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The Windy City is known for many things, from its rich history to it diverse culture of today as one of the largest cities in the country. As one of the major metropolitan areas in the US Chicago has some of the leading events and event venues in the country. Much of the success of these events relies on looking around to find the best Chicago event rentals.

Planning an event can be pretty stressful and overwhelming because there are so many details that have to be well thought out. Regardless of the type of event, you’re preparing for, you’ll need to figure out the perfect décor and furniture that suits the theme of the occasion. You can start by looking at new exciting event trends in 2022 for inspiration.

While virtual events are still around, there has been a noticeable return to in-person gatherings over the past year. As such, it’s important to make your event worth your guest’s time. The first step to ensuring your event is a success is to find the best Chicago event rentals for all your needs. Working with a reputable and experienced rental company takes the stress out of event planning.

What should you consider when looking for event rentals in Chicago?

Best Options in Chicago Event Rentals

When looking for an event rental, it is advisable to go with a company that offers a wide range of quality products and services, like Modern Event Rental. This way, you know they can provide event rental furniture, décor, equipment, and anything else you’ll need for the event. Additionally, an event rental company with a large inventory can make adjustments comfortably should anything change along the way, which tends to happen quite often with event planning.

Bar Stool & Bartender Table Rental Setup Photo for Best Chicago Event Rentals Blog
Bar Stool and LED Table Set Up

Here are some of the event furniture rentals you might be in the market for and what you should consider, in each case.

Bar Tables and Chair Rentals Chicago

Most events require at least some sort of seating for your guests. Popular events also typically feature a bar as well so guests are able to order refreshments throughout the event. Bartender table rentals are a great idea. When you have food or beverages being served, some type of table is a must. You find the best bar table and chair rentals in Chicago at Modern Event Rentals.

Bar Stool & Bartender Table Rental

If you have a bartender table rental setup, then you will need bar stool rentals so guests can sit at your bar. Bar table rentals are also a good idea. Modern Event Rental provides a wide selection of modern bar stool rentals that can match your theme for the event. Ask about adjustable bar stools for the comfort of your guests.

Here’s the most popular bartender table rentals and bar stools in Chicago:

If you are looking for other options in bartender table rentals, bar stools, or bar tables you view our entire selection of bar rentals in Chicago.

Chair Rental Chicago Area

If you are going to have bar tables and other tables at your event, you’re also likely going to need to find the best chair rental Chicago offers. Modern Event Rental has a wide range of chairs designed for comfort and functionality. You have your pick of the best conference chairs, stacking chairs, and any other special event chairs you need.

Our best chair rental Chicago options:

  • The simple yet sophisticated Bellini Chair Rental is a long-time favorite event furniture rental. It’s great for almost any event theme or occasion. Choose from a variety of color options.
  • Another chair rental classic option is the Tendy chair style. It comes in black or white color options.
LED Table Rental Furniture Photo
LED Table Setup

Tables, LED Furniture, and Party Rentals in Chicago

Having the right event bar rental setup, chairs and barstools is just the beginning of hosting a great event. Depending on the event occasion or theme, you will likely need to add more event furniture rentals to make the event a success.

Table Rentals Chicago Area

While bar tables are a great option for casual events or parties, to host a reception or banquet with full courses you need to find event table rentals in Chicago. Or if you want to host events with other themes there are plenty of options like bistro rental tables, rental coffee tables and lounge tables, and end tables. They’re perfect for all kinds of Chicago events. Your table rental should match your theme for the event.

Check out our list of cafe table rental options, and coffee or end table rentals on the Modern Event Rental website.

Light Up Furniture For Rent in Chicago

To take your event to the next level, consider innovative furniture rental ideas such as light up furniture for rent— LED illuminated furniture such as light-up bars and tables — and much more. These go a long way in setting the mood for your event and elevating your guests’ experience.

  • Our LED swing rentals are quickly growing in popularity. Choose from a selection of color options to match your event.
  • The LED Coffee Table is an event favorite. These go great with events that are looking to be modern and fun, and popular on social media.
LED Swings Rental Image
LED Swings

Find Party Rentals in Chicago

If you want to plan a party that will leave a lasting impression on your guests you need the best party rentals Chicago has to offer. Go all out with décor, furniture, and entertainment. At Modern Event Rental, we offer the best party furniture rental Chicago can imagine. Check out our full list of furniture rentals for Chicago on the Modern Event Rental website.

Everything from event rental furniture to event rental equipment like lighting and sound should set the right vibe for your party guests. Need more party event equipment options for audio, sound, lighting, and stage rentals? Check out AVLS event rentals.

The Best Rental Furniture Chicago Has to Offer

You deserve nothing short of the best for your special event, which is why all your event furniture rentals should be both stylish and functional. All the tables, chairs, stools, and even display shelves should tie in nicely with your event theme.

Why Choose Modern Event Rental?

At Modern Event Rental, we understand how important it is that your event goes well, and we are here to help make that happen. Over the years we’ve helped our partners host thousands of successful events. There’s a reason that our clients continue to choose Modern Event Rental for all their event furniture rental needs.

Hire a Reputable Event Furniture Rental Company

Before you hire an event furniture rental company, consider their reputation. Visit their website and look through customer reviews and testimonials. If a company has several negative reviews about its service delivery, you should not waste your time on them. A good reputation guarantees quality services.

Quality Customer Service

A lot of back and forth is involved in planning an event. The quality of communication will make or break the event. As such, you must pick a company with responsive customer services like Modern Event Rental. You should work with people who are ready and willing to answer all your questions and offer guidance when needed.

Our experienced event experts at Modern Event Rentals can help you choose the perfect event furniture rentals, equipment, and event design to bring your event to life. In addition, our in-house delivery services mean your event furniture rentals delivery will arrive as scheduled and transported with extra care. We deliver event rentals to Chicago and any other city located within the continental United States. Learn more in our blog 5 Reasons To Choose an Event Furniture Rental Company with Delivery.

Choose the Best Chicago Event Rentals

Whatever type of event you’re hosting in Chicago, Modern Event Rentals provides the event rental furniture you need.

Founded in 2009 Modern Event Rental has grown from its humble beginnings to deliver rentals nationwide. Over the years, we have acquired the skills and knowledge to help create a partner’s vision into reality. Our event rentals are completely customizable and great for Chicago trade shows, corporate events, conferences, and meetings. We work with some of the largest marketing agencies, and corporations in the country. Our rentals make any kind of event in Chicago possible.

We view our clients as partners, and their events are our priority. Our focus is customer service and quality products. Modern Event Rental guarantees all your furniture, equipment, and décor needs will be met. You can count on Modern Event Rental to make your event a success. Contact our event furniture rental experts today to plan your perfect event and find the best Chicago event rentals.

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