Tips to Host an Intimate Backyard Dinner Party

Tips to Host an Intimate Backyard Dinner Party

Since the pandemic of 2020, it is not uncommon for engaged and newlywed couples to host small intimate dinner parties in their backyards. While it may not be everyone’s thing, it certainly is a more cost-effective, meaningful, and beautiful option to celebrate a wedding. In fact, some couples even have backyard weddings; intimate ceremonies with only the closest of family and friends.

If you are an introvert and you are looking for a way to celebrate your wedding without the anxiety, stress, and cold feet that come with a big wedding, an intimate backyard dinner party is the perfect choice. You can have a small ceremony at the church or any place that holds meaning for you, and celebrate your union with only the closest of your friends and family in your backyard the same night.

With the help of a holistic Dallas event rental provider, you can make that little intimate wedding dream come true.

Here are some tips to help you plan and execute the event smoothly.

Don’t slack on planning, start early

Don’t let the fact that it is a small and intimate event, keep you from planning systematically. Every event, irrespective of the size, demands detailed planning, and it is no different for a backyard dinner. Along with planning the wedding, organize the backyard dinner as well, months in advance, so that you are fully prepared and ready to host your friends and family for the first time as an official couple. This lets you prepare the space, if it needs cleaning up, repairing and upkeep, etc. It also lets you get a fair idea of the kind of event you can have in the backyard, within the limitations of the size and available facilities.

Set an elegant theme or a color palette

Since it is an intimate dinner event, you don’t necessarily need a full-blown theme. Instead, you can go for a generic theme, like boho, or tropical. You can also have a simple color palette for a theme, such as whites and greens, cool-toned pastels, peach, etc. The idea is to apply a minimal level of symmetry throughout the design and décor elements so that the venue appears put together and elegant. Not applying any theme can make the place look trashy.

Choose a holistic Dallas event rental provider for a great package deal

Coming to the rental items, you will most likely need basic furniture, like chairs, tables, and a few decorative pieces. If you have ample space, you can also set up a bar area for your guests to relax and have drinks. It is best to rent all your needs from a holistic Dallas event rental provider; one that covers all your needs. This will help you coordinate better, as you will only have a single vendor, and utilize the price advantage that comes with a great package deal.

Modern is one such holistic event rental provider in Dallas, with a full range of furniture and décor products to choose from. We carry everything from elegant art-deco-inspired chairs and tables to high-quality lounge furniture to bars and decorative furniture pieces. We also provide delivery and pick-up options to let you enjoy a hassle-free event-hosting experience.

Use classic designs of furniture

When choosing furniture, it is best to go for classic and timeless designs, as they help keep the décor understated and elegant. Over-the-top designs and loud motifs can end up making your venue look too crowded and distasteful. This is why at Modern we make sure to offer timeless minimal designs in chairs, tables, and lounge furniture. Our pieces are carefully designed in-house in classic colors of white, black, or neutrals to stay versatile and blend with all types of themes. We also carry vintage ornamental furniture such as ottomans, to amp up the beauty of your intimate space.

Combine formal seating with comfy and casual seating options

One of the best things about hosting an intimate wedding dinner is that it involves only your closest family and friends. It removes any obligation to maintain formality, and it lets everyone be at ease and comfortable. To encourage open conversations and to provide a relaxing ambiance, have an informal seating area as well. It allows the crowd to settle in and have fun after a great formal dinner. You can set up a simple low communal table, and place an outdoor rug with some cushions on the lawn to provide a comfortable space to unwind. Rent the table as a part of the whole furniture package from your holistic Dallas event rental company to match your tables and chairs.

Choose elegant floral decorations within the decided color palette

Minimal is the key to an elegant backyard dinner event. Keep that in mind when choosing flowers and floral décor for your venue. Go for elegant colors of flowers within the color palette that you have decided on. You can either DIY the floral arrangements and centerpieces if you have creative people to rely on, or place your order with a local floral service provider and enhance the beauty of your little backyard event.

Set up ambient lighting

Lighting is an important element to look into for your dinner. Once the sun goes down, you will need some great lighting for the pictures. Set up ambient lighting using a combination of warm and soft suspended lights. You can use Modern’s custom truss rentals to reinforce lighting and sound. You can also use string lights for a warmer and more informal ambiance. If you have the space for a bar, you can also decorate the bar area with warm string lights. Modern also has a range of minimal bar counter and furniture designs to complement your elegant theme.

Serve familiar and comfortable food and drinks

For intimate dinners, it is always a good idea to keep the food and drink options familiar and comfortable. Choose some favorites of your family and friends; items that you know your people will love. Have a simple course of meal, with ample dessert and drinks for after dinner as well. The idea is to celebrate the union of you and your partner, along with the togetherness of the family, not to make an impression.

Wrapping up

Well-planned and executed intimate backyard dinner parties are wholesome, fun, and beautiful. They help you celebrate a milestone in your life with the people that mean the most to you. They are economical and sustainable for the environment, as they don’t demand a lot in terms of resources. If you have been thinking of having an intimate celebration for your wedding, this is your sign to go ahead and do it.

Place your orders with Modern, a comprehensive Dallas event rental company that provides delivery and pick-up services, to enjoy a hassle-free, stress-free, seamless backyard wedding dinner party. Go through our furniture catalog and contact our team today. For more updates visit our Facebook page.

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