Las Vegas Event Truss Rentals: Everything You Need to Know

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Las Vegas Event Truss rentals are a saving grace for event organizers who wish to provide high-quality event experiences for guests. From lending ample support for event essentials like lighting and sound to reinforcing stage sets, and elevating the event ambiance, truss rentals offer an array of advantages especially for outdoor events, helping you host a seamless show that stands out from the rest.

However, being heavy-duty in functionality, there is a need to exercise caution and pay attention to precise details when using truss rentals. In addition to that, the quality of the truss structures is of the utmost importance; a subpar structure can not only cause your event setup to fall apart and create chaos but can also cause accidents and unfortunate scenarios.

This is why it is important to partner with a high-quality provider of Las Vegas event truss rentals when renting trusses. From adhering to safety standards in production to using high-grade metals for fabrication, there are many aspects to consider when choosing your truss provider.

Before we get into our tips to choose a reliable truss rental company, here are some basics about truss rentals that you need to know.

Truss structures and Truss types

Trusses are metal aluminum structures engineered to reinforce or provide support to event setups like stages, sound systems, and lighting. They are commonly used for both indoor and outdoor events, hosted on a medium to large scale. From extensive trade shows or entertainment events to medium-sized corporate retreats and business meetings, truss structures are rented by organizers for different purposes.

There are a few types of trusses commonly available, based on the engineering style. Each type is used to reinforce a different aspect of an event.

Box trusses

Box trusses, one of the most commonly used types, are structures with four sides and diagonal stems in between for extra strength and support. They are versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes including sound, lighting, stage setups, video displays, etc. Being typically easier to install and use, they are widely preferred by organizers, and can also be customized to suit specific requirements.

At Modern Event Rental, we have a range of aluminum as well as steel box truss structures in silver and black. We fabricate them in-house using the highest-grade aluminum and steel bases tested for tensile strength. From 12-foot-long trusses to 2-foot structures, our selection includes options in an array of sizes to fit the needs of all event sizes. In addition to box trusses, we also provide corner blocks and truss bases to provide well-rounded support. We are one of the few suppliers of Truss rentals in Las Vegas offering indigenously fabricated truss rentals. We do so as we have high production standards, that we never compromise on.

Triangular trusses

Triangular trusses, as the name suggests, are triangular in shape. Their unique build and engineering design make them suitable to support heavier loads, which is why they are commonly used for outdoor events. They are more durable and reliable than box trusses and are capable of enduring harsh weather conditions as well.

Flat trusses

Flat trusses are primarily meant to create flat or plain horizontal surfaces. They are used by organizers as roofing material for temporary and permanent structures such as exhibition halls, warehouses, and temporary event setups. Sometimes they are also used to create stages for concerts, theatrical performances, and other similar shows.

Backdrop trusses

Backdrop trusses are designed to support fairly lighter weights, which makes them suitable for materials like vinyl, mesh, or fabric. They are mainly used to form backdrops, using easily transportable materials as mentioned.

Elements to consider when choosing Las Vegas event truss rental

As there are a wide range of options in Las Vegas event truss rentals, it is important to choose the right system for your event, based on the purposes, and the end goals. Here are some important elements to consider.

Size and load-bearing capacity

The very first thing to consider is the size and capacity of the truss structures you need. This depends on the overall size of your event, the space you have, and the kind of equipment you intend to reinforce with trusses. For heavier equipment, it is best to use triangular trusses, while for more conventional needs like sound and lighting, you can use box trusses. Communicate your needs clearly with the provider of Las Vegas event truss rentals, and pick truss structures in the right sizes for your event.

Safety certifications

There are a series of safety regulations and compliance requirements to be followed by manufacturers for truss structures, in keeping with the best interests and safety of the general public. Ensure that the trusses you choose are produced with the required mandatory safety certifications, as it will help protect you and your event guests in the event of accidents or other damages. Don’t hesitate to ask your rental company for proof of safety certifications before renting them.

Delivery, pick-up, setting up, and tearing down of Las Vegas event Truss Rentals

Needless to say, working with truss structures requires quite a bit of technical expertise and heavy-duty experience. Hence, when renting trusses ensure that you have the necessary professionals for setting up and tearing down the setup. Additionally, make arrangements for the safe delivery and pick-up of the trusses as well, to avoid undue accidents or damages.

A knowledgeable supplier of Las Vegas Event Truss Rentals, like Modern Event Rental, will provide all necessary services associated with truss rentals to help make the process smoother.

Pointers to determine the right provider of truss event rentals in Las Vegas

To guide you in your journey to find the right truss rental company, here are some pointers to keep in mind.

·  Rent trusses only from local providers to avoid unnecessary complications in logistics

·  Partner only with high-quality rental companies that follow safety regulations in construction mandatorily and are professional enough to show proof of the same

·  Hire holistic service providers so that all aspects of renting trusses, starting from customization to delivery and setup, to tear-down and pick-up are taken care of.

·  Partner with companies that provide multiple options in truss rentals, so that you can fulfill all your event needs under a single roof, and avoid the stress and complications that come with too many vendors

·  Experienced companies also offer expert advice and hands-on help with choosing the right rentals for your event. If you are new to the event organizing process, partner with veterans to maximize your efficiency and knowledge, and enjoy a hassle-free rental experience.

Wrapping up

While Las Vegas event truss rental structures are the most reliable and expert-engineered rental options to host elevated event experiences, they can become dangerous if not fabricated the right way. They also demand technical expertise and experience in installation and tear-down, failing which, there can be mishaps during the event. To avoid these hassles, it is best to do your due diligence when choosing the trusses you need and your rental provider.

Use this guide to learn about different trusses, and exercise discernment when selecting your rental provider.

Partner with Modern Event Rental for all you Las Vegas event Truss Rentals for high-quality, reliable, and strong truss structures. We carry a wide selection of trusses in multiple sizes and provide delivery and pick-up services to offer smooth rental experiences for organizers.

Choose from our catalog of rentals, and place your orders today. Give our team a call for any assistance. For more updates please check our Facebook page.

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