Robust Truss Rentals to Amplify Your Next Event

Truss Rentals: Excellent lighting and top-notch audio quality are two aspects that can take your event from zero to 100. And just having high-quality LED lights and glass-breaking sub-woofers wouldn’t help you cut it. You need solid trussing to elevate your light and sound!

Even though rigging and trussing are boring parts of event organizing, they are quite crucial to your event’s success. The right kind of sound and light systems placed the right way, can make a phenomenal impact on your event.

That is why we at Modern have given due thought and diligence to fabricating our own robust truss rentals for our clients.

Modern’s Truss Rentals

We are a full-service Dallas event rental company that offers a wide range of truss rental structures. We design and manufacture our truss structures in-house with high-quality Aluminum, keeping in mind the various needs of events, both indoor and outdoor. More than anything else, we focus on the strength and sturdiness of our trusses, as we prioritize our client’s safety at all times.

We have versatile box trusses, corner blocks, spacers, and bases to create towers or arches or any type of support column for lighting and sound on stage. We also provide multiple sizes of truss structures to suit your event size, type, and budget.

Our team can help you find the right types of truss structures to efficiently and safely organize your lighting and sound equipment for the best results.

How You Can Use Our Truss Rentals

We offer a variety of truss rentals with which you can amplify your event in many ways. The idea is to use trussing to elevate the basic elements of your event to improve quality and engagement.

Here are a few efficient ways to use our structures.

For Sound Systems

One of the best ways to ensure the best sound quality, and audibility even at the ends of your event venue, is to suspend your sound equipment overhead on trusses. This is especially true for stage events where the audio needs to be clear to everyone in the audience, or other large festivals where you will be using line arrays. We have trusses available in multiple sizes to suit every size of event.

For Perfect Lighting

Lighting is yet another crucial element at an event, and you need the best means to make sure that every corner of your venue is perfectly lit. You can use our truss rentals to suspend lighting fixtures at the right places to provide clear overhead lighting. You can even use automated lights, colored lights, or ambient lights to set the vibe and allow your guests to enjoy the effect.

For Backdrops

Truss structures can be the perfect reinforcement for backdrop and banner installations. If you are hosting a branded event, or if you need a fancy banner on stage, you can use our truss rentals to put up printed backdrops of your choice. You can also use trusses for a fun photo booth at a small personal event.

For Seamless Stage Set-Up

Stage set-ups often get messy and cluttered with all the wires and cords of the sound and light systems. They can also be dangerous sometimes, especially when you have kids playing around or participating in stage programs. Solid trusses can help you set up your stage equipment overhead, including sound projections, lighting, theatre rigging, curtains, and more, from a single place without additional arrangements.

For Pop-Up Stores

Truss rentals would be perfect for outdoor stalls or pop-up stores where you need to install a small space to display and sell your merchandise at a flea market event, or an exhibition event. They can house your primary tent while also providing the means to suspend lighting for your store, all from one place.

LED And Display Installations

For business conferences, small-scale film festivals, or any event where you need to install a display, truss rentals can provide the necessary foundation. A durable truss structure can perfectly hold your LED wall in place while also providing means to suspend audio systems. We have truss rentals in various sizes and structure styles to support multiple types of reinforcement.

For Shooting

Last but not least, truss rentals can also help you install the perfect background with lighting and other elements for video shooting. If you are hosting an audition program or a press event or even a social media event, you can use trusses to set up your lighting, sound, and even a branded banner.

Durable Trusses From Your Reliable Dallas Event Rental Company

We offer a full circle of services with our truss rentals including setting up and breaking down. We have a variety of truss structures in multiple sizes for you to choose from, depending on your event type and size.

In case you are not sure of the type of truss system you need, our rental experts will help you choose the right equipment for your event. Our technicians can assist you in calculating your weight and size requirements so that you can make the most of our truss rentals.

We also offer delivery and pick-up of trusses for additional charges. We have an array of shipping options in-house to facilitate the safe, secure, and prompt handling of our truss equipment. Whether you need a small truss arrangement or a large arena set up for a massive festival, you can count on our technical experts to give you the right support.

Feel free to give us a call today and know more about how we can help you with your trussing and for more updates visit our Facebook page

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