Choosing Event Rentals in Dallas: The Ultimate Guide

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Event Rentals in Dallas: Being the fourth most populous metropolitan city in the US, and being home to one of the finest convention centers in the entire country, Dallas is indeed the perfect place to host an event. But with great opportunity, also comes great responsibility.

The pressure to host a fun, engaging, and successful event for the Dallas community is quite real. And to ensure that, you need the perfect venue, the perfect décor, the perfect furniture, and an amazing service provider to support you.

Fortunately, Modern Event Rentals Dallas has you covered. Right from simple event furniture to high-level stage sets, we have everything you need to host the event of your dreams.

But where do you begin? What are the things you need to remember?

Here is a guide on what to keep in mind, when choosing event rentals in Dallas.

Types of Rentals to List

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There are a multitude of things you can rent for your event, but to keep it less overwhelming and in control, it is best to make a list of the things you will need to rent. This depends on the type of event you are hosting and the theme of the event.

A few general essentials include:

·       Furniture – tables, chairs, podiums, etc.

·       Décor – panels, stage sets, curtains, etc.

·       Sound and lighting – truss rentals, speakers, mic sets

·       Photobooths – decorative backdrops and sets

·       Bars – bar counters, bar tables, bar stools, high chairs, etc.

Choose each of these rentals with your overall theme in mind, while also considering the best qualities.

Choosing a provider for event rentals in Dallas

Dallas Event Rentals-Modern Event Rental

Choosing the right event rental company in Dallas is more important than you think. It is not just about having the best rental pieces. It is also about their service, cooperation, and dedication to the craft.

Coordinating with your rental service provider is a challenging ordeal by itself. The last thing you want is a company that doesn’t understand the little things, like the importance of setting up a certain way, or at a certain time, the need for guidance and assistance, etc.

Here are a few factors to consider when looking for a provider.

·       Reputation – You might want to start with the reputation and popularity of the company. Do they have a track record of successful events? What do their previous clients say? Are their services hired often?
These are some questions you can start with. Additionally, you can always check their public reviews and ask for referrals from acquaintances.

·       Collections – Always choose a provider with a wide selection of event rentals in Dallas.

·       Quality of equipment – Needless to say, make sure that the rental items a company provides are of the best quality, especially for outdoor events.

·       Service level – A crucial aspect of choosing a provider is the level of service they offer. A company that gives you maximum value for money through holistic services would be your best bet. Hence, always choose brands that offer delivery, setting up, breaking down, customizations, etc.

Modern Event Rentals Dallas is a comprehensive and thoughtful service provider with premium quality rental items. We offer large selections both category-wise and design-wise and we create our designs with the interests of the Dallas community in mind. We have our own design and manufacture team that researches and develops the most elegant pieces in furniture, décor, stage sets, and trusses. This ensures the best quality and the best designs. To top it off we also provide delivery, pick up, setting up, and breaking down services for some additional charges.

This easily makes us one of the few event rental companies in Dallas that offers a holistic range of services. We are passionate about helping event hosts tackle the challenges that come with throwing an event.

Planning your event

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Once you have made a list of items you need and narrowed down your service provider, it is time to plan your event.

–        Pick a theme and choose furniture and décor designs that suit the theme from the catalog. For example, at Modern, we have selections in classic design, art deco shapes, bright hues, vintage styles, and more.

–        When picking out furniture, make sure you have the utmost comfort and convenience of your expected guests in mind.
We have sofas, lounge chairs, love seats, and more in velour and leather fabrics. We also have charging furniture to allow guests to power their devices while enjoying an event. These are designed to allow attendees to relax and indulge in the event experience wholeheartedly.

–        Have a casual element for attendees to relax and engage with each other, such as a bar. Exquisitely designed bar counters with the right kind of furniture and décor, act as the perfect place for people to engage in fun conversations over drinks.
Modern has a stunning selection of illuminated bar counters, elegant classic bar stools, and convenient bar tables. We also have truss bars, high chairs, and lounge chairs to spruce up the bar area for aesthetics and comfort.

–        Plan the setup to the littlest detail and arrange for the rental company to assist with delivery and décor. This ensures that the furniture and décor are handled by professionals with great care, eliminating the risks of damage or chaos. It also allows you to focus on other details without worrying about moving around heavy pieces. Additionally, you will have expert assistance to handle trusses and set up sound and lighting in the best, most ambient way, ensuring the best results.

Final thoughts

The pressures and challenges of planning and hosting an event in Dallas are definitely on the higher side. However, over our years of experience handling event rentals, we have learned that taking care of the smaller details always adds up in the big picture. Visualizing your event and planning every detail, takes off some of the pressure. In the end, with the support of an understanding and holistic provider of event rentals in Dallas, you will find that your event slowly turns into a huge success after all.

If you are looking to throw an event, make sure to partner with us and reduce the hassles of renting event furniture. Go through our catalog, choose your favorite pieces, and use the request quote button to place your inquiry. We will get back to you with an approximate estimate for your rental selections. For more updates visit our facebook page.

Let’s start planning!

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