team depends on the company’s goals, if you want to use social media as a lead generator and get more brand awareness; it might not be such a bad idea to hire a social media team who will be focused on doing just that.

Engage With Your Audience on Social Media

Not only is it important to publish visually appealing and branded content, but it’s also important to engage with your audience on a personal level. Your team can do this by reading and answering comments and direct messages. Also by commenting on other posts that your company is tagged in. You don’t have to engage every day but set aside 30 minutes to an hour a week to simply engage with your audience.

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Use Social Media to Promote Your Event

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