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  • Size 96" W x 40" L x 30" H
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Illuminate your event decor with our White Acrylic LED Table. This piece is a perfect blend of functionality and chic allure, designed to bring a modern touch to any setting. Forged from durable acrylic material, the table is strong, sturdy, and made to withstand heavy usage. It features a pure, polished white facade that readily complements other event furnishings. The table’s minimalist design appeals to clean, modern sensibilities, offering both pleasing aesthetics and practical utility without overbearing the overall decor.

What sets our White Acrylic LED Table apart is the built-in LED lighting feature. Carefully embedded within the structure, the LED lights can change color to set or follow a desired mood or theme. When lit, the table morphs from a regular furniture piece to a vibrant centerpiece, playing a dual role of a functional item and a light source. Whether used as a cocktail table, snack corner, or mere decor, it not only provides convenience but also adds visual interest to your event space. This perfect blend of sleek design and innovative LED technology makes our White Acrylic LED Table an essential for events that aspire to leave a lasting impression.