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  • Size 24" W x 24" L x 18" H
  • Weight 37
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The End Table is a sophisticated yet straightforward accessory that effortlessly boosts the aesthetics of any event, be it corporate or celebratory in nature. Built with incredible attention to detail, this end table serves more than just functionality; it brings a distinct elegance to your event decor. Made from robust materials, it’s a promise of durability and long-lasting performance, ensuring it stays in pristine condition throughout your event, regardless of the number of guests.

The table features a smooth, wooden top surface with a complementary sheen that exudes warmth and creates a welcoming ambiance. Its sleek design incorporates a silver-colored base that holds the wooden top and increases the table’s design appeal, offering a perfect blend of rustic and contemporary styles. Space-wise, the Horizon End Table is compact, perfect for small corners and narrow spaces, but still spacious enough to hold your event’s essentials like drinks, event flyers or centerpieces. Should you seek to enhance your event’s design quality and create an engaging feel for your guests, the Horizon End Table serves as the ideal choice.