10 Must-Have Rental Items For an Engaging Corporate Party

Must Have Rental Items For an Engaging Corporate Party

Corporate parties often tread a thin line between keeping things formal and professional while also making it fun. While most things that are generally categorized as fun, are way too inappropriate for a formal party, there still are many ways to make a corporate party fun, interesting, and engaging.

At Modern Event Rental, Chicago, we have been in the event space for more than a decade now, which is why we know exactly how the Chicago community likes to celebrate. Count on our tips to transform a boring company party into a fun one.

Here we have a list of 10 must-have rental items that will make your corporate party fun and engaging.


The biggest highlight of any party is undoubtedly the food served there. People love a sumptuous feast, whether it is a brunch, a lunch, or a dinner. Make sure to hire the best local caterers for your party, with an elegant mix of cuisine and food choices on the menu. You do not want anything that is too spicy or too sweet. You need a mix of popular American favorites, with some interesting delectables from a few other cuisines. For dessert, stick to elegant and classic recipes.

Comfortable lounge furniture for chill spots across the venue

Corporate professionals look forward to relaxing and unwinding at parties. Give them ultra-comfortable lounge spaces with cozy sofas and chairs. Have chill spots across the venue to accommodate guests and allow them to relax and have conversations.

At Modern, we have a great collection of lounge furniture, including high-quality sofas, chairs, and love seats. We design and fabricate our furniture in-house, with the most luxurious velour and leather fabrics, keeping in mind the utmost comfort of your guests. In fact, we are one of the few providers of event rentals in Chicago that designs and manufactures furniture in-house.


Performance artists are not reserved for informal parties. Corporate parties can be made engaging and interesting with elegant performances as well. Have local artists on board and allow your guests to indulge in melodious music or other interesting art shows. You can also have magicians, or drawing artists sketch portraits of your guests. Hire local as much as possible to support indigenous artists.

Scenic stage sets for performances

Scenic stage sets are an exceptional addition to your rentals, not just because they provide a space for your performance artists, but also because they help create a great first impression. Modern has an exquisite collection of scenic stage sets including multi-dimensional sets, cubes, panels, abstract designs, and more. They help create that “wow” factor, which makes the entire experience linger on in the minds of your guests, long after the event is over.

Truss rentals to provide ambient sound and lighting

Mediocre lighting and sound systems are no longer preferred by brands that wish to delight their guests. For a full-blown event experience, you must provide ambient lighting and sound. For that, you need the best quality sub-woofers and a variety of soft and warm lights. Suspend them from above with truss structures, and spread the reach throughout the venue for the best experience.

Use sturdy and durable truss rentals available at Modern for your corporate party. We have trusses in a variety of sizes to suit your needs and budget.

Bars for social drinking and ice-breaking

Bars are one of the best ice-breaker elements in a company event. There is nothing better than professionals in a corporate loop, unwinding and having meaningful conversations over delicious drinks. In fact, most business enthusiasts around the world love social drinking.

To facilitate an engaging and inhibition-free social space, have an exceptional bar at your event. Modern has a stunning collection of illuminated bars, perfectly designed to suit all themes and event types. We also have bar stools and bar table event rentals in Chicago, along with high chairs, ottomans, and lounge furniture, a combination of which is bound to sustain a fun corporate party.

Communal tables and dinner tables for food indulgence

Good food demands to be served on classy high-quality tables. Hence, make sure to go for muted, classic silhouettes of communal and dinner tables to serve your delicious food. If you are going for a buffet, you can opt for round tables and matching chairs. If you like a vintage-style service, have your guests seated at long dinner tables and allow them to indulge in the food.

You can choose from our versatile and classic collection of communal and dinner tables at Modern, for your corporate party in Chicago.

Scenic elements and backdrops for photobooths

Add a touch of informal, yet elegant fun to your corporate event with a photobooth. Many renowned brands around the world have already experimented with this trend and received fantastic responses. Use scenic elements and fun backdrops for your guests to have fun and take pictures together. The photos will act as a group souvenir from the event.

Alternatively, you can also make it a social media corner, depending on the demographics and tastes of the guests you plan on inviting.

Use Modern’s collection of multi-dimensional backdrops and illuminated scenic elements to create fun corners at your corporate event venue. Combine them with our lounge furniture to create an engaging and fun space for your guests to relax and have fun in.

Aesthetic pieces

A great corporate party is also about the aesthetics you see. To create a photo-worthy event, have some aesthetic pieces around your venue as well. Use functional as well as purely aesthetic pieces in conjunction to not go too overboard with decorative furniture. For example, at Modern, we have vintage décor furniture like ottomans as well as utility pieces like charging stations to fill up void spaces at your venue. Strategically place them to get a rich-looking party venue.

Thematic décor

Finally, don’t forget to decorate your venue with elegant elements. Maintain a subtle theme, and stick to not more than three colors when choosing your décor, so that it doesn’t appear too overpowering and trashy. Make sure your furniture and other elements go with your theme and décor as well.

Host a fun corporate party with Modern Event Rentals, Chicago

Companies around the world are changing the way professionals relax and have fun. While some brands host retreats and vacations, some brands throw fun corporate parties. Both ways prove to be exciting and relaxing ways to spend a few days, especially for business professionals who are locked in the corporate grind.

Host your next corporate party with Modern Event Rentals, Chicago. Make it a fun one to remember!

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