How to Transform Your Venue With Modern Event Rentals, Dallas

The Dallas community loves a great event. From being the fourth most populous metropolitan area in the US and from having a culturally rich history of entertainment events, there is simply no room to host a lackluster event in Dallas. They only have eyes for the best.

How to Transform Your Venue With Modern Event Rentals Dallas

To organize an exceptionally stunning event for the state, fortunately, you don’t need a degree in rocket science. All you need to do is invest in the best event rentals in Dallas.

That’s right. The furniture and décor at your event can completely transform your venue and provide an out-of-the-world ambiance. They can take your space from zero to 100 with a few “pivot” pieces.

Here is how you can achieve this transformation with Modern Event Rentals, Dallas.

Add style and comfort strategically with furniture

First off, seating should never be an afterthought. You undoubtedly need the best and most comfortable furniture to have your guests sit around and engage with each other. Place a few different types of furniture in coordinated themes or colors to offer a luxurious experience. For example, if you have a projector or display space, you can have elegant single chairs organized in rows, and arrange a separate area for lounging and relaxation with more comfortable lounge sofas. However, be mindful of the style factor as well. Make sure to pick out sofas and chairs in matching designs.

At Modern, you can choose from a wide selection of furniture event rentals. We have classic art deco-inspired chairs and tables, and ultra-comfortable lounge sofas, chairs, and love seats made of high-quality velour and leather fabrics. We design and fabricate our furniture in-house based on the demand and preferences of the Dallas community. This not only makes our furniture popular but also trending and of the best quality. We also have highly durable outdoor sofas and chairs made of special-grade fabric, meant specifically for outdoor events.

Use scenic stage sets for an other-worldly experience

Modular stage sets and scenic elements are some of the best props to create an out-of-the-world environment. They create a “wow” impression in the minds of guests entering your venue and help take them to a whole other world.

Modern has a range of scenic elements and multi-dimensional modular stage sets in revolutionary designs and easy-to-install mechanisms to help you steal the show. From elegant cubes and panels to high-level abstract patterns to advanced hexagons, whiteboards, and more, we have styles to suit a multitude of themes and event types. Our cubes are designed to connect and stack with a unique locking system, which ensures the utmost robustness and quality.

We are one of the few Dallas event rental companies that offer a large selection of in-house fabricated stage sets to impress event attendees. Our creative team designs our modular stage sets with the view of transforming any event space instantly. You can combine our stage sets with other elements like drapes, panels, and scenic elements to put up a grand show and leave your guests feeling delightfully surprised.

Place ambient lighting and sound

The lighting and sound you set up at your event venue can effectively transform the experience into an immersive one. A simple venue can look like a whole other world with the right kind of lighting. Instead of using conventional stage lights, choose ambient suspended lighting to set the mood. Put together with the highest quality sub-woofers and surround sound systems, you can craft the perfect event experience.

To allow organizers to set up transformative lighting and sound, we have a range of customizable truss rentals in multiple sizes. Made from high-grade aluminum tested for optimal tensile strength, our trusses can be used to reinforce décor, lighting, and sound in many ways and for many venue sizes. To offer a full circle of services, we also have delivery and set-up teams to help you create the venue of your dreams. To make the most of our truss event rentals in Dallas, combine them with high-definition sound and lighting systems, as opposed to mediocre ones, and watch your venue turn into a unique space.

Add conversation-inducing elements to create an informal space

The ultimate goal of any event organizer is to host an engaging event where guests converse and have fun. To induce engagement, you can set up lounge areas and bars that not only spark an immersive experience but also elevate your venue aesthetics. Be mindful of the styles of bar counters, and lounge furniture you use, and make sure to follow your theme.

We at Modern have an amazing selection of bar counters, bar tables, bar stools, high chairs, and lounge chairs. Our bar collection is in fact one of our best sellers, as they are known to provide the much-needed informal space for guests to loosen up and enjoy the event wholeheartedly. Our illuminated counters are customizable in a variety of colors and are available in multiple shapes and sizes. From curved panels to unique matrix styles and classic rectangular panels, we have different types of bars meant to suit every type of event and theme.

Pair your bar with our high-quality range of lounge sofas and chairs to provide the perfect space for your guests to indulge in insightful conversations over delicious drinks.

To know how you can add bar furniture pieces to create an exceptional ice-breaker element, read our blogs here and here.

In addition to bars, you can also add other elements like a photo booth or a social media picture space with an amazing branded backdrop. Modern has customizable uniquely designed patterned panels and designs, where you can add your brand’s signature and provide a fun space for your guests to take pictures and share with the world. Just like a bar, a photo space would also encourage conversations and improve the venue experience for your attendees.

Final thoughts

To transform your venue and offer rich experiences to your guests, you need to invest in high-quality event rentals in Dallas. And to make the organizing part stress-free, your best bet would be a company that offers a holistic range of services including delivery and pick-up.

That is why Modern is your most reliable option. We are a passionate and experienced Dallas event rental company with a large selection of products to choose from. We also offer thoughtful services like customization, setting up, and in-house shipping to make the event and the hosting experience as hassle-free as possible.

Select your products from our catalog and place your inquiry with the “Request Quote” button on top. Our team will get back to you with a cost estimate.

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