Throw an Unforgettable Event With Modern Event Rental Dallas

Modern Event Rental Dallas: Throwing the perfect event is every host’s dream and also, a cause for anxiety. While it can be incredibly rewarding at the end of it, the challenges it brings in terms of planning and implementing, need a straight head to be dealt with.

Throw an Unforgettable Event With Modern Event Rental Dallas

Especially in the city of Dallas where people love a great party, the pressure to host one is high. Everything from the lighting to the furniture to the littlest details like the place cards, have to be just perfect.

Irrespective of what goes on behind the scenes, the ultimate goal is to give the guests an interesting, enjoyable, and engaging experience, and for that, there are a few crucial factors to take care of. Fortunately, Modern has an extensive collection of event rental Dallas to make your journey easier.

Here are 8 amazing ways to host the ultimate unforgettable event with Modern Event Rental.

Put some thought into the venue

One of the first things to consider for your event is the venue and needless to say, it is a crucial factor that sets the foundation for everything else.

Sync – To start with, match the type of event you are hosting with the venue elements. For example, it is always a great idea to have a venue with a view, but not if it is a trade show or a business meeting. For corporate events and business conferences, it is always better to offer spaces where there are fewer elements for people to get distracted with.

Space – Secondly, make sure there is enough space for the people you plan on inviting, to engage with each other and actively participate in the event.

Location – Thirdly, ensure that the location of the venue is accessible and convenient for at least a good majority of your guests.

Know your audience

The only way to appeal to your guests with an event is to bank on their interests. This means you need to get to know your guests well. What kind of interests do they have in common apart from industry-level aspects? What are the age groups and demographics expected? What are some things they would commonly enjoy doing in the form of activities? These are some great questions you can start with, that would help you organize the flow of programs at your event.

You can use your database analytics and additional questionnaires or feedback forms to collect data about your guests. Based on this data, you can prepare a winning itinerary for your event and have your guests indulge in their favorite activities and food.

Make a great first impression

According to statistics, it takes a mere 7 seconds for a person to form an impression about someone or something. This means you have 7 seconds to generate a “wow” experience for someone entering your venue.

It may sound difficult, but it is definitely possible, with the right décor. Use thematic yet eye-catching stage sets, scenic elements, lighting, furniture, and other décor elements. Use soothing yet attractive colors, and illuminations to set the ambiance. A combination of complementary event elements is bound to form an amazing and lasting first impression.

At Modern, we have a wide selection of thoughtfully designed stage set rentals in a variety of silhouettes and textures to create spell-binding backdrops. From unique cube designs to abstract patterns and digital panels, we have everything you need, fabricated in-house, to suit your event.

Apart from that we also have other utilitarian Dallas event rental like truss structures to suspend ambient lighting and striking sound systems, decorative pieces like designer panels and screens to create beautiful venue points, and more.

A well-lit, audio-engaging, and visually pleasing venue will get your guests excited and eager for more.

Make comfort and convenience a high priority

It goes without saying that you need to make your guests feel welcome, comfortable, and relaxed at your event. And for that, you have to choose the best seating. It is always a great idea to choose a mix of elegance in beauty, with comfort and convenience in functionality. In other words, your furniture should be visually elegant and attractive while going with the theme and should offer the utmost comfort for users.

It may seem like a hard combination to find, but we are one of the few Dallas event rental companies that create such masterpieces in-house. At Modern, we have great collections of classic art-deco-inspired sofas, chairs, couches, and love seats made of velour and leather fabric for ultra-comfort. They are ergonomically designed by our creative team and manufactured using the highest quality fabrics and metal hardware for durability.

Using our furniture rentals will not only add aesthetic value to your event with classic, sophisticated, and universally appealing designs but will also have your guests feeling comfortable and relaxed. Rest assured; your guests wouldn’t be rushing to leave your event when they are so settled in.

Have some ice-breaking elements to spark conversations

For the guests to enjoy the event experience and for them to indulge in the activities, it is important that they engage with each other and have fun. Some of them may have no inhibitions to do so, but to get everyone on board and have conversations, it is good to have some ice-breaking elements. After all, networking is an inevitable part of all events, especially in the corporate world.

From our ten years of event experience, we know that open bars are some of the best ice-breakers at events. They not only give the guests something to do but also helps lighten the mood, allowing them to be free and comfortable. There is nothing like a great meaningful conversation over a drink.

The best bars have a combination of high chairs, bar stools, lounge chairs and not to mention a stunning counter. The high chairs lend the perfect casual and engaging vibe to the event, while the lounge chairs appear warm and allow guests to relax over drinks. The counter would act as the center of attention for people to engage around.

Here at Modern, we have a full range of in-house designed bar rentals in Dallas, with durable, high-quality pieces in each of these categories. We have illuminated bar counters in a variety of fun colors, sleek metallic high chairs, comfy and elegant lounge chairs, and attractive bar stools in Dallas. To go with your bar stools, we also have bar tables in Dallas. They are all available in a range of sizes and shapes to fit your event needs as well.

Make it easier to go digitally social as well

It is the booming age of social media. We all know that events will be streamed or shared by guests over their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts, which also means your guests are likely to run out of charge on their digital devices in a little while. The last thing you want is for them to leave because of a dying battery.

That is why you need our utility charging furniture. We have a unique and customizable collection of charging furniture, complete with elegant sofas, chairs, love seats, communal tables, and coffee tables. We also have a separate charging unit where guests can plug in their phones, cameras, tabs, and other devices. Our Power Up range of furniture pieces has charging ports with built-in batteries. This allows guests to charge their phones or tabs from where they are sitting while having conversations or food.

We are a passionate event rental company Dallas that genuinely cares about your events, which is why we designed our unique charging range of rental pieces to power your events.

Choose a event rental Dallas Company with holistic services

Hosting an event is as such, a complicated and challenging affair. And one of the biggest challenges is having to coordinate with multiple vendors for different rental pieces to complete your venue décor.

Now here are some risks of renting pieces from different vendors:

Risks of using multiple event rental vendors

–        A lack of coordination and thematic connection between the pieces, leading to an “all over the place” look

–        Mix of qualities causing some of the pieces to feel sturdy, while others feel flimsy and cheap. This creates a negative impression and can make guests talk, affecting your reputation as a brand

–        Uncoordinated timings of arrival and pick up for different pieces, which not only causes unnecessary delays in setting up and breaking down but also necessitates someone to be at the venue just to sign.

–        Added burden of coordinating with separate shipping partners for each piece or each collection

–        Improper handling of rental pieces by the shipping partners increases the risks of damage and loss, which further adds to your event costs, not to mention an extra problem to deal with.

Clearly, there needs to be a solution for the problem of handling multiple vendors, and that is a one-stop shop for all needs.

All types of event rental Dallas under one roof

Modern is your answer to that. We provide all types of event rental Dallas under one roof, starting from basic sofas and chairs to coffee tables to bar counters, to truss rentals and scenic stage sets. What is more, we also offer in-house shipping and pick-up options for additional charges.

This means, you can choose all your event needs with us, and have it delivered to your venue, all with a single order. You can eliminate all the risks listed above, that have a high chance of affecting the success of your event.

Put your signature to make your guests remember your brand

Last but not least, a great way to make your event unforgettable is to add your signature to your rental pieces. Your guests, after having a delightful experience at your event, will associate the feeling with your brand name. This acts as a subtle, elegant, and strategic way to market your brand as well.

For this, you need customization options, and we have them for you. Most of our event rental collections are customizable and can be tailored to your brand with your branding elements. You can also choose colors and textures, and select from a range of sizes to fit your event needs. Our coffee tables, communal tables, and bar tables are designed with acrylic spaces to easily incorporate your branding. With these, you will be able to serve a unique experience with your signature to remember you by.

Final thoughts

Hosting an unforgettable event for guests needs a load of patience and a bigger load of thought and effort. Undoubtedly, there is a risk of things going wrong. To reduce that risk and to set yourself up for the most success, your best bet is a high-quality holistic event rental company in Dallas.
With Modern, you will have everything you need for your event under one roof, with a service team ready to help you with your challenges. You will also get the finest quality rental pieces fabricated in-house, with the option of shipping and pick up.

A reliable event rental partner is guaranteed to make your day better. So go ahead and host your next event with us. Go through our collections and feel free to give our team a quick call to get a free estimate. Also check our facebook page for more updates.

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