Unconventional Corporate Events: How to Make the Most of an Outdoor Setup

Unconventional Corporate Events How to Make the Most of an Outdoor Setup

Conventionally, corporate events are conducted indoors, within the comfort of convenient conference rooms or banquet halls. However, there is a rising trend where organizers are increasingly considering outdoor spaces for different types of corporate events, such as creative workshops and milestone-oriented meetings. There is something about the exceptional combination of nature and specially designed outdoor furniture, that transforms an ordinary business gathering into a fun, engaging, and refreshing experience.

With the help of a holistic and hands-on Dallas event rental company, and some thoughtful strategies you can effortlessly create a unique ambiance for your corporate guests.

In the freshness of nature

It is a known fact that nature’s ambiance helps people relax and calm their senses. It can even help people revive their energy and engage in more creative activities. The outdoors can also stimulate the senses and inspire ideas, leading to more engaging and effective corporate gatherings; a feat that is not always achievable indoors.

Creating an optimal outdoor corporate event space with outdoor furniture

Purpose-driven outdoor furniture, designed thoughtfully with the utmost comfort, convenience, and creative stimulation of attendees in mind, can do wonders in terms of transforming an average corporate event into an effective one. Choosing the right furniture for your outdoor event is hence crucial to its success, as it helps create an inviting and cohesive atmosphere where guests can openly exchange ideas and break ground.

Here are some other benefits of outdoor furniture rentals.

·       Aesthetic value – Well-designed outdoor furniture renders exceptional aesthetic value to the space, making it appealing not only for the attendees but also for your target audience at large

·       Flexibility and adaptability – Strategically laid out versatile furniture provides ample flexibility and adaptability to multiple event themes and activities, making them suitable for creative engagement

·       Enhanced networking – A thoughtfully designed outdoor space with comfortable outdoor furniture encourages better mingling and social conversations, which in turn, provide an enhanced networking environment conducive to better and more meaningful connections among attendees.

Types of outdoor furniture to choose for corporate events

To create a flexible layout for an outdoor-inspired corporate event, it is best to use a combination of seating types, facilitating different types of activities. At Modern, we have a wide range of outdoor furniture, starting from lounge sofas to bar tables and chairs, each of which is specially designed by in-house experts. We are one of the few Dallas event rental providers that produce customizable furniture to cater to the changing needs of the corporate world.

Here are some outdoor furniture types to assemble for a flexible layout.

Lounge seating

Ultra-comfortable lounge furniture, such as sofas, chairs, love seats, ottomans, and low café tables create a relaxing and cozy ambiance, perfect for guests to have indulging conversations in. Modern has a stunning range of lounge furniture, crafted with the highest quality outdoor-grade velour and leather fabrics meant to grace exciting outdoor corporate events.

Bar tables and high chairs

Bar tables arranged in random order throughout an open space create a laid-back area for corporate guests to have quick standing discussions. Combined with high chairs, they create a less formal ambiance removing the pressure for attendees to follow a protocol, and encouraging them to have open discussions.

Bistro seats

Smaller tables and chairs with minimalistic coffee or communal tables render a café-like ambiance, which further encourages unwinding and casual conversations among attendees.

Canopy seating

Canopy seating is a great way to provide a protected and cozy area for guests. It creates a comfortable space regardless of weather conditions.

Tips to create a welcoming outdoor space

Well-designed outdoor furniture undoubtedly plays an important role in creating a favorable environment for a corporate event. However, along with the designs, it is important to fuse the natural aesthetics with the furniture and décor elements in a harmonious way; one that brings out the best of both worlds.

Here are some additional tips on how to maximize the impact of an outdoor corporate event.

Complement the surroundings with your furniture and décor

Take the surroundings and the elements that are a part of it into account, when planning the layout. Design the space in a way that allows the natural landscape to shine through, while at the same time enhancing the entire ambiance and quality of the venue. Consider the different natural elements like the trees, the water bodies, and the scenic views when incorporating the decorative elements; make sure they are complementary to each other and not overpowering.

Blend comfort with style

Make sure to blend comfort with style when picking out the furniture. Choose colors and textures that complement the environment, while prioritizing comfort. The intention is to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere for guests to engage in discussions for a substantial amount of time, hence the ergonomics and fabric quality are of the utmost importance. In addition to that, create a harmonious combination of aesthetics and comfort, so that the space both looks and feels welcoming for the attendees.

Prepare for the weather

Last but not least, anticipate weather changes and prepare for the same. Being an outdoor event, there are bound to be conditions that you need to adapt to depending on the time of the year you have it. Factor in the possible changes when designing the elements; for e.g., choose outdoor-grade weather-resistant fabrics for the furniture, have a canopy and protective drapes for windy conditions, choose durable tables and other décor items fit for outdoor conditions, etc. A holistic provider of event rentals in Dallas, like Modern, will be able to help you gauge climatic elements accurately and give you a good selection of products to choose from.

Final thoughts

Open outdoor spaces can offer a refreshingly unique environment for corporate events; one that stimulates creative ideas and active engagement. With the right venue and thoughtfully planned outdoor furniture, you can provide an unconventionally beautiful experience to attendees, where they get to network and form connections without limitations, while also enjoying the outdoors.

Explore our collection of specially designed outdoor furniture rentals tailored for corporate events. Contact our team at Modern Event Rentals, Dallas today and design a unique experience for your attendees at the next corporate gathering. For more updates check our Facebook page.

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