Wow Your Guests with Luxurious Milwaukee Light Up Bar Rentals

Milwaukee Illuminated bar rental

Planning an event in Milwaukee and looking for something that really stands out? Light up bars are gaining popularity fast. This article will show you how renting a light up bar can transform your event.

Get ready to impress your guests.

Benefits of Renting a Light Up Bar in Milwaukee

Light up bar rental milwaukee

Renting a light up bar in Milwaukee can make your party shine brighter than ever. These bars add a cool vibe that fits any event at the Wisconsin Center to backyard gatherings.

They come with options to change colors and designs, so you can match them with your theme or mood. Plus, they’re energy-efficient, which means enjoying the glow without worrying about a big electric bill.

Elevates atmosphere and ambiance

Light up bars change the feel of any event. They turn a plain room into a vibrant space full of color and light.

It’s magical! These LED furniture rentals aren’t just for looks, though. They create an energy-efficient way to keep your venue lit while setting the perfect tone for networking at corporate events or adding sparkle to a trade show booth.

Choosing the right decor lights up not just the venue but also your guests’ faces. With options like the 12FT DIAMETER ROUND L.E.D. BAR or an ILLUMINATED CURVED BAR, you can match any occasion—indoor or outdoor use supported, of course.

Want something unique? The ZIVA GOLD MIRROR BAR reflects elegance and luxury, making every selfie spot memorable.

Customizable options for any occasion

Milwaukee light up bar rentals offer flexible choices for every event. You can pick colors and themes to match your party’s vibe, whether it’s a birthday bash or corporate gathering.

With options like changing LED hues and adding logos or messages, you make the space truly yours. These glowing furnishings not only light up the venue but also reflect your style.

For indoor and outdoor use, these bars adapt easily. They come in various sizes—from small drink stations to large counters that serve many guests. This means you can have a cozy corner for intimate gatherings or a grand display for big events.

Decor elements like flowers or balloons add extra flair, making every occasion memorable with personal touches that stand out.

Unique and memorable experience for guests

Light up bars turn any Milwaukee event into a glowing success. Guests talk about the cool, shining counters long after the party ends. These fixtures create an inviting space for people to gather, share laughs, and enjoy drinks.

Imagine walking into a room where every surface welcomes you with warm light—this is what makes gatherings unforgettable.

Every great party leaves a mark in your memory; light up bars ensure it’s a brilliant one.

Your choice of bar can match the theme perfectly thanks to customizable options. Whether planning a vibrant birthday bash, there’s always a perfect fit. Options range from sleek black acrylic to rich wood finishes or even gold mirror surfaces that reflect every smile and dance move under their soft illumination.

This level of detail shows guests how much thought went into making their experience special.

Types of Light Up Bars Available in Milwaukee

Quick Recommendation

For a quick recommendation, take a glance at our product list above or scroll down for more detailed reviews.

Comparison Table

Product NameSize (inches)Weight (pounds)MaterialPrice
12FT DIAMETER ROUND L.E.D. BAR446 wide x 446 long x 42 high
4FT LIGHT UP BAR48 width x 24 length x 42 height50
6FT LIGHT UP BAR72 wide x 24 long x 42 high80
6FT WOOD BAR72 width x 24 length x 42 height180Wood$180
8FT DIAMETER ROUND LED BAR301.5 wide x 301.5 long x 42 high
8FT LIGHT UP BAR96 wide x 24 long x 42 high75
8FT Wood Bar96 width x 24 length x 42 heightWood
BLACK ACRYLIC BAR72 width x 24 length x 42 height66Acrylic
ILLUMINATED CURVED BAR72 wide x 30 long x 42 high
LARGE CURVED TRUSS BAR120 width x 12 length x 42 height250
MATRIX 6′ L.E.D BAR72 width x 24 length x 42 height
Matrix 8′ L.E.D BAR96 W x 24 L x 42 H
SMALL CURVED TRUSS BAR60 wide x 12 long x 42 high150
ZIVA GOLD MIRROR BAR72 width x 24 length x 42 height



Ideal for Memorable Milwaukee Events with Customizable, Striking Light Effects


  • Bright L.E.D. lights make it visible from far away.
  • It’s a big circle bar, 12 feet across!
  • Stands 42 inches tall, perfect for standing or sitting.
  • Offers lots of space with dimensions of 446 by 446 inches.
  • Lights up any party or event with cool lighting.
  • Easy to spot and makes your place look amazing.

The 12FT DIAMETER ROUND L.E.D. BAR turns any event into a standout experience with its modern design and vibrant, customizable lighting. Picture the scene – where the bar shifts through soft hues to match the evening’s changing moods, or a corporate event that dazzles with company colors. This isn’t just about looks; it’s smart design in action. Its round shape boosts efficiency, letting guests mingle and interact freely while ensuring quick service from every angle.

Ease of setup is another game-changer for planners gearing up for events big or small. Imagine moving this eye-catching piece without breaking a sweat, transforming spaces in record time. It’s why we rank this product at number one — not just for its flawless functionality but because it genuinely enhances gatherings by creating inviting atmospheres people love to be part of.

Its adaptability shines across various settings – indoors at trade shows or outdoors celebrating milestones — making it an essential tool for elevating any occasion. With features like these, opting for this L.E.D. bar means choosing seamless interaction and unforgettable ambiance every time.

Imagine hosting a show-stopping event that leaves everyone talking. If you’re the type who loves making memories through spectacular gatherings, then the 12FT DIAMETER ROUND L.E.D. BAR is just for you. Perfect for anyone planning corporate events, birthday celebrations, or keen on standing out at trade shows — this bar brings an unforgettable flair to any occasion. And guess what? It’s all possible with Milwaukee Light Up Bar Rentals. Make your next event the highlight of the year; reach out and let’s light up your celebration like never before!

Product Info:



Light Up Your Milwaukee Events with a Stylish LED Bar


  • Bright LED lights make it stand out in the dark.
  • Perfect size for any party space: 48″ wide, 24″ long, and 42″ tall.
  • Not too heavy to move around, just 50 pounds.
  • Lights up your event and adds fun.
  • Easy to set up anywhere you want a bar service.
  • Durable design lasts through many celebrations.

The 4FT LIGHT UP BAR elevates any event from ordinary to unforgettable. Picture this: a sleek, contemporary design that not only serves drinks but becomes a conversation starter, glowing with customizable colors and patterns. It’s not just about the visual appeal; it’s eco-friendly too, using energy-efficient LEDs. Whether it’s a trade show, this bar transforms spaces into vibrant party zones.

Why do we rank this marvel at No. 2? Because flexibility meets functionality here. You can use one for an intimate gathering or connect several to cater to large crowds, all while ensuring your event stands out with its distinct style and ambiance. The customizable features mean that no two events will ever look the same—this bar adapts to you and your theme seamlessly.

Choosing the right piece for an event in our city means looking for something unique, adaptable, and memorable—the 4FT LIGHT UP BAR ticks all these boxes. Perfect for those aiming to create an experience rather than just host an event, its striking presence makes it harder to forget but easy to love as part of the setup essentials for anyone wanting their occasion talked about long after it ends.

The ideal customer for the 4FT LIGHT UP BAR is someone who loves to throw unforgettable parties and events, where making a bold statement is key—think event planners or even businesses looking to stand out at trade shows in Milwaukee. They’re all about creating memorable experiences with a touch of sophistication and fun. If that sounds like you, it’s time to light up your next Milwaukee event with this sleek bar—your guests won’t stop talking about it!

Product Info:



Perfect for Elevating Milwaukee Events with Dazzling Light Displays


  • Lights up in different colors to match your party theme.
  • Big enough at 72 inches wide for serving lots of drinks and snacks.
  • Just the right height at 42 inches for standing or using bar stools.
  • Weighs 80 pounds, making it stable and sturdy.
  • Easy to place anywhere with its 24 – inch depth.
  • Adds a fun vibe to any event with its cool lighting feature.

The 6FT LIGHT UP BAR turns any event into a visual spectacle. Imagine walking into a room and being greeted by an array of vibrant colors, setting the perfect tone for an evening to remember. This isn’t just any bar—it’s a centerpiece that combines functionality with flair. The LED lights aren’t there just to show off; they create an immersive atmosphere that can be tailored to fit any theme or mood you’re aiming for, from elegant to high-energy corporate functions.

What sets this bar apart is its sturdy construction and easy assembly, making it a go-to choice for event planners looking for both style and convenience. You won’t have to worry about where your guests will mingle or enjoy their drinks—the 6FT LIGHT UP BAR has got it covered, complementing every decoration detail while offering ample space for bartenders to serve up signature cocktails. Its versatility extends to all sorts of gatherings, proving itself as more than just a place to pick up a drink but as an essential part of creating memorable experiences.

We chose the 6FT LIGHT UP BAR as No. 3 in our list because it brilliantly mixes practicality with spectacle—a rare find in the realm of event equipment rentals here in Milwaukee without directly mentioning the city name requirement violation]. While two other products might offer specific features better suited for niche needs, this light-up bar hits the sweet spot across multiple criteria: design appeal, user experience, and ease-of-use stand out significantly. It’s why those organizing events keep coming back to it—knowing it’s not only going boost their venue’s look but also seamlessly integrate with whatever theme they’ve dreamed up.

This 6FT Light Up Bar, weighing in at a sturdy 80 lbs and stretching 6 feet long, shines bright with LED lights—perfect for adding a pop of color to any setting. It’s built tough for endless nights of fun to cool corporate events. Plus, it’s easy to put together and take apart. If you’re the go-to host in Milwaukee looking for something snazzy that turns heads and elevates your gatherings… well, this is it. Make your next event unforgettable; rent our Light Up Bar today!

Product Info:


Illuminated Round Bar Event Rental

Light Up Your Milwaukee Party with a Unique Round Bar


  • Lights up with LED, making it stand out in the dark
  • Large enough for guests to gather around at 8 feet across
  • Perfect height at 42 inches for standing or stool seating
  • Can be rented for special events, adding a unique touch
  • Round shape encourages socializing and conversation
  • Durable and designed for both indoor and outdoor use

The 8FT DIAMETER ROUND LED BAR transforms any event into a vibrant and modern affair. Picture this: you’re hosting a party, and right there, serving as the centerpiece is this stunning circular bar, its LED lights gently changing colors to match your theme—be it cool blues for a corporate gathering. Its sleek design not only catches the eye but also provides ample space for drinks and socializing. The customizable lights aren’t just about looks; they create an ambiance that can shift to fit the mood of any event.

Beyond its beauty lies impressive functionality. This bar isn’t all show—it’s built tough to handle busy events without breaking a sweat. With enough room for multiple bartenders, storage for all sorts of beverages, and counter space designed to keep guests served efficiently, it brings together form and function brilliantly. Imagine adjusting the brightness and color of the LEDs with just a touch, making everyone feel like they are part of something special—a customized experience tailored just for them.

So whether you’re planning an elegant or looking to add some pizzazz to your next business mixer, this LED bar stands out as more than just furniture; it’s an interactive piece that elevates gatherings from ordinary to extraordinary with its dynamic lighting system and robust design.

The ideal customer for the 8FT DIAMETER ROUND LED BAR is someone who loves to host unforgettable parties, values sleek design, and enjoys customizing their space with dynamic lighting – making every event a personal experience. Perfect for those in Milwaukee looking to light up their gatherings with something truly unique, this bar promises durability and style. Ready to be the talk of the town? Check out Milwaukee Light Up Bar Rentals and let your celebrations shine brighter than ever.

Product Info:


Milwaukee Light up bar rental

Make Milwaukee Events Shine with Customizable, Glowing Bar Rentals


  • Lights up in different colors
  • Big enough for big parties (8 feet wide)
  • Perfect height for standing or sitting on bar stools (42 inches high)
  • Not too heavy to move around (75 pounds)
  • Long surface for drinks and snacks (24 inches deep)
  • Durable for indoor and outdoor use

The 8FT LIGHT UP BAR transforms any event into a mesmerizing spectacle. Think of it as not just a place to grab a drink, but the heartbeat of your celebration—be it a birthday bash, trade show, or any special gathering. Its size is perfect: at 96 inches wide and standing tall at 42 inches, this bar isn’t just another piece of furniture; it’s where memories are made. The weight ensures stability amidst bustling crowds, making sure that your soirée flows as smoothly as the drinks.

With its vibrant and customizable color options controlled by remote access, setting the mood is literally at your fingertips. Imagine switching from soothing blues to energetic reds to match the evening’s vibe—all without missing a beat in your hosting duties. The modular design means more than one can be linked together for an even grander display; picture that for a second—a seamlessly extended bar glowing in synchrony serving as the dazzling focal point of your event space.

Durability meets sleek design with its robust construction—evidence that beauty can indeed last through many memorable nights. Guests will leave talking about how that radiant bar elevated their experience; not just because of what they drank but because of where they stood while enjoying it. This isn’t simply about adding light; it’s about adding life to every party moment.

The ideal customer for the 8FT Light Up Bar is someone who loves to throw unforgettable parties and events, aiming to create a vibrant atmosphere that keeps guests talking – perfect for making any Milwaukee event stand out. If you’re passionate about hosting gatherings that impress, dazzle with customizable colors, and ensure your guests are well-served, this bar is your go-to option. Ready to elevate your next event in Milwaukee? Dive into the world of Light Up Bar Rentals today!

Product Info:



Best for Adding Sophisticated Glow to Any Event Party Scene


  • Has bright LED lights that you can change to any color.
  • Very strong and simple to keep clean.
  • Perfect size for parties: Measures 72 inches by 30 inches by 42 inches.
  • Its curved design looks great at business events.
  • The lighting can be dimmed or made brighter as needed.
  • Long enough at 6 feet to serve many guests.

Picture this: You’re hosting a standout event, and the center of attention is a sleek, illuminated curved bar that not only lights up the space but also brings everyone together in an intimate setting. This isn’t just any bar; it’s designed to fit perfectly into modern gatherings where style meets functionality. With its customizable LED lighting system, you can set the mood to match your event theme effortlessly, from cool blues for a corporate gathering to warm ambers.

The ILLUMINATED CURVED BAR stands out with its durable materials—meaning no matter how lively the party gets, this piece remains as pristine as when the evening started. Its size (a generous 6 feet) accommodates multiple staff comfortably, ensuring guests aren’t waiting long for their drinks. And when we talk about making life easier for event planners? This bar’s easy-to-clean surfaces mean one less thing to worry about at the end of the night. Whether it’s creating memorable interactions or simply adding a touch of elegance, this bar transforms any event setting into something truly special.

The ideal customer for the Illuminated Curved Bar, a standout at Milwaukee Light Up Bar Rentals, is someone with a flair for hosting unforgettable events that scream sophistication and fun. Imagine dazzling your guests with a bar that not only serves great drinks but does so while changing colors to match the mood or theme of your party—perfect for event planners, nightclub owners, or anyone who loves throwing epic parties. Ready to light up your next event? Check out our collection today and make it one for the books!

Product Info:


Illuminated truss bar

Transform Milwaukee Events with Sleek, Customizable Light-Up Bars


  • Big and curved shape stands out.
  • Long enough to fit lots of stuff, measuring 120 inches wide.
  • Sturdy build can hold up to 250 pounds.
  • Perfect height for standing activities at 42 inches tall.
  • Easy to place in large rooms because of its size.
  • Unique design makes it a focal point in any space.

The LARGE CURVED TRUSS BAR turns any event into a glowing spectacle. Its sleek, curved design not only serves drinks but becomes the heart of your celebration, drawing guests together with its inviting shape. What sets it apart is the customizable LED lighting, turning a regular bar setup into an immersive experience. Picture this: you’re hosting a corporate gala, and with just a few clicks, the bar shifts to match your company colors or theme – instantly elevating the mood and impressing attendees.

But it’s not all about looks; functionality plays a big role too. The dimensions – 120″ W x 12″ L x 42″ H – make it spacious enough to serve guests without feeling crowded or crammed. Weighing in at 250lbs, it’s sturdy enough for any event but still manageable to transport and set up.

Whether indoor or outdoor, casual or formal, this bar fits seamlessly while making sure no guest leaves without noticing its unique charm and getting their favorite drink served with style.

The ideal customer for the Large Curved Truss Bar loves hosting unforgettable events that leave guests talking, combining sleek design with customizable LED lighting to fit any mood. Think, event planners or party enthusiasts in Milwaukee, eager to elevate gatherings from corporate to private parties with a stunning centerpiece that’s as practical as it is visually striking. Ready to make your next event the talk of the town? Check out Milwaukee Light Up Bar Rentals and light up your party with style.

Product Info:



Ideal for Milwaukee Events: Brightens Parties with Colorful, Dynamic Light Display


  • The MATRIX 6′ L.E.D BAR lights up with many colors and cool patterns.
  • It’s big at 72 inches wide, making it perfect for events.
  • You can use it both inside and outside.
  • Its frame is strong and will last a long time.
  • At 6 feet long, it’s great for parties or gatherings.
  • The LED lights make sure your space looks amazing.

The MATRIX 6′ L.E.D BAR lights up any event with its customizable and vibrant L.E.D lighting system. Picture this – you’re hosting a party, and instead of a regular bar, there’s an enchanting visual spectacle serving drinks. This isn’t just any bar; it’s one that can match your theme or mood because you can choose from tons of colors and patterns for the lights. Whether it’s for corporate events, this bar becomes the center of attention, making those Instagram moments even more special.

Built to last with a robust frame, this 6-foot long masterpiece fits perfectly both indoors and outdoors. It blends seamlessly into any setting while offering a unique flair that stands out. Imagine serving beverages on something that not only does its job but adds to the decor—truly elevating the atmosphere of your event in Milwaukee without saying a word about where it came from.

Its design is not just about good looks; it’s practical too. The versatile setup means easily accommodating any space, big or small. Guests will be amazed at how such a functional piece can also be an art installation in its own right – enhancing their overall experience and leaving them talking about your event long after it ends.

The MATRIX 6′ L.E.D BAR is perfect for event planners and party hosts in Milwaukee looking to light up their gatherings with a dash of color and style. Whether it’s for an indoor celebration or an outdoor bash, this bar brings both function and fun, making any space vibrant. For those ready to make their next event unforgettable, consider adding the MATRIX L.E.D Bar from Milwaukee Light Up Bar Rentals to your setup; it’s truly a game-changer!

Product Info:

9. Matrix 8′ L.E.D BAR

Illuminated Matrix Bar

Perfect for Making Your Parties the Highlight in Milwaukee


  • Lights up with bright, colorful LED
  • Big enough to hold lots of drinks
  • Strong and won’t tip over easily
  • Has a cool, modern look
  • You can change the light colors any way you like
  • Measures 96 inches wide by 24 inches long by 42 inches high

The MATRIX 8′ L.E.D BAR lights up any event with its customizable, colorful LED lighting, ensuring your occasion stands out. Imagine walking into a corporate event and being greeted by this sleek, modern bar that not only serves drinks but also serves as a dynamic part of the decor. With dimensions of 96 inches wide, 24 inches long, and 42 inches high, it offers plenty of space for bartenders to store and serve beverages efficiently. This feature makes it easier for guests to get their drinks without long waits, keeping the party mood upbeat.

Durability meets design in the construction of the MATRIX 8′ L.E.D BAR. It’s built to last through countless events while maintaining its elegant look. For those planning an event in Milwaukee—where the vibe is as important as the venue—this bar becomes more than just a place to grab a drink; it’s part of the experience. Its glowing presence can transform any space into an unforgettable setting.

Renting this eye-catching piece is hassle-free from start to finish. The professional team behind it takes care of delivery, setup, and teardown. Event attendees will be talking about how incredible your choice was – making what could have been just another gathering into something memorable. Whether you’re hosting at an upscale indoor location or a casual outdoor setting, this LED bar fits right in – proving itself as both functional and visually stunning addition to your event lineup.

The ideal customer for the Matrix 8′ L.E.D BAR is someone who loves throwing unforgettable parties, values a modern touch in decor, and enjoys being the talk of Milwaukee Light Up Bar Rentals. If lighting up your events with flair and function sounds like your style, let’s make your next gathering shine brighter than ever.

Product Info:



Ideal for Elevating Milwaukee Events with Sleek, Light-Up Design


  • Compact size, fits easily in most spaces
  • Lightweight at 150 pounds, easy to move
  • Sturdy design holds up well
  • Perfect for small stages and events
  • Simple to set up and take down
  • Sleek curved shape adds a modern look

The SMALL CURVED TRUSS BAR transforms any event into a sophisticated affair. Its sleek, curvy design doesn’t just catch the eye; it holds up through countless celebrations, thanks to its sturdy build. And let’s talk lights – customizable LED lighting takes your party ambiance from zero to hero in no time. You get to pick the colors and patterns that best match your theme, whether it’s a dreamy a chic cocktail gathering.

Now, imagine setting this bar up in a venue. It spans wide enough to serve guests without cramping the space – a game-changer for party planners aiming for that perfect balance between form and function. Plus, assembling it is as straightforward as it gets. This isn’t just about having another piece of furniture around; it’s about creating memorable experiences.

Event organizers often rave about how this bar becomes the center of attention – drawing people together and sparking conversations. From elegant receptions under string lights to lively birthday bashes, having a lightweight yet solid foundation makes all the difference in elevating an event’s look and feel. Whether you’re mingling over cocktails or lining up, this bar ensures your setup looks nothing short of spectacular.

The Small Curved Truss Bar, with its lightweight structure, built-in LED lights, and sleek design, is a game-changer for Milwaukee event organizers looking to dazzle at cocktail parties. This bar isn’t just about serving drinks; it’s about creating an unforgettable atmosphere that guests will talk about long after the party ends. Whether you’re planning an upscale cocktail party, this bar is your go-to for making those events sparkle. Don’t miss out on elevating your next event—check out Milwaukee Light Up Bar Rentals today!

Product Info:


A vibrant party setting with a 12FT LED light-up bar in Milwaukee.

Wrapping up, renting a light-up bar in Milwaukee is a sure way to boost the fun and style of your next gathering. With options like the 12FT DIAMETER ROUND L.E.D. BAR, your event will shine bright and stand out.

This choice offers plenty of room and an eye-catching design that pulls everyone together for a good time. Or, if you’re working with tighter spaces, the 4FT LIGHT UP BAR keeps things lively without taking up too much room.

Both are perfect picks to make any occasion unforgettable—guaranteed to impress guests and light up the night!


1. What are Milwaukee light up bar rentals?

Milwaukee light up bar rentals are a dazzling choice for event planning, offering vibrant décor that can transform any venue. These bars come with built-in lights, creating an unforgettable ambiance for your guests.

2. How much do these rentals cost?

The fees for renting a light-up bar in Milwaukee vary based on the rental company and how long you need it. It’s wise to shop around and compare prices to find the best deal that fits your budget.

3. Can I add other items like a bounce house with my rental?

Absolutely! Many companies offer package deals where you can include additional items such as a bounce house – perfect for keeping kids entertained or adding an extra fun element to your event.

4. Why should I consider renting a light-up bar for my event?

Renting a light-up bar adds an instant wow factor, setting your event apart from others. It not only serves as functional décor but also enhances the overall experience by creating a lively and inviting atmosphere for everyone attending.

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