Chic Bar Stool Rentals to Elevate Your Next Event

As an event organizer, seating is probably the single most crucial and most-time consuming decision you have ever had to make for any event. And rightly so, because we all know it has the power to make or break any event.
The furniture has to bring in the right amount of style, while also being comfortable and useful for the guests. And from our personal experience, they have to have some character to interest the guests as well.

That’s where our ultra-chic and unique bar stool rentals dazzle!

Bar Stool Rental

Bar stools are perfect options for when you need to add a bit of chicness to the seating arrangement at an event. While sofas and couches are meant for a laid-back lounging experience, bar stools provide a more sophisticated casual experience; perfect for those interesting and long-winding conversations over social drinks.

At Modern, we have a wide range of ultra-chic and stylish bar stool rentals in Chicago to amp up your events. Whether you have an upcoming trade show or a business conference or an elegant wedding dinner, we have the best options for you.

Director Bar Stool Rentals in Classic Colors

Our Director Bar Stools are the perfect combination of sophistication and comfort. Completely crafted in silver metal and finished with quilted leather cushions, these stylish pieces would serve to be eye-catching options for trade shows or other events, especially in the entertainment industry. They come with a full backrest and metal armrests on either side as well. To go with a variety of themes and to make them evergreen in style, we’ve made our Director bar stool rentals in black and white colors, with silver metal hardware.

Equino Bar Stools Rentals For Edge

For a little bit of a contemporary twist in a classic shape, we have our Equino Bar Stools, also finished in leather. They sit on a metallic sturdy circular base and have leather cushioned seats lined with silver metal accents. To give it a slight edge in design, the backrest is shortened and the metal accents transform into parallel railings running down and framing in, at the bottom for the footrest. They come with height-adjusting levers and as always, we have them in classic black and white as well.

Scoop Bar Stool Rentals For Elegance

Scoop-style seats have been a cult classic in bar stools since perhaps the 80s or 90s. They are perfect for more glamorous events and provide more comfort as the seat is completely made with leather fabric and cushioned. A half-cut backrest gives enough comfort while also being stylish and the seat stands on a silver metal stem with a circular frame forming the footrest. They come with height-adjustable handles and are available in classic black and white colors.

Tendy Bar Stools For Style

While art deco shapes are universal favorites we also have something for art nouveau lovers. Our Tendy bar stool rentals have an interesting curvy design, made in high-quality plastic. They stand on a sturdy silver metal frame with a footrest. And just like all our designs, they come in black and white colors.

Ashton Bar Stools For Pure Sophistication

Our Ashton styles are a pure reflection of classic art deco mixed with a sleek contemporary edge. They stand on clean rectangular metal frames with footrest railings and are finished with square-shaped leather cushioned seats. The backrest is also a metal frame, shortened for style. These would be perfect for sophisticated business conferences and even wedding parties people would love to hang out by the bar and have conversations. To go with a variety of themes, they come in silver as well as gold metal frames, with black and white seats.

Industrial Bar Stool Rentals for Utility

We also have a fully-metallic design for extensive trade shows and other long events, built for durability and versatility. Our industrial bar stools are completely made of high-quality metal, in rectangular shapes, and offer a sleek, understated design. The quality of their structure makes them suitable for outdoor events as well and they come in a classic black metallic color.


Casper Clear Bar Stools For “Sheer” Trend

Our Casper bar stool rentals are made for event organizers who want to be “on trend” at all times. Sheer styles bring about a sense of fashion like no other, and that is precisely why we have this in our collection. For fashion and beauty events, or for entertainment events, these clear bar stools would serve to be statement makers by themselves. Owing to their clear quality, their shape stays muted in a circular frame and come with footrests as well. What’s more, as they are neutral in color, they go with almost all event themes. Talk about versatility!


LED Bar Event Rentals in Chicago

To complement our large variety of bar stool rentals we also have exquisite bar event rentals in Chicago. To add elements of fun and excitement at any event, our bars come with high-quality LED panels beaming with bright vibrant colors. From blue to magenta to red and white, we have an exceptional mix of varieties to suit any fun event.


For event organizers that like to stick to classic elements, we also have wooden bars and completely opaque black acrylic bars as well.

In terms of shapes, we have 8 ft. rectangular bars, circular bars, curved edge LED bars, and matrix bars. In addition to our fully covered LED bars, we also have LED truss bars for a more fun and edgy look.

Big Curved Truss Bar scaled
Big Curved Truss Bar scaled

Lastly, for timeless elegance, we carry mirror bars as well, finished with wooden accents and art deco designs.

Quite evidently, we have a large and versatile selection of bar event rentals as well as bar stool rentals in Chicago. Each of our pieces is crafted with great dedication and attention to detail, keeping in mind the comfort of your guests and the artistic value of your events. You can completely count on us to provide chic designs and great durability for any event you’re hosting.

Contact our event rental team to book our furniture pieces for your next event! Also check our Facebook page for more updates.

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