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At Modern, we believe it’s time to flip the tables and make events exciting again with LED furniture rentals! Trade shows and corporate events have been around for years to serve a great purpose. Get people working within a similar profession or industry together to generate new contacts, leads, and business opportunities.

While effective, corporate business occasions tend to be boring. But whoever said business has to be dull?

Illuminated LED furniture is the new wave of rentals that is exactly what you’ve been looking for to give your event the boost it needs. Read on to why see why, and how Modern offers the best options for LED furniture rentals near you!

Why You Should Rent LED Furniture

Illuminated LED Tables - Modern Event Rental

By now, I am sure you are aware that LED furniture is the latest and greatest furniture rental design trend. But let’s assume you might still feel unsure about incorporating illuminated furniture into your next event.

Did you know that adding pops of color to your event will increase the chances of you having a successful impact on attendees, and put them in a better mood for business? When understanding color psychology “…color is far from just a visual experience; it can affect your mood, your wants, your reactions, and so on and so forth. However, such a powerful tool is wasted if you don’t know how to use it effectively.”

The perfect way to use color, of course, is LED rental furniture! Think about it: Interesting decor drives attendance and creates the mood. Corporate events that are well-decorated translate to the attendee as effort; by subconsciously making them feel special through event furniture decor, it feels well worth it for them to show up. And when hosting an event, you want as many people as possible to choose your event over the competition.

When you rent LED furniture, you are investing in the outcome of your corporate event. Having a successful event directly translates into profitability – for your attendees and you.

Learning how to set up the ideal event can make a huge difference in your corporate event turnout. By choosing to rent LED furniture, you can get people’s attention to make sure that your professional convention is well attended, and ensures they will want to be repeat attendees next year!

Which Corporate Events Can Illuminated Furniture Rentals Be Used At?

The answer is simple: any and all! The most popular places to rent LED furniture rental options are:

  • Conventions
  • Press Conferences
  • Tradeshows
  • Exhibitions
  • Conferences
  • Seminars

Don’t be behind the ball when it comes to corporate event furniture trends. Try out the best options for LED furniture rentals from Modern Event Rentals, and see how your professional event stands out from the crowd!

Worried because your trade show or seminar is in another state? Modern Event Rentals is a true industry professional, offering LED furniture rentals in over 50 different locations with our in-house nationwide shipping service. Chose an event rental company with delivery – trust us, you won’t regret it!

Superior LED Furniture Rentals Selection

At Modern, we see the same potential for LED furniture that you do. We want your next event to be a smashing success, which is why we have such a wide range of LED furniture rental options.

LED Sofas for Rent

Illuminated Sofa Blue
LED couch blue

Whether at a corporate headquarters event or the newest software convention, chances are you are going to be on your feet – a lot. From the morning you get to your flight’s gate, to that last step inside your house when you come home, professional events are tiring!

People in attendance are going to need places to sit and relax a bit to “recharge.” Help your attendees get the most out of the occasion by providing illuminated LED rental sofas for them to rest on.

72 inches wide and 30 inches deep, these lit seating options are the perfect combination of color and comfort. Having illuminated LED sofas helps people to mentally recharge with a soft place to sit, and a pop of color to wake them up.

LED Swings for Corporate Event Rentals

At corporate events these days, there seem to be a lot of staunch suits, tight shoes, and scowling faces. Allow your business event to be surprising and fun with illuminated LED swing rentals!

Modern Event Rental generously offers 7 different types of swinging LED furniture rentals. From green to blue, purple to pink, you’ll be able to set the exact mood you need for your next corporate convention.

LED Bar Furniture


Whether at lunch or dinner, many business deals are often made over drinks! Make sure you have a bar area that goes above and beyond with LED bar furniture.

Illuminated LED bar rental options include bar tops, high boys, coffee tables, communal tables, serpentine tables, and more. All are supplied with an amazing array of illuminated color choices. Having LED bar table rentals at your event is key to creating a low-key meeting area within your event that still remains professional.

So if you’re wondering if there’s an “LED bar rental near me”, the mystery is solved! Modern also offers a wide selection of seating to pair perfectly with your LED bar furniture rental options. Having the best bar stool rental options will complete your corporate event hang-out area.

Use AVLS for Best Audio Rental Options

Need more than LED furniture rentals and other furniture at your next event? Modern has used its industry prowess to partner with AVLS Rentals to be able to satisfy any audio, lighting, staging, or visual equipment needs you may have.

Another industry professional and top event furniture rental company, AVLS comes highly recommended by Modern and has successfully aligned its services with Modern Event Rental for years.

Modern Event Rentals Provides the Best LED Furniture Rentals

Illuminated Pedestal Bar - Modern Event Rental

In business, success depends on being adaptable, perceptive to market changes, and capitalizing on these differences before your competitor notices. So shouldn’t you be doing the same for rental furniture trends for your next corporate trade show, convention, or exhibition?

For your next corporate event, stay ahead of the curve (or should I say swing) with Modern Event Rental’s fabulously illuminated LED furniture rentals. No matter the size, Modern is fully equipped to provide LED furniture rentals to make your professional event a one-of-a-kind gathering.

Since starting in 2009, Modern Event Rental has grown to become a top event furniture rental industry professional. Equipped with the knowledge to service any event venue, our modern, chic furniture provides the custom class you need for your convention.

Providing high-quality service, as well as high-quality LED furniture rentals and more, is our top priority. Modern Event Rental staff is available 24 hours a day to answer any questions or concerns. Contact us today to see how we have the best options for LED furniture rentals near you!

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