5 Event Design Ideas For 2020

A new decade is here, and you probably have some big events on the horizon. This year brings exciting new decor trends to the forefront, with endless possibilities for stylish and crowd-pleasing spaces. Want to make your next tradeshow, convention, or gala stand above the rest? Here are five event design trends you’ll want to try out in 2020.

LED Furniture

DSC 0385 scaled 1Lighting and furniture is the simplest way to transform any space. These past few years have seen a major shift toward LED, not only as a functional light source but also as a medium for artistic expression.

In 2020, keep an eye out for LED-lighted illuminated wall panels, sofas, tables, and bars. These rentals can completely revamp the look and feel of your event, injecting excitement and vibrancy into any space. Modern pieces like these are an easy way to incorporate color and luminescence, drawing in attendees and creating a visual impact they won’t ever forget.

Art Deco

Back in vogue once again, art deco makes a stunning statement for any event. It’s only fitting that the style of the Roaring Twenties has returned for the new decade!

Look out for luxurious pieces with curves and rounded edges, such as circular bar stools or soft, sloping sofas. Patterns, colors, and textures also play a key part in the overall look. For example, crisp, bright whites and dramatic hues offer an updated aesthetic, while natural wood finishes pay tribute to the past.


Contemporary event design is about embracing diversity and incorporating different elements into one space. Don’t be afraid to mix styles, patterns, and textures to create contrast and visual interest in your event decor. Combine bold patterns and brightly colored fabrics with natural woods and lush greenery for a space that looks energized and effortless.

Different yet complementary design styles can be mixed together as well. Bohemian and Mediterranean décor, for example, go especially well together, combining unconventional artistry with handcrafted, rustic touches for a unique yet cohesive look.

Charging Stations

MOD 0532 1 scaled 1In 2020, people are more plugged in than ever before. Keep your attendees happy with event rentals that feature charging ports. Sofas, chairs, ottomans, and tables with USB ports are a must, providing guests with a convenient space to plug in their phones and computers.

Aside from tech features incorporated into event furniture rentals, charging station lockers offer attendees a secure place to store and charge their devices without needing to leave the event space. These simple, tech-friendly fixtures can truly make your event stand out from the crowd.

Event Color Trends

Pantone recently announced that Classic Blue is the 2020 Color of the Year. Described as solid and dependable, this shade is perfect for creating an inviting atmosphere.

Another trending color, especially when it comes to event design, is green. This hue represents health and wellness and makes a particularly striking statement for any event space. No matter which of these earth-inspired colors you pick, be sure to stay as monochromatic as possible for an extra dramatic visual punch.

Event Rentals with Style

Want to incorporate these design trends into your upcoming tradeshows, conferences, galas, or corporate events? Modern Event Rental can help you bring your vision to life. Check out our variety of rental options and put together the perfect look for your special event. Contact our team today to reserve rentals for your next event.

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