7 Best Bar Stool Rental Options

Having a bar at your conference, trade show, or convention can improve the overall experience for your guests and provide a great opportunity for your guests to socialize. If you decide to have a bar at your next event, then you’ll want to consider the 7 best bar stool rental options in 2022.

A bar is a great opportunity for your event guests to relax and enjoy a refreshment. Moderate amounts of alcohol can help guests relax and socialize, after all. If your event is more professional, or you lack the license to serve alcohol, you can always provide other refreshment options that your guests are sure to also enjoy.

Once you have the bar in place, you’ll also want to include the best bar stool seating options for your guests to sit down and enjoy their beverage and mingle with other guests. At Modern Event Rental, we provide a large selection of bar stool rental options for your event.

Best Bar Stool Rental Options

If you have a bar then you need to have bar stools, they’re essential for any bar. At Modern Event Rental our event planning specialists can help you pick out the right bar stool rental to match your event and make your guests comfortable.

Here are the 7 most popular bar stool rental options:

Industrial Bar Stool

Hosting a trade show? Then these Industrial bar stools are a great choice. They match the atmosphere of a trade show perfectly. These heavy-duty, chrome-colored stools measure 16.9” wide, 16.9” deep, and 29.3” inches high.

Your trade show attendees will be happy to have a place to sit down and take a break or have a quick meeting with other attendees. After all, making business connections is one of the main goals of attending a trade show

You can pair this bar stool rental with the Industrial Bar Table or the 8 FT Wood Bar to create an industrial design throughout the event.

Casper Clear Bar Stool

This clear acrylic bar stool is sleek and modern and goes with any color scheme. The stool is 29.5” high and the round top is 18” in diameter. A chic bar stool like this is perfect for a conference or convention setting.

Our Casper clear acrylic bar stool rental pairs great with any of our unique LED bar rental options or bar table rentals, like the LED Curved Truss Bar or Illuminated LED Serpentine Communal Table.

Tendy Bar Stool

Tendy sounds a lot like trendy, and that’s probably because the Tendy bar stool rental is trendy! An excellent option for an art-deco look, the Tendy Bar Stool comes in both white and black. The high-backed wood seats are not only stylish but comfortable. Dimensions are 20” long, 21” wide, and 46.5” high.

The Tendy bar stool rental goes well with the White Pub Table or Black Pub Table for a classic, minimalist look.

Ashton Bar Stool

The Ashton Bar Stool rental offers a touch of understated elegance. Choose between the black cushion or white cushion. These are perfect for a large reception, or banquet setting. The chrome frame measures 17.5” long, 17” wide, and 34” high.

Try pairing this bar stool rental with the Black Bali Community Bar Table or White Bali Community Bar Table for a fully coordinated look.

Equino Bar Stool
Equino Bar Stool

Equino Bar Stool

The Equino Bar Stool features faux-leather saddle seats to add upscale drama to any decor. Choose between white seats or black seats. These stools measure 15” wide, 13” deep, and 35” high. These are perfect for any modern-themed exhibition, show, or event.

Pair these bar stools with the wood bar, or the Metro Wooden Dining Table for the ultimate stylish event.

Director Bar Stool

Lights, camera, glamor! These plush leather Director bar stools are perfect for the table, bar, or on stage. They come in a white version and black version and measure 21” wide, 23” deep, and 43” high. They are perfect for a social event, movie screening, or film festival.

Elevate the theme by pairing it with the Cosmopolitan Bar Table to add an effortless sense of style to your event.

Scoop Bar Stool

These luxurious Scoop bar stools add a touch of class to any event. The plush seats and adjustable height mean guests of all sizes will be comfortable. These stools measure 18.5” long, 21” wide, and 32-40” tall.

It pairs well with the White Bali Community Bar Table or the Cosmopolitan Bar Table to combine luxury and comfort.

Bar Rental Options from Modern

Other Bar Rentals from Modern Event Rental

Modern Event Rental provides all the event furniture rentals you’ll need for your bar event, including:

  • Bars
  • Bar tables
  • Cafe tables
  • Chairs
  • Coffee and end tables
  • Display shelves and bar backs
  • Executive conference chairs
  • LED furniture
  • Lounge sofas and chairs
  • Ottomans

Alongside your bar rental essentials, Modern Event Rental also offers an array of stylish event furniture rentals, including:

  • LED swings
  • Pedestals
  • Scenic elements
  • Charging stations and charging furniture

Reserve Your Bar Stool Rental Favorites Now

If you plan on hosting an event with any kind of bar or refreshment station, you’ll want to be sure to include the best bar stool rental options available. Finding bar stool event rentals that match your event theme doesn’t have to be difficult when you choose Modern Event Rental.

We have a large inventory of bar stool rental options that are in stock and we serve many major cities with our white glove delivery service. Having an event rental company with delivery service is preferable and can save you from any potential issues with event rentals arriving late or damaged.

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Since 2009, Modern Event Rental has been delivering premier bar furniture like our bar stool rentals to trade shows, corporate events, and other special events all over the nation. Located in the suburbs of Chicago, we are available to assist with setup and event design in major cities around the Midwest. Check out some of our popular Chicago Event Rentals.

Modern Event Rental provides chic and luxurious bar stool rentals and all the essential event furniture rentals you need to make your next event a success. If you’re ready to start planning your event, reach out for a free consultation today.

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