How to Choose The Best Dallas Event Rental Company For Your Next Occasion

Dallas Event Rental Company: As challenging as it can be to host the perfect event, there are ways to make it easier. And one of the best ways to do that is to pick the right Dallas event rental company for the occasion.

How to Choose The Best Dallas Event Rental Company For Your Next Occasion

Now what is the right event rental company for you? How do you pick one from many options?

Here is a step-by-step guide.

Before we get into the first step, make sure you have your event theme, the food, and your venue picked out and ready. This will help you narrow down your options, based on the type of rentals you need.

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Selection of Products

A quick look at the catalog or website of the Dallas event rental company you are scouting will tell you if they have a wide inventory base. You need a company that offers a good selection of products in different categories, and you need to start by looking for products that match your theme. It is always good to place your bets on a company that offers a mix of trendy and classic styles in furniture, décor, stage sets, and other miscellaneous rentals.

At Modern, we have a large collection of furniture and décor event rentals, starting from simple lounge chairs and tables to outdoor furniture to bar tables and bar stools as well. We also have innovative and highly functional products like charging furniture.

In terms of design, we have elegant and classic art deco-inspired styles, and fun contemporary numbers as well. We fabricate our designs in-house after due research and analysis in order to stay on top of what the Dallas community likes and prefers.

Quality of Products

It is not enough that a company serves a good selection. It also needs to be of the best quality. And when we say the best quality, we mean a 10/10 on comfort, fabric quality, durability, and robustness. Especially when you need furniture for an outdoor event or for extensively large events like carnivals, you need furniture that can survive a good amount of environmental impact.

This is why we use the highest grade of metal hardware and special outdoor quality fabrics in our outdoor furniture pieces. They can endure a range of weather conditions and still offer the best durability. For our lounge sofas and chairs, we use ultra-luxurious velour and leather fabrics for the utmost comfort.

Our décor items are fabricated with customizable acrylics, glass, and metal hardware as well.

We manufacture our furniture and décor event rentals in Dallas in-house to ensure that the quality of the raw material and production processes match our benchmarks. We leave no room for compromise.

Range of Services

To get the most value for money, and to relieve yourself of some of the stress from event planning, you need a Dallas event rental company that offers a holistic range of services, in addition to a great selection of products to choose from. For example, Modern offers shipping and delivery of rentals, along with setting up and breaking down. This eliminates the need for hosts to worry about issues like arranging for delivery of their order, coordinating with the shipment company, and hiring extra hands to set up décor, lighting, sound, etc.

In addition to that, we also have customization options to allow our event hosts to personalize their rental items to fit their brand. This facilitates a subtle form of brand marketing and subconsciously imprints the brand image in the minds of the attendees. For our furniture, we allow color and material customizations, plus branding flexibility. You can choose materials like high-quality acrylics for table tops etc. on the surface of which you can easily incorporate your branding.

We love providing a thoughtful circle of services so that you can set yourself up for success. And partnering with Modern will ensure that your event rentals are taken care of from top to bottom.


After you have a few providers of event rentals in Dallas narrowed down, it is time to check the success quotient. It is always a great idea to read reviews and testimonials, to get real and accurate feedback on how the company performs. Referrals would be a more reliable type of background check. Hence you can ask for good recommendations from friends and family.

On the website of the event rental company, make sure they have a good number of positive and real reviews from real clients. Other elements, like a professionally designed privacy policy page, a convenient quote request form, or a prompt customer support system, are indicators of professionalism, experience, and expertise in the field.

A great reputation means you can rely on the company to stick to the order contract and expect your rental items to arrive on time, at the right place, and in good condition.


Responsiveness to your communication attempts is yet another indicator of professionalism. A company can have the best selection of products and a convenient way to place your rental order, but if they do not call back and respond to your order request in a reasonable amount of time, it is indeed a red flag.

You only want to partner with a company that you can rely on to help you whenever you need them to. For that, you need a customer support team for prompt communication and order processing, a delivery and pick-up team for timely shipping and pick-up, and a project managing team in case you have queries about your order.

At Modern, we put communication and transparency above anything else. We believe in keeping you in the loop of order processing at all times so that we can avoid gaps and ensure maximum cooperation.

Bottom line

Just as important as planning your event to the tiniest detail, is choosing the perfect Dallas event rental company. You need the most cooperative, thoughtful, and resource-rich provider to ensure that hiring them would actually help you, and not be another concern for you to worry about.

Modern is here to make event planning much easier and more convenient for you. We have everything you need from furniture to décor and stage sets, and we have the resources to get them where you need, hassle-free.

All you need to do is go through our catalog to select the items you need and use the “Request Quote” option to submit your order request. One of our team members will get back to you in 24 to 48 hours to discuss your event and place your order.

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