Tips to Plan a Successful Trade Show Event in Las Vegas

Tips to Plan a Successful Trade Show Event in Las Vegas

Trade shows are one of the most tried-and-tested effective marketing and networking events that help businesses achieve systematic growth in their industry. Whether domestic or international, it gives all sizes of businesses, small and large alike, lucrative opportunities to meet new clients, exhibit their products and services, learn about others, and form valuable business relationships. The hosting brand also gets an amazing chance to spread awareness and amass goodwill in their industry.

Especially in a city like Las Vegas, where some of the biggest and most influential trade shows are hosted annually, the scope and impact of hosting a brand-led trade show are significant.

Even as a beginner in the realm of event organizing, with the help of a holistic and experienced provider of event rentals in Las Vegas, you will be able to take advantage of the benefits.

Before we get into some fool-proof tips to plan a trade show event, here is a brief about what a trade show entails.

What is a trade show?

A trade show is an extensive exhibit event where multiple businesses in any particular industry rent spaces or stalls and promote their products and services. As it brings together a range of business owners from across the country or the world according to the scope of the event, it is also an exceptional opportunity for professionals to network and form meaningful relationships. It allows them to sell their offerings to attendees and spread awareness about their brand.

To plan a trade show, you need careful planning and deliberation, as it involves hosting a space for multiple businesses to showcase their products. As a beginner, it may seem like an overwhelming and daunting task. However, partnering with the right event rental company can reduce the stress greatly.

Here are some actionable tips to plan and execute a trade show.

Start planning at least a year ahead

A trade show needs to have various resources to back it, such as sponsors, vendors, entertainment, venue, etc. One of the first things to do is to meticulously plan and decide on each aspect. To finalize different aspects you need data, hence you need ample time to research, look for options, and make a decision. You also need to give your exhibitors time to prepare for the event. This is why a year is a good amount of time to spend planning the event.

Research thoroughly

To get a better idea of the kinds of vendors and attendees to invite or have, research past trade show events and ask previous sponsors of similar events for information regarding participation, sponsorships, etc. Contact clients and business professionals in the industry you are looking to host your trade show for ideas and take feedback regarding their past experiences with trade shows. You can also consult trade show directories online, social media business groups, and the local chamber of commerce for more information about historic trade shows and vendors.

Once you gather all the required information, lay the goals and objectives of the event in light of the attendees you expect to host. Plan the event’s theme according to the businesses you are looking to entertain.

Pick a suitable venue

There is a myriad of options in Las Vegas when it comes to trade show venues, ranging from expansive ones to smaller ones. Depending on the number of attendees you are anticipating, pick a venue with ample space and amenities. Smaller trade shows can well be hosted in hotel ballrooms or banquet halls. Ensure accessibility of the venue as you need to make it convenient for your exhibitors to arrive. Once you finalize your venue book it immediately, as most Las Vegas venues get fully booked for various events months ahead.

Partner with a holistic provider of event rentals in Las Vegas

A trade show inevitably demands a range of lounge furniture and décor elements, including seating, scenic elements, stage sets, tables, banners, and more. Rather than availing of your needs from different companies, choose a holistic supplier of event rentals in Las Vegas so that you can access a large selection of products under one roof. This will make your planning and execution process hassle-free and easier.

Modern is one such holistic rental company where we offer a wide range of products, specially designed for trade shows and corporate events. We carry everything from sofas and chairs to tables, scenic elements, display panels, illuminated furniture, and everything else you need to host a full-blown trade show. We also provide delivery, setting up, pick-up, and breaking down services to help event hosts maximize their partnerships with us.

Thoughtfully plan your layout

Designing the floor plan and layout of a trade show is a matter that requires a great deal of thought and creativity. You ideally need different sizes and types of booths to accommodate multiple sizes and business types. You can charge higher premiums for booths that are larger size-wise or would naturally attract more guests due to the location advantage on the floor. You can also charge more for booths that will require more electrical outlets or facilities on the floor. When designing the layout ensure enough room for the free and unobstructed movement of guests as well.

Solicit vendors and sponsors

Now it is time to market your event and attract potential buyers and sellers. Prepare creative marketing materials highlighting the advantages for businesses when exhibiting at your event. The key is to have businesses attend and sell at your event, while also networking in their industry. Approach sponsors in exchange for vendor booths or titles; they help cut down costs in many ways.

Streamline the registration process

Ensure that you have an organized registration process in place to streamline your lineup of exhibitors and other attendees. Aside from business owners, you may also have other industry professionals and clients attending your trade show. Arrange different portals or desks for vendor and guest registrations to make the process smoother.

Set up and plan for contingencies

Once all your stalls have been booked and your sponsors finalized, it is an anxious wait until D-Day. Set your venue up a day before the show, and have your event rental partner help you with the same. Prepare for contingencies and execute the show with confidence.

Wrapping up

Organizing a trade show involves coordinating with different types of people from business owners to investors to clients, and sponsors, which makes it seem like a mammoth of an affair. However, with systematic planning and meticulous practical breakdown of tasks, not to mention partnering with a hands-on provider of event rentals in Las Vegas, hosting a trade show can become stress-free and hassle-free.

Contact Modern Event Rentals for all your trade show needs and assistance. Explore our catalog of trade show furniture and place your booking today.

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