Top 10 trade shows in Dallas

A diverse group of business professionals networking at a trade show.

Figuring out which trade shows in Dallas can boost your business might feel like a tough riddle. It’s no secret that Dallas plays host to an array of leading industry events year-round.

Our guide is packed with insights on the top 10 trade shows, pinpointing where you can shine and make meaningful connections. Dive right in—the details await!

Key Takeaways

  • The International Gem & Jewelry Show in Dallas is a hub for jewelers and collectors, offering workshops and opportunities to learn about current industry trends.
  • The Dallas Bridal Show caters to wedding planning with a variety of vendors including photographers and venues, making it ideal for future brides, grooms, and industry professionals.
  • Texas Tech Raider RoadShow focuses on education alongside showcasing new products, essential for staying informed about the latest trends in various industries.
  • The Dallas Men’s Show features men’s fashion and lifestyle products from January 19 to February 24, 2024; great for retailers seeking the newest designs.
  • With a selection ranging from gems to RVs, each trade show in Dallas provides unique networking chances tailored to specific interests.

Top 10 Trade Shows in Dallas

A busy show floor at Dallas AutoRama with vintage and modern cars.

Dallas plays host to a vibrant array of trade shows catering to diverse interests—from the sparkle and shine at the International Gem & Jewelry Show to the revving engines at the Dallas AutoRama.

These top-tier events not only showcase industry trends but also offer unparalleled networking opportunities in settings like the iconic Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center and bustling Dallas Market Hall.

Whether you’re a seasoned exhibitor or an eager attendee, each show promises a unique glimpse into the heart of its respective industry within the dynamic landscape of Dallas, TX.

International Gem & Jewelry Show-Dallas

A display of diverse people wearing various jewelry and outfits.

The International Gem & Jewelry Show sparkles in Dallas, bringing a treasure trove of gemstones, diamonds, and pearls. This much-anticipated event at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center draws crowds from all over.

Jewelers, artisans, and collectors come to display their dazzling wares and meet potential buyers. It’s not just about browsing exquisite jewelry; this show is a hotspot for networking opportunities within the industry.

Visitors can dive into workshops or sit in on educational sessions led by experts. They share insights on jewelry making techniques and discuss the latest industry trends—perfect for those looking to sharpen their craft or deepen their knowledge about precious stones.

Whether you’re adding to your collection or hunting for that unique piece, this is the place to find it!

Dallas Area Train Show

Train enthusiasts exploring detailed model train display at Dallas Area Train Show.

Train enthusiasts and industry professionals gather at the Dallas Area Train Show. It’s an event where people can network, see new train products, and learn about railway technology.

Vendors display model trains, tracks, and accessories. Experts give talks on train history and future trends. This show is a must-visit for anyone with a passion for trains.

Visitors to the show can also meet with hobbyists and manufacturers alike. They discover trends in the train world and share their love of railroading. The Irving Convention Center comes alive with buzzing conversations around booths filled with intricate layouts that capture imaginations young and old.

Dallas Irrigation Association Expo

A modern irrigation system display in a vibrant garden.

The Dallas Irrigation Association Expo is a must-visit event for industry professionals. It brings together experts, business leaders, and brands specializing in water management and irrigation technology.

Exhibitors at the expo get to showcase their latest products and services. They find new ways to connect with customers and peers.

This trade show is also perfect for attendees looking to stay ahead of trends in the irrigation sector. Visitors can attend workshops, learn from pioneers in the field, and discover innovative strategies for water conservation.

The event promises valuable insights into the future of irrigation practices, making it an informative experience for all involved.

Dallas Bridal Show

A bride in a luxurious gown posing in a grand ballroom.

Get ready for the Dallas Bridal Show, a must-visit event for anyone involved in weddings. Future brides, grooms, and professionals gather here to connect with top-notch suppliers and manufacturers.

This trade show dazzles with beautiful dresses, stunning cakes, and dazzling jewelry catering specifically to the bridal industry. Visitors can also learn about the latest wedding trends during educational sessions.

Exhibitors at the Dallas Bridal Show offer everything from photography services to honeymoon destinations. They set up rental booths that showcase their best work. If you’re planning a wedding or work within the bridal market, this event provides countless networking opportunities.

Here, small businesses expand their reach while franchisees might even meet their next franchisors—making it an essential stop for business strategy in the vibrant heart of Texas.

Holistic Festival of Life and Wellness Expo

A peaceful yoga mat surrounded by lush greenery in nature.

The Holistic Festival of Life and Wellness Expo stands out among Dallas’ vibrant trade shows. It brings together a wide array of vendors and speakers focused on holistic health, spiritual growth, and physical wellness.

Visitors can explore different services that range from yoga to natural healing. They may also find unique jewelry, arts and crafts that celebrate life.

At this expo, people discover new ways to improve well-being for the body, mind, and spirit. They meet experts in business services related to health industries or enjoy interactive experiences like meditation classes.

This event is perfect for anyone who wants to embrace a healthier lifestyle while connecting with others who share similar interests in personal development and fitness.

Texas Tech Raider RoadShow Dallas

Professionals networking and exchanging ideas at Texas Tech Raider RoadShow Dallas.

Texas Tech Raider RoadShow Dallas lights up the scene for suppliers and manufacturers across the industry. This event mixes education sessions with a vibrant trade show atmosphere.

It’s a must-attend expo for those looking to get smart on trends and make important business connections.

Visitors dive into workshops, network with professionals, and discover new products at this dynamic gathering. Texas Tech Raider RoadShow sets itself apart by focusing on learning as much as showcasing the latest innovations.

It’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss if you’re serious about staying ahead in your field.

Dallas Men’s Show

A display of the latest men's fashion and lifestyle products at the Dallas Men's Show.

The Dallas Men’s Show shines as a standout event among the top trade shows in the city. Scheduled from January 19 to February 24, 2024, it draws retailers, designers, and businessmen keen on diving into the latest trends and innovations in men’s fashion and lifestyle products.

This show is a bustling hub for networking with industry insiders.

Visitors get an up-close look at fresh designs while exhibitors showcase their newest collections. The Dallas Convention Center comes alive with opportunities for buyers to meet face-to-face with wholesalers offering everything from classic apparel to cutting-edge gadgets tailored for men.

It’s not just about style; technology and practical solutions also take center stage here.

The Dallas Franchise Show

A busy convention center with diverse franchise booths and entrepreneurs.

Explore exciting business opportunities at The Dallas Franchise Show. Meet face-to-face with franchisors ready to share their success secrets. Discover a variety of industries, from fast food to fitness, and find the perfect fit for your entrepreneurial aspirations.

Get valuable insights into the franchise world and see how you can be your own boss.

This event is buzzing with potential connections. Make the most of networking chances and learn directly from experts in franchising. Think bigger for your future – dive into discussions, attend educational seminars, and unlock new possibilities in small business ownership right here in Texas.

Dallas RV SuperSale

A family enjoying a campfire at a Dallas RV SuperSale.

The Dallas RV SuperSale is a giant event for anyone interested in recreational vehicles. It’s the largest of its kind in the Southwest, drawing crowds from all over. Here, visitors can see the latest models, compare different RVs side by side and talk directly to manufacturers.

You’ll find everything from classy motorhomes to compact travel trailers.

If you’re looking to buy or just dreaming about hitting the road, this show is packed with deals and information. Exhibitors give out guides that make navigating through trade shows like this super easy.

For small businesses in the industry, it’s an incredible opportunity to showcase products and connect with potential customers. The Dallas RV SuperSale is a key event on Dallas’ trade show calendar for 2024—don’t miss it if you’ve got wheels—or wanderlust—on your mind!

Dallas Jewelry & Bead Show

An extravagant display of sparkling gems and beads in a luxury jewelry showcase.

Sparkle and creativity come together at the Dallas Jewelry & Bead Show. This fantastic event shines bright on the trade show calendar, scheduled to take place from January 19 to February 24, 2024.

It’s not just any show; it’s a dazzling gathering that draws in crowds of enthusiasts eager to connect with others who share their passion for jewelry and beads. Attendees can expect a treasure trove of opportunities as they explore booths packed with the latest trends and technologies.

Held at Plano Centre, this show is a must-visit for designers and small business owners looking for inspiration or to buy unique materials. Imagine aisles full of sparkling gems, intricate beads, and all the tools you need to create your own masterpieces.

Experts are there ready to share their knowledge about crafting stunning pieces that turn heads. Whether you’re there to grow your business or simply admire the beauty of fine workmanship, this expo promises an experience as rich as the jewels on display.

Comparison with Other Top Trade Shows in Texas

Exhibitors networking at a trade show in Texas.

While Dallas hosts an impressive array of trade shows, it’s important to recognize how these events stack up against other top trade shows across the Lone Star State. Texas, known for its business-friendly climate, attracts a plethora of exhibitions and conferences, each with its unique focus and audience reach. Let’s delve into the comparison.

Dallas Trade ShowIndustry FocusOther Texas Trade ShowLocationNoteworthy DifferencesDallas Bridal ShowWeddings and BridalAustin Bridal ExtravaganzaAustinDallas caters to a larger metro area; Austin provides a quirky, local vibeThe Dallas Franchise ShowFranchisingFranchise Expo SouthHoustonDallas focuses on North Texas opportunities; Houston attracts Southern US franchisesDallas RV SuperSaleRecreational VehiclesTexas RV ShowFort WorthDallas offers the largest RV show in Texas; Fort Worth boasts year-round RV eventsDallas Jewelry & Bead ShowJewelry and BeadsInternational Gem & Jewelry Show – HoustonHoustonDallas attracts niche bead enthusiasts; Houston’s event has a broader gemstone appealInternational Gem & Jewelry Show-DallasGems and JewelrySan Antonio Jewelry & Gift ShowSan AntonioDallas’ show pulls international merchants; San Antonio’s event leans toward regional vendorsDallas Men’s ShowMen’s ApparelSTYLEMAXAustinDallas provides a platform for men’s fashion retailers; Austin’s STYLEMAX includes women’s fashionDallas Area Train ShowModel TrainsGreat Train ShowHoustonDallas’ show focuses on local train hobbyists; Houston’s event is part of a national tourDallas Irrigation Association ExpoIrrigation and Water ManagementWaterSmart Innovations ConferenceSan AntonioDallas’ expo showcases latest irrigation tech; San Antonio emphasizes sustainable water practicesHolistic Festival of Life and Wellness ExpoWellness and SpiritualityTexas Yoga ConferenceHoustonDallas’ festival offers a wide range of holistic practices; Houston focuses on yoga and its communityInternational Gem & Jewelry ShowGems and JewelryQuartzsite Gem & Mineral ShowQuartzsiteInternational reach in Dallas; Quartzsite blends gems with swap meet style trading

Dallas showcases diverse global trends, from bridal elegance to innovative irrigation. Other Texas cities host events that often reflect regional preferences or focus on specific sub-industries. Each show plays a critical role in its niche, offering platforms for networking, education, and commerce. Exhibitors and attendees can find distinct opportunities tailored to their needs, whether they’re in Dallas or exploring other vibrant Texan trade show scenes.

Notable Mentions

Diverse professionals networking at a busy trade show event.

While our top 10 trade shows in Dallas capture a diverse array of interests, there are several other events that deserve recognition for their unique contributions to various industries and communities.

These notable mentions also serve as key networking hubs, offering opportunities to discover new trends, connect with professionals, and experience the latest innovations first-hand.

Dallas Career Fair

Job seekers interacting with company representatives at Dallas Career Fair.

The Dallas Career Fair is a big deal for anyone looking to start or grow their career. This event brings together job seekers and companies, making it the perfect place for finding new jobs.

People can meet employers face-to-face and learn about different industries. The fair has sessions to teach you things and lets you network with professionals.

You also get to see what’s new in the business world by checking out displays from suppliers and manufacturers. Whether you’re just starting out or have lots of experience, this career fair is an excellent opportunity to make connections that could lead to your dream job.

It’s all happening right here in Texas, helping locals take their careers to the next level!


A group of car enthusiasts surrounded by vintage and customized cars.

AutoRama-Dallas lights up the city with a dazzling display of cars. It’s not just any car show; it brings together hot rods, customized rides, and classic automobiles from various industries.

Fans get close to sleek engines and shiny fenders while industry pros share insights in workshops. This event is a must-visit for anyone passionate about wheels, from railroads to agriculture.

This popular Dallas attraction offers more than just eye candy for vehicle lovers. It engages folks from wellness, education, and even business services sectors. Networking opportunities are plenty as diverse exhibitors showcase their latest offerings alongside gleaming cars.

Gear up for AutoRama-Dallas – where horsepower meets enterprise!

North Texas Auto Show

Exotic cars on display at North Texas Auto Show in a bustling atmosphere.

The North Texas Auto Show brings excitement to car enthusiasts every year. Set for February 23-25, 2024, this event will take over the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas.

Visitors can see the latest models, experience new technology, and check out exotic vehicles all under one roof.

Car companies from around the world showcase their newest offerings at this auto show. You can sit behind the wheel of a sports car or test out a family SUV. Industry experts are there to answer questions and provide insights into automotive trends and advancements.

Whether you’re a serious buyer or just dreaming, there’s something for everyone who loves cars.

Dallas International Guitar Festival

Music lovers flock to the Dallas International Guitar Festival each year. Held at the bustling Dallas Market Hall, this festival is a haven for guitar enthusiasts from all over the world.

They come to see top-notch musical instruments and accessories on display. Exhibitors have the chance to shine, showing off their latest creations and innovations in the music industry.

Visitors can connect with experts, dive into networking opportunities, and get swept up in live performances. Industry professionals mingle with fans in an electric atmosphere filled with chords and melodies.

Whether you’re a seasoned musician or just starting out, there’s something here that will strike a chord with everyone. Not just one of many events – this festival is a standout celebration of tunes and talent in Dallas’ trade show scene!

Dallas Boat Expo

The Dallas Boat Expo makes a big splash at the Dallas Market Hall, luring in boating enthusiasts. Set your sails for March 7th to 10th, 2024, and dive into a sea of the latest watercraft innovations and accessories.

Envision yourself gliding on waves as you explore rows of shiny new boats.

This event isn’t just about fancy boats; it’s perfect for networking and learning too. Meet industry experts who share tips on boat maintenance and safety. Discover fishing gear that could help you catch the big one! Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or looking to dip your toes into boating life, this expo is your port of call for all things nautical in Texas.


A bustling trade show with vendors showcasing their products in a well-lit atmosphere.

Dallas is buzzing with trade show excitement! Gems, trains, bridal gowns – you name it, there’s an event for everyone. Each show brings people together to share their passion and grow their businesses.

Get ready to connect, learn, and be inspired. Mark your calendars; these top 10 trade shows are not to be missed!

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