Trade Show Design with Modern Event Rental!

2022 12 16 160057

Trade show season has hit, and everyone wants booth traffic during these events. Trade show attendees want high ROI, leading to sales and more opportunities to connect with businesses and individuals.

The first step to conceptualizing your booth is to think of the way your exhibit will look. You want your booth to be visually appealing. With bright colors and themes, your booth will be sure to catch the eye of trade show attendees. You can add comfort and lighting to your event too with custom seating and LED chandeliers rentals. Make sure you have branded decoration as well, a banner with your company’s name, table cloths and table decorations with your brand on it is a great thing to have as well.

When planning what your booth will have, it’s important to think of awesome ideas to connect with attendees and meet potential customers in the right demographic who are ready to buy. When attendees come to your booth, they want to be engaged, and leave your booth with something they can say they did. Whether you collect their business cards with a fishbowl raffle, you give away a prize if they sign up to your email list, a prize wheel, where you offer prizes for the spot on the wheel they land on. Encourage people to follow you on social media and share a post for a special prize.

Modern Event Rental can help you create a visually appealing trade show booth, with LED furniture, charging stations, display shelves, scenic rentals and more. With our custom-designed and fabricated event rentals, Modern Event works with you to design your trade show booth and wrap it around your brand.

If you need custom event rentals for your next trade show, contact Modern Event Rental today!

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