Los Angeles Bar Stool Rentals: Affordable options available now

A modern bar stool set-up in an upscale event venue.

Planning an event in Los Angeles and struggling to find the perfect seating options? Bar stools are a popular choice for creating a relaxed yet chic atmosphere at various gatherings.

This blog will unveil top spots in LA where you can rent stylish bar stools that won’t break the bank, ensuring your event is as comfortable as it is memorable. Keep reading – great finds ahead!

Benefits of Los Angeles Bar Stool Rentals

A diverse group socializing at a trendy event venue with rented bar stools.

Stepping up the style of your gathering is effortless with the right seating – and that’s where renting bar stools comes into play. They offer not only a sleek touch to any party ambiance but also come as a budget-friendly way to accommodate guests without compromising on comfort or aesthetics.

Extensive Los Angeles bar stool rentals inventory

Choosing the right barstools can make your event stand out. Los Angeles offers a wide range of styles to fit any theme, from elegant gold and white Ashton stools to the sleek, modern look of Casper clear stools.

For something with an edge, industrial barstools bring a rustic vibe. And if you’re after comfort and style, Scoop or Tendy stools are perfect. Each option adds a unique touch to parties and corporate events.

You’ll find plenty of choices that won’t break the bank either. Affordable options mean you can create an impressive setup for your birthday party or event without worrying about costs.

Furniture rental companies in Los Angeles have extensive inventories that cater to all tastes and budgets—perfect for making your next occasion one to remember.

Affordable options

Renting bar stools doesn’t have to break the bank. Modern Event Rental offers a range of prices, making it easy to find something that fits your budget. Whether you’re throwing a birthday party or planning another type of event, there’s no need to overspend on seating.

Look for Los Angeles bar stool rental that give you great deals, especially if you’re renting in bulk.

By opting for Los Angeles bar stool rental services like Modern Event Rental, you not only save money on renting expensive furniture but also benefit from professional guidance on creating cohesive seating arrangements. Their expertise in event design allows you to make informed choices that enhance the overall look and feel of your venue while staying within your budget constraints.

Shop around—compare prices and options from different rental providers in Los Angeles and surrounding areas before making a decision. This way, you get the best value for your money!

Where to reserve Los Angeles Bar stool rentals

Quick Recommendation

For a quick recommendation, take a glance at our concise product list or scroll down for more detailed reviews.

Comparison Table

Product NameSize (W x L x H)Weight (lbs)Material / FeaturesColor
ASHTON BAR STOOL GOLD BLACK17″ x 17.5″ x 34″12Black
ASHTON BAR STOOL GOLD WHITE17.5″ x 17.5″ x 34″12White
ASHTON BAR STOOL WHITEHigh, supportive backrest, Comfortably padded seat, Easy-to-clean upholstery, Sturdy frame, Sleek silver detailing, Chrome footrestWhite
Ashton Black Bar StoolHigh supportive backrest, Cushioned seat, Sturdy material constructionBlack
CASPER CLEAR BAR STOOL18″ x 18″ x 29.5″7PlasticClear
DIRECTOR BAR STOOL BLACK21″ x 23″ x 43″34Bar Stool RentalBlack
DIRECTOR BAR STOOL WHITE21″ x 23″ x 43″White
Equino Bar Stool White15.5″ x 13″ x 35″Height adjustability with hydraulic piston, 360-degree swivel, Padded leatherette seat, Chrome-plated steel baseWhite
Equino Bar Stool Black15″ x 13″ x 35″Sturdy chrome-plated base, Height adjustment mechanism, Black leatherette exterior, Plush padding, Slightly curved backrestBlack
INDUSTRIAL BAR STOOL16.9″ x 16.9″ x 29.3″10Metal
SCOOP BAR STOOL40″ x 21″ x 18.5″White
TENDY BAR STOOL BLACK21″ x 20″ x 46.5″Black
TENDY BAR STOOL WHITE21″ x 20″ x 46.5″White



Elevate Your Event with Chic Gold and Black Seating


  • Sleek gold and black design
  • Perfect height at 34 inches tall
  • Sturdy, weighing 12 pounds
  • Fits easily with a 17 – inch width
  • Comfortable with a depth of 17.5 inches
  • Ideal for modern bar or kitchen counters

The ASHTON BAR STOOL GOLD BLACK is a top pick for its sleek design and comfort. With a shiny gold base and black seat, it adds a touch of glamour to any room. It’s perfect for long evenings of drinks and laughter, thanks to the curved back support and footrest. The stool stands at 34 inches tall, ideal for both kitchen counters and bar-height tables.

This bar stool is not only stylish but also built to last with its sturdy steel construction. It weighs just 12 pounds, making it easy to move around as needed—a real bonus when hosting events or rearranging spaces. People love how it fits in with both modern vibes and classic styles; it’s truly versatile.

We choose the ASHTON BAR STOOL GOLD BLACK as number one because it excels in every important category: durability, style, comfort, and versatility. Its midcentury flair mixed with industrial strength makes it stand out from other stools on the market. Whether lined up at a bar or scattered around cocktail tables, they’re sure to impress guests with their sophisticated look.

Imagine a stylish host, ready to dazzle guests with chic decor – the ASHTON BAR STOOL GOLD BLACK is their perfect match. Picture them mingling in Los Angeles, where bar stool rentals are all the rage; they choose this bar stool for its comfort and class. If that sounds like you, bring these stools home today and make your space shine!

Product Info: https://www.moderneventrental.com/product/ashton-bar-stool-gold-black/



Elevate Your Event with Gold and White Elegance


  • Fits in small spaces at 17.5 inches wide and long.
  • Stands tall at 34 inches high, perfect for bar counters.
  • Lightweight design makes it easy to move, weighing only 12 pounds.
  • Elegant gold and white colors add a touch of class.
  • Sturdy construction holds up well with regular use.
  • Sleek look blends in with modern home decor styles.

Check out the ASHTON BAR STOOL GOLD WHITE if you’re looking to add a touch of elegance to your next event. Picture this: guests walk in and are wowed by these sleek stools shimmering with their gold steel frames. They take a seat on the plush white seats, instantly feeling like VIPs. The small backrest is just right for leaning back and enjoying a cozy chat.

Now, let’s talk comfort – it’s top-notch! Ever seen someone awkwardly trying to find a place for their feet? Not here! The smart design includes a footrest so everyone can sit easily for hours. And at just 12 pounds, it’s sturdy without being clunky, making set-up a breeze wherever you need that extra seating sparkle.

We picked this stunner as No. 2 because it strikes an ideal balance between luxury and practicality. Its versatile color fits any decor theme, from rooftop parties. It stands out not only for its looks but also because anyone who sits on one knows they’ve scored the best seat in the house!

Meet the ASHTON BAR STOOL GOLD WHITE—a perfect match for trendsetters and style enthusiasts in Los Angeles looking to add a touch of elegance to their events. If you love hosting with flair, this chic bar stool is your go-to for creating an unforgettable atmosphere—rent yours today and give your space the upgrade it deserves!

Product Info: https://www.moderneventrental.com/product/ashton-bar-stool-gold-white/



Ideal for Stylish LA Events Seeking Chic Seating Solutions


  • Enjoy a tall backrest that offers great support.
  • Sit comfortably with the padded seat.
  • Keeps clean easily with white upholstery that wipes down.
  • Built solid for long – lasting use.
  • Features sleek silver accents for a modern look.
  • Includes a shiny chrome footrest for added comfort.

The ASHTON BAR STOOL WHITE is a top pick for sleek design and comfort. Event hosts love its high backrest which keeps guests comfy all night. The seat’s padding feels like sitting on a cloud, while the white color adds class to any party theme. It’s also a breeze to clean, saving time after busy events.

This bar stool doesn’t just look good; it’s built tough too. With a sturdy frame, it can handle the buzz of social gatherings without a wobble. Silver details and chrome footrest give it an edge that stands out in style rankings, making it our number three choice.

Choosing this stool means investing in lasting quality for countless events. Its mix of elegance and endurance make event planning worry-free. From business mixers, the ASHTON BAR STOOL WHITE fits right in, making every occasion shine a bit brighter.

The Ashton Bar Stool White, sleek and modern at 34 inches tall, is perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of class to their event in Los Angeles. Picture this stool adding elegance to chic flair to bar openings, or a contemporary edge to gallery nights; it’s the ideal choice for those with an eye for style and comfort. If you’re planning an upscale event and need bar stools that impress—look no further! Let’s get your venue set up with these stunning white bar stools today.

Product Info: https://www.moderneventrental.com/product/white-ashton-bar-stool/

4. Ashton Black Bar Stool


Elevate Your LA Events with Stylish, Lightweight Black Seating


  • Enjoy comfort with a high backrest.
  • Relax on a soft, cushioned seat.
  • Made with strong, durable materials.
  • Designed for stability and safety.
  • Perfect height for bar counters.
  • Sleek black design fits any decor.

The Ashton Black Bar Stool combines sleek design with solid comfort. Picture this stool at your next gathering, effortlessly fitting in with its black elegance. The high backrest supports guests as they chat and enjoy their drinks, while the plush cushioned seat invites them to relax a little longer. These stools aren’t just seating; they’re statement pieces that elevate any occasion.

Crafted for endurance, each 12-pound stool holds up well under bustling event conditions. Their size is perfect for tucking away when not in use: 17 inches wide by 17.5 inches long and standing 34 inches high. Imagine these stools lined up at a bar or scattered around high tables, offering both visual appeal and practical functionality.

This bar stool’s sturdy construction means it won’t wobble or tip easily – important in lively settings where spills are best avoided. It may be on the lighter side weight-wise, but it stands its ground like a champ. The Ashton Black Bar Stool promises to add both style and stability to your venue’s setup, making sure guests feel comfortable from start to finish.

This sleek Ashton Black Bar Stool is perfect for stylish event planners in Los Angeles, who need strong yet lightweight seating to impress their guests – grab these stools and turn your venue into the talk of the town!

Product Info: https://www.moderneventrental.com/product/ashton-bar-stool-black/



Best for Modern LA Events: Stylish, Clear, and Lightweight Stools


  • The CASPER CLEAR BAR STOOL is see – through, giving it a cool, modern look.
  • It’s pretty light, weighing only 7 pounds, so you can move it easily.
  • Made of sturdy plastic, this stool can handle daily use.
  • Perfect size for any bar or island: 18 inches by 18 inches and almost 30 inches tall.
  • Cleaning is a breeze; just wipe it down when needed.
  • Its design won’t clash with your room because it’s clear and simple.

The CASPER CLEAR BAR STOOL brings style to any gathering with its modern and transparent design. This stool stands out because it looks almost invisible, making a room feel bigger. It’s made of strong plastic that can handle lots of use. At just 7 pounds, these stools are easy to move around but still give great support with their high backs.

Imagine using this bar stool at your next event. Guests will love the comfy seat and cool look that matches any theme or color you choose. The CASPER is perfect for both indoor and outdoor events, adding a touch of class without taking up much space.

This stool isn’t just about good looks; it’s practical too! With dimensions of 18 inches by 18 inches by 29.5 inches high, the CASPER fits well in small areas and under bar counters. Its size makes it ideal for places like patios or balconies where every inch counts, plus it cleans easily which is always a bonus after parties or events.

The CASPER CLEAR BAR STOOL is perfect for modern event planners in Los Angeles, who want a sleek, lightweight chair that’s easy to move yet makes a strong style statement — grab yours and give your next event a touch of clear class!

Product Info: https://www.moderneventrental.com/product/casper-clear-bar-stool/



Elevate Your LA Venue with Chic Black Bar Stools


  • Fits perfectly in any bar setting at 43 inches tall.
  • Strong and durable, weighing a solid 34 pounds.
  • Sleek black color for a classic look.
  • Comfortably sized at 21 inches wide and 23 inches long.
  • Ideal choice for stylish bar stool rentals.
  • Easy to move around and arrange for any event.

The DIRECTOR BAR STOOL BLACK shines in any modern setting with its sleek black color and simple design. Standing 43 inches tall, it’s the perfect height for guests to sit comfortably at a bar or high table. It’s strong too—weighing 34 pounds, you can trust that it will be a solid seat for all kinds of events. This bar stool isn’t just about looks; it also has an ergonomic seat designed for hours of comfort.

Imagine this stool lined up along a chic downtown loft or at an upscale pop-up event where style is key. The minimalist look fits right into sophisticated spaces without stealing the spotlight from other features. Plus, when clearing out after your gathering, you’ll appreciate how easy they are to move around despite their sturdy build.

With every detail tailored for elegance and ease, this bar stool makes sure your venue stands out effortlessly. Whether used during a casual get-together or an important networking mixer, its inviting appearance encourages people to relax and enjoy themselves—a silent yet stunning backdrop to great conversations and lasting impressions.

Meet the sleek Director Bar Stool Black – perfect for those who love a touch of elegance and authority in their venue. Picture this: someone with a keen eye for style and quality, ready to enhance their guests’ experience at any high-class event or chic bar setting in Los Angeles. If you’re looking to impress and captivate your clientele, make this stool part of your next rental selection – upgrade your space today!

Product Info: https://www.moderneventrental.com/product/director-bar-stool-black/



Perfect for Chic Rooftop Parties and Upscale Bars


  • The stool is a fresh white, perfect for modern spaces.
  • It measures 21 inches wide by 23 inches long, fitting neatly in your area.
  • With a height of 43 inches, it’s ideal for bar counters.
  • Its design resembles a director’s chair, adding style to your room.
  • Built sturdy to hold up during daily use.
  • Easy to match with different decor themes because of its simple color.

The DIRECTOR BAR STOOL WHITE stands out with its modern and sleek look. Picture it in a stylish event, shining against dimmed lights. Its high-quality build means you won’t have to worry about stability when guests lean back for a laugh or toast to the occasion. The white color is not just striking; it’s versatile too. It can match any theme from an elegant to a cool rooftop party.

Size matters when it comes to seating. This bar stool measures 21 inches wide by 23 inches long and 43 inches high, offering plenty of room for comfort. Imagine your guests chatting away, seated comfortably without feeling cramped or squeezed into small chairs.

This piece isn’t just another pretty face in the crowd of event furniture either—its minimalistic yet functional design brings class to any gathering while providing that all-important comfort factor. And since it’s available for rent, you get the upscale look without a hefty price tag, making your event planning smarter and more budget-friendly.

Meet the DIRECTOR BAR STOOL WHITE—a crisp, white bar stool that stands 43 inches tall, perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of elegance to their event. Picture this in a chic Los Angeles rooftop party or upscale bar setting; it’s made for those with an eye for style and simplicity. If you’re planning an event and need a sleek seating solution that commands attention, look no further—rent these director bar stools today and watch your space transform!

Product Info: https://www.moderneventrental.com/product/director-bar-stool-white/

8. Equino Bar Stool White


Ideal for Stylish LA Parties with Adjustable, Comfy Seating


  • Adjusts in height with a hydraulic piston
  • Swivels all around, full 360 degrees
  • Seat cushioned with soft leatherette
  • Shiny chrome – plated steel base stands strong
  • Comes in a crisp, clean white color
  • Measures 15.5 by 13 by 35 inches

The EQUINO BAR STOOL WHITE stands out in any setting. Imagine catering to guests during a rooftop party or adding a touch of class to a private event—this stool fits right in with its modern look and white charm. With the ease of height adjustability, thanks to the hydraulic piston, everyone can find their perfect fit whether they’re tall or short. Plus, the 360-degree swivel lets your guests turn smoothly as they mingle and enjoy their surroundings.

Comfort meets style with this bar stool’s padded leatherette seat. No one will complain about being uncomfortable even after hours of sitting. The chrome-plated steel base not only looks sharp but also provides strength that lasts through countless gatherings and celebrations. Its sleek design easily becomes part of your stylish event décor without drawing too much attention away from other elements.

This bar stool is more than just furniture; it’s a versatile addition that elevates the ambiance while ensuring people stay relaxed and engaged. Whether you’re hosting an exclusive art gallery night or an outdoor reception, appreciate how these stools blend seamlessly into every occasion and maintain their allure all day long.

Meet the trendsetter, always ready to impress – that’s who the Equino Bar Stool White is perfect for. This person loves hosting chic parties in Los Angeles and wants their guests to enjoy both style and comfort. With its sleek design and modern features, this stool rises above typical bar stool rentals. Picture yourself mingling with friends, your guests swiveling smoothly as they laugh and chat; now make it happen – choose Equino for your next event!

Product Info: https://www.moderneventrental.com/product/equino-bar-stool-white/

9. Equino Bar Stool Black


Best for Stylish Comfort at Trendy LA Events


  • Comes in a sleek black color that matches any decor
  • Features a strong chrome – plated base for great support
  • Adjusts easily to your perfect height with a simple mechanism
  • Covered in smooth black leatherette for a classy look
  • Includes plush padding so you can sit comfortably longer
  • Designed with a curved backrest for better back support

The Equino Bar Stool Black is a winner for any event. Picture it shining under the lights, with its chrome-plated base reflecting elegance. It’s not just about looks; this stool stands at 15 inches wide and 35 inches high, fitting right in without taking up too much space. Plus, you can adjust the height with ease – no more guests fidgeting to find that sweet spot.

Sitting down? You’ll love the soft black leatherette wrapping around plush padding. Whether you’re enjoying quick chats or long conversations, comfort is key and this stool delivers. The curved backrest supports your posture so well that you might forget you’re on a stool! It’s like getting the VIP treatment even if you’re just there for a drink or two.

Remember those movie scenes where everyone seems cozy at an upscale bar? That’s what you get with this sleek black gem. It matches any theme and uplifts your event scene effortlessly. If comfort could be personified, it’d look exactly like the Equino Bar Stool Black – ready to make each guest feel right at home while adding a dash of sophistication to your gathering.

The Equino Bar Stool Black, with its sleek design and plush padding, is perfect for Los Angeles bar stool rentals looking to impress clients who value comfort and style—think high-end event planners or chic rooftop bars. Make your space stand out; rent these stools today for an atmosphere that speaks elegance!

Product Info: https://www.moderneventrental.com/product/equino-bar-stool-black/



Transform Your Venue with Sleek Metal Stools for Rent


  • Strong metal build lasts long
  • Light to move, just 10 pounds
  • Perfect height for counters, 29.3 inches tall
  • Space – saving at under 17 inches square
  • Sturdy design holds up to heavy use
  • Sleek look fits modern industrial styles

The INDUSTRIAL BAR STOOL at Modern Event Rental packs a punch with its sturdy metal construction. At 10 pounds, it’s easy to move around yet strong enough to handle the fun and frenzy of any social event. The matte black finish not only looks sharp but also hides scuffs and marks, keeping things looking neat.

This stool is all about comfort with its high-back design and wide seat. No more fidgeting or squirming during long events! Guests can relax comfortably, thanks to the stable build supported by cross-bracing under the seat. Plus, its size makes it a perfect fit for any venue – big or small.

Imagine this bar stool lining up neatly at your next event. It’s got that industrial vibe that’s all the rage right now, blending seamlessly from elegant galas to relaxed meet-ups. With a design this versatile, you’re sure to impress guests every time they take a seat!

Our industrial bar stool, built tough with a sleek metal design and weighing only 10 pounds, is the perfect match for Los Angeles event planners looking to add a touch of modern edge to their venue. If you’re aiming to create an atmosphere that’s both stylish and durable—the kind of place where conversations flow as easily as drinks—this is your go-to seating solution. Ready to elevate your space? Get these stools on rental today, and watch your bar area transform into a vibrant hub!

Product Info: https://www.moderneventrental.com/product/industrial-bar-stool/



Ideal for Chic LA Events: Effortless Style Meets Comfort


  • Stands 40 inches wide for a roomy seat
  • Measures 21 inches long, great for any counter
  • Sits at 18.5 inches high, perfect for bar tables
  • Comes in a clean white color to match any decor
  • Designed with a modern look to upgrade your space
  • Built sturdy and durable for everyday use

The SCOOP BAR STOOL from Modern Event Rental hits the mark for chic and comfortable seating. Its high-gloss white finish shines at cocktail parties or trade shows, giving off a modern vibe that guests love. The ergonomic seat design is a real back-saver, making it easy to relax even during lengthy networking events.

This bar stool isn’t just about good looks; it’s built tough too. The sturdy legs keep things steady, no matter how lively the event gets. It’s also a breeze to move around, which means setting up or changing your space in Los Angeles is hassle-free. Party planners and event coordinators looking for stylish yet functional furniture will find this lightweight stool to be an excellent choice.

Whether you’re hosting a rooftop gathering under the stars or an indoor conference, the SCOOP BAR STOOL fits right in. Its size—40″ W x 21″ L x 18.5″ H—makes sure everyone has room to sit comfortably without crowding the venue. This bar stool proves that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style when picking out furniture for your next big event in town.

The Scoop Bar Stool is perfect for Los Angeles event planners who want sleek style and easy setup – grab one today to give your venue that modern edge!

Product Info: https://www.moderneventrental.com/product/scoop-bar-stool/



Elevate Your Event with Chic 46.5 High Black Seating


  • The TENDY BAR STOOL is sleek in black, matching any room.
  • It stands tall at 46.5 inches, perfect for bar counters.
  • At 21 inches wide, it gives plenty of seating space.
  • The stool’s length is 20 inches, offering comfort.
  • Its design is modern and stylish for a cool look.
  • Built sturdy to last in any home or bar setting.

The TENDY BAR STOOL BLACK is a real game-changer for any event planner. Picture it in a sleek downtown venue – where style meets comfort. With its 21 inches of width and towering height of 46.5 inches, this stool not only makes a statement but also saves precious floor space. It’s perfect for guests, as the subtle black finish means it doesn’t clash with other decor. Plus, moving these stools around is no sweat because they’re amazingly lightweight.

Now let’s talk sturdiness – nobody wants wobbly seating. This bar stool stands strong through countless toasts and cheers, without showing wear and tear easily. Guests will mingle comfortably, thanks to the dependable build that can take on various settings from casual happy hours to elegant receptions.

Think about those Instagram-worthy moments at your next shindig; these stools have that minimalist vibe everyone loves right now. They’re chic without trying too hard – blending perfectly whether you’ve got an edgy modern theme or something more classic in mind. For event goers who value both fashion and function, the TENDY BAR STOOL BLACK hits all the right notes!

The Tendy Bar Stool Black, with its sleek 46.5-inch height and classic black color, is perfect for Los Angeles residents who love to entertain in style – if that’s you, make it the newest addition to your event today!

Product Info: https://www.moderneventrental.com/product/tendy-bar-stool-black/



Elevate Your LA Event with Chic White Bar Seating


  • The Tendy Bar Stool stands tall at 46.5 inches.
  • It’s a perfect fit for your space at 21 inches wide and 20 inches long.
  • Dressed in a clean, white color to match any decor.
  • A modern design that looks great at any bar or counter.
  • Built sturdy for lots of use and fun times.
  • Easy to clean surface keeps it looking fresh and new.

The TENDY BAR STOOL WHITE makes a striking addition to any high-end event or classy home bar. Picture this: you step into a room and immediately notice the clean, white elegance of these stools lining the bar area. They’re 21″ wide, 20″ long, and almost 47″ tall – just the right size for guests to sit comfortably without elbow fights for space. Plus, their white color brings an air of sophistication that blends seamlessly with any decor style.

With its sleek form and ergonomically shaped seating, this stool ensures your guests stay cozy all night long. Whether it’s used at a swanky rooftop party or during an intimate gathering among friends, people will rave about how great these chairs look and feel under them. The materials shout durability so you can bet they’ll last through countless cheers and celebrations. Imagine having furniture that not only looks good but also withstands the test of time – now that’s smart investing!

The Tendy Bar Stool White is perfect for the stylish host in Los Angeles, looking to impress guests with a sleek and modern seating option – elevate your event by renting this eye-catching piece today!

Product Info: https://www.moderneventrental.com/product/tendy-bar-stool-white/

How to Rent Bar Stools in Los Angeles

Stylish bar stools at a trendy Los Angeles event venue.

Discovering the perfect bar stool rental for your Los Angeles event is a breeze – unlock the secrets to effortless booking and create an unforgettable atmosphere that will leave guests talking.

Keep reading to master the art of securing these stylish seating options without a hitch!

Research Los Angeles bar stool rental companies

Finding the right Los Angeles bar stool rental company is a key step for your event planning. Modern Event Rental offers the most diverse options in bar stool rentals.

Look at pictures online to find styles that match your event theme. Make sure they have good reviews and a strong reputation.

Call or email these companies to get prices and check if the bar stools you want are available on your date. Ask about how early you can get them delivered, and when you must return them.

It’s important to know all this before making a final decision so everything runs smoothly on the big day!

Contact for pricing and availability

Ready to know how much your Los Angeles bar stool rental will cost? Reach out to the modern rental company directly. They have all the details on prices and whether the stools you want are ready for your event dates.

It’s easy—just a call or email away. Make sure to ask about any special deals or discounts they might offer.

You’ll also want to check if there are extra fees. Sometimes delivery, setup, and pickup can cost more. Ask them about these services so you won’t be surprised later on. Get all the info now, so planning goes smoothly!

Arrange delivery and pick-up details

Once you’ve picked out the perfect Los Angeles bar stool rentals for your event, it’s time to set up delivery and pick-up. Reach out to the Modern Event Rental company staff and let them know where and when your event will be.

They will work with you to schedule a drop-off that fits into your busy day. Most companies are flexible and can deliver directly to your venue.

After the party is over, returning the stools is just as easy. Plan a pick-up time with the rental service for them to come get their items. Make sure all stools are ready to go at the agreed time so everything runs smoothly.

This way, you won’t have any stress about handling heavy furniture or transportation details yourself!

Final thoughts

Renting bar stools for your Los Angeles event is smart. It gives guests a stylish place to sit and chat. Choose from many different styles like the modern Casper Clear or the chic Ashton Black.

Think about what vibe you want for your party. Then, pick stools that match perfectly! Your choices can make your event look amazing.

Picking the right Los Angeles bar stool rental company is key—look for one with good reviews and fair prices. Get all details sorted out ahead of time: costs, delivery, setup, and when they’ll pick everything up after the party’s over.

This way, you can relax on the big day knowing seating is handled!


Finding the right Los Angeles bar stool rentals for your event is easy. The ASHTON BAR STOOL GOLD BLACK and the ASHTON BAR STOOL GOLD WHITE stand out with their sleek designs. They’re sturdy, the perfect height, and will match your modern style.

Check them out to make your next event shine!


1. Where can I reserve Los Angeles Bar stool rentals?

You’ll find a variety of rental companies in Los Angeles that offer bar stools for events and parties.

2. Are there different styles of Los Angeles bar stool rentals?

Yes, you can choose from multiple styles including modern, classic, and industrial looks to match your event’s theme.

3. Can I reserve Los Angeles bar stool rentals for just one day?

Sure thing—many rental places let you rent bar stools even just for a single day.

4. Will the rental company deliver and pick up the bar stools?

Modern Event Rental will happily deliver and pick up your rented items; some might charge extra for this service.

5. What information do I need to provide to Los Angeles bar stool rentals?

Typically, you’ll need to give the date of your event, the number of stools you need, and delivery details when renting bar stools.

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