The Ultimate Trade Show Guide For Burgeoning Entrepreneurs

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Trade shows have been one of the most effective sales and marketing tools used by companies the world over for centuries. It is a multi-way partnership that benefits participating as well as hosting businesses in many ways.

If you are new to the business world, you might have heard this term being used around, but don’t quite know what it is.

Here we have an extensive guide to help you navigate through the journey of a trade show, whether you are a participating company owner or an event organizer.

As a veteran supplier of event rentals in Houston, we at Modern, have had the privilege of serving furniture and décor items for many trade shows over the years. For the same reason, we know what works and what doesn’t, how to prepare, and make the most of a trade show as a burgeoning business owner.

Let’s start with the basics.

What is a trade show?

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In simple terms, a trade show is an event where different business professionals from a particular industry come together with the intention of exchanging knowledge, displaying products and services, networking, and forming profitable business connections. These business professionals may be product or company owners, known as exhibitors, business representatives, or guests. Participating companies get a chance to introduce their products and services to guests, through which they hope to attain new leads, and hopefully new sales as well.

Some trade shows are open to the general public too, in which case, the participating companies or vendors typically cater to the end-user (B2C). Typically, trade shows are meant for companies in the B2B industry to thrive and grow as a community.

Who are the stakeholders in a trade show?

There are a few groups of stakeholders in a trade show, both from the hosting end and from the participating end.

Show hosts

The show hosts or show managers are the people who decide to run a trade show and invest money in organizing one. These are typically investors or top global companies that stand to profit from forming new business connections, facilitating entrepreneurs to display their products, and marketing their own brand names.

Event managers

Event managers are companies or individuals hired by the show hosts to plan, systematically organize the trade show, and execute it to perfection. They book and gather the resources required to run the show, prepare the itinerary, and implement the show on D-day. Sometimes, they also outsource the marketing and PR needs for the event to a third company, so that the event gets enough coverage.

Participating businesses

Participating businesses are the vendors or exhibitors chosen and invited by the event manager after careful research and analysis, to display their products and services at the trade show. The vendor selection process may have guidelines and preferred lists provided by the show hosts, or prepared by the event manager keeping in mind the objectives and goals of the show. This is where the benefits of networking can pay off for a company.

As a participating company, the primary goal is to make the most of the opportunity and bag some leads or sales.

Now you are most likely an event organizer or a participating company looking to maximize the chance and make an impact with your brand name.

This is where we can help you.

Modern Event Rentals, Houston has been serving furniture, décor and stage rental items for trade shows for many years now. We have helped event managers as well as vendor companies set up and execute the event seamlessly, with the help of our wide selection of furniture, décor, and truss rentals, and our hassle-free delivery services.

Here is a quick list of the rental items you will need to host or participate in a trade show.

What do you need to organize or participate in a trade show?

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First and foremost, you need to pick a venue; one that is spacious enough to accommodate the number of companies you are looking to have over. It also needs to be easily accessible to vendor companies and guests. 

Once you’ve chosen the venue, you can move on to the rental items.

Tables and chairs

Tables and chairs are undoubtedly important for a trade show. You will need large numbers of tables to help businesses set up and display their products and services, and chairs to allow vendor companies as well as guests to sit and enjoy the show.

Modern has a variety of tables and chairs meant to serve multiple purposes. For product display and for client conversations, you can use our classic and spacious communal tables. To have conversations with other business professionals you can use our coffee tables. Match our tables with our classic chairs to complete the combo.

Lounge furniture

Lounge pieces such as sofas and chairs are meant for high-profile guests and top management of businesses to relax and enjoy the show. If you have performances lined up, a lounge area will make for the perfect spot for VIP guests.

We have a stunning selection of lounge furniture fabricated in-house in the highest quality leather and velour fabrics, designed for the utmost comfort of your guests. In fact, we are one of the few providers of event rentals in Houston that manufacture furniture rentals in-house.

Scenic stage sets

Scenic stage sets are useful if you have performances as part of your itinerary. For musical and other cultural performances, you can use Modern’s unique collection of multi-dimensional stage sets and backdrops that come in a variety of designs. Starting from cubes to panels, to hexagons, whiteboards, and abstract designs, we have everything you will need to create a lasting impression.

Truss rentals

Trusses are the best means to set up and reinforce tents, lighting, and sound for your trade show. Modern has a range of truss structures in multiple convenient sizes to fit your event size and budget.

Scenic elements

Scenic elements are pieces you can use as both décor and furniture. You can fill up empty spaces while still keeping them functional with scenic elements like our illuminated panels, ottomans, and more.

Other services

In addition to the above furniture and décor items, you will need to hire professionals for other services such as food, photography, and marketing.

Plan your next trade show with Modern Event Rentals, Houston

Trade shows are clearly beneficial to all stakeholders involved. From the investors to the event manager to the participating companies and outsourced third-party suppliers of products and services, there is something for everyone to gain.

Use this as a guide to plan and host your next trade show, and book your furniture and décor rentals with Modern Event Rentals, Houston. We provide only the best and most durable rentals that you can rely on. We also provide delivery, pick-up, setting up, and breaking-down services to help our event organizers concentrate on the event.

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