Elevate Your Event to An Experience With Modern Event Rentals, Dallas

Event Rentals: The ultimate goal and vision of every host is to provide an unforgettable event experience for the attendees. Some of the most influential business events, creative conferences, and corporate shows around the world are in fact known for their out-of-the-box concepts and ambiances, designed to linger in the minds of the guests and the viewers, long after the event is over.

Elevate Your Event to An Experience With Modern Event Rentals Dallas

What distinguishes an immersive event experience from a mediocre passive event, is essentially what the guests feel at the event. And to make your guests feel completely blown away, you need to create an invigorating ambiance.

Here’s how Modern Event Rentals, Dallas can help you elevate your event to a whole experience.

Create a “wow” factor with scenic elements and stage sets

First impressions can create a lasting impact in the minds of your attendees. By all means, you need to invest in creating that “wow” emotion when they enter the venue, and for that scenic elements and stage sets are the best.

At Modern, we have a striking selection of carefully fabricated multi-dimensional modular scenic stage sets, in a variety of unique designs including cubes, abstract patterns, classic art deco, hexagons, whiteboards, and many more. Our cube sets stack and connect with a unique lock system that we designed and created in-house, which ensures a sturdy set-up.
In addition to modular sets, we also have drapes, unique furnishings like abstract panels and chairs, mesh sets, plank designs, and simple scenic backdrops, all meant to transform your event venue into a whole other world and offer an extraordinary experience to your guests.

All you need to do is pick a theme and select a multi-dimensional stage set, to create an immersive experience. Select a few extra furnishings like drapes and scenic elements to extend the experience throughout the venue and generate a wholesome look and feel.

To see how you can use our scenic stage set rentals to deliver an exceptional show, read our blog here.

Set up ambient lighting and sound

A mesmerizing multi-dimensional stage set works best with ambient lighting and sound. To elevate the whole experience, refrain from using simple and ordinary lighting. Instead, suspend your lighting sources from elevated angles and use a combination of colors to create an other-worldly environment. For the ultimate surround sound effect, use suspended sub-woofers and high-quality speakers too. The killer combo of multi-dimensional décor, lighting, and sound will guarantee an extraordinary experience for your guests.

To facilitate the best ambiances for guests, Modern Event Rentals, Dallas, offers a range of truss rentals, in multiple sizes, designed to provide solid reinforcement for suspended lighting and sound systems. We manufacture our trusses in-house using elite-quality aluminum, tested for optimal tensile strength. We provide a variety of sizes to allow event organizers to tailor the décor and lighting to their event venue and create seamless event experiences.

Spark engagement with bars

One of the best ways to encourage engagement at events is to set up a bar. It allows guests to feel comfortable and relaxed and provides a space for attendees to settle down. The right ambiance and the right drinks can spark wonderful conversations, naturally leading to enriched experiences. One of the most rewarding aspects of hosting an event is the human connections that develop through it, and a bar is the best way to allow that.

This is why we have invested in designing and fabricating an amazing collection of bar counters, bar tables, bar stools, high chairs, and lounge chairs. We have a fun and colorful range of illuminated LED bar counters and panels, customizable in colors of your choice. We also have matching bar tables, stools, and high chairs, perfect for relaxed conversations over drinks. Our counters are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to be accommodated at multiple event venues. They can also be custom branded to add your signature to the experience.

You can set up your bar in interesting ways per the space available at your venue and have your guests gather around for a fun evening.

Set up lounge areas with comfy and useful furniture

The furniture you choose for your event will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression. You need to make your guests feel welcome, comfortable, and relaxed. At the same time, you need your furniture to blend with your theme and make a statement. Hence, it is always good to have a mix of furniture types to accommodate different purposes.

For example, a special lounge area will create a luxe experience for guests, leaving them feeling valued and important. For the performance and stage areas, you can use classic and elegant chairs. To fill spaces and double up as décor, you can also use more stylish pieces like ottomans.

Keeping in mind the wide-level needs of event organizers, Modern has the biggest selection of lounge furniture event rentals in Dallas. We have everything from sofas and chairs to communal tables and coffee tables in a variety of styles and fabrics. For the utmost comfort and convenience, we use high-quality velour and leather fabrics for our sofas. Our tables are created using high-grade metal frames and customizable acrylic tops. To allow our event hosts to level up their offering we also provide charging furniture, which allows attendees to charge their digital devices while enjoying an event experience.

Register your guests and give them souvenirs or party favors

Registration desks are one of the best ways to organize footfalls. Having your guests register lets you create a list of attendees, which can come in handy for other programs on the itinerary, such as certificate distribution or gift distribution.

With registration counters, you can also organize to give away a few souvenirs or party favors. This adds to the elevated event experience and leaves guests feeling happy, valued, and delighted. The gift not only promotes a positive feeling for them to remember your event, but it also acts as a solid reminder of the experience for years to come. And that is exactly the kind of value Modern Event Rentals, Dallas seeks to provide.

Final thoughts

An elevated experience is all about making your guests feel delighted and positively pleased with the event elements. And the best way to ensure that receive that is to make the most of your décor and furniture. Go all out and hire the best products in the industry, not to mention a company that gives you the best service.

This is why you should partner with Modern. We are one of the only few providers of event rentals in Dallas that offers a comprehensive range of products and services. With us, you can get everything you need, delivered to you, hassle-free.

Choose an experience for your next event and use Modern’s event rentals in Dallas. For more updates, visit our Facebook page.

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